The Flat Earth Society
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Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 3 - Fare Well to a Gentler World

      "You want to go to China? You must be insane," I replied to Ushi. "Didn't I tell you what the man in the plane had said to me, that China is one of America's future targets in the coming uranium war, together with Russia and India? The geopolitical chess masters want to build a world empire. Russia, China, and India stand in their way. But these nations won't submit. Consequently they'll be destroyed. China is one of the prime targets."

      Steve just laughed. "Of course the little men will try and destroy the world and mankind with it, and they will go all out in setting the stage for it, but they won't succeed. Sure, the grape wine tells me that the American military has plans in place to build 20 million uranium bombs, which they will call depleted uranium bombs to cover their deadly intention. They plan to drop these bombs by the millions onto North Korea and Iran to wipe out all of Eurasia, including Russia, China, and India, and also parts of Africa. But China will stop them before it gets this far. Russia, too, will stop them the moment that their uranium war starts."

      "That's what the man in the airplane had also said," I interrupted Steve. "But I think he is wrong."

      "He is not wrong, Peter," said Steve. "The weapons are being built. The threat is in the open for all to see with a mind that has not yet been blinded. The Chinese see this threat, and they are not suicidal, which they would be if they didn't respond. This means that they will respond and eliminate the threat. They will do whatever it takes for them to survive."

      "That is why I think we will be safe in China," said Ushi, "because what you fear won't happen. "If, of course, for some reason China's defense should fail and the uranium bombing were to proceed to its bitter end, then nobody would be safe anywhere in the world anyway. The uranium pollution drifts with the wind to every place on the planet. The air that is over China today will be over the USA a week later."

      "China is weak," I interrupted Steve. "China is no match against the mightiest military force on the planet. No country has the physical resources to stop the American military machine. The American bombing campaign can't be stopped, Steve, if America decides to go ahead with it."

      Steve just laughed again. "Times have changed," he said. "We live in a world of asymmetric warfare. China can stop the bombing campaign single handed by destroying the USA with a single nuclear strike against the West Coast where the big nuclear waste deposits are located and the nuclear submarine and nuclear Navy bases are. A few multi-megaton warheads can do this. The Chinese are already working on the warheads and on the ICBM system to deliver the blockbuster nukes. It will be a lightweight, truck-mounted ICBM system. That's easy to hide and hard for the Americans to take out. As far as I can find out from my contacts the chosen game plan is to cause a huge deadly fallout cloud that gets sucked into the jet stream. It may come from all along the West Coast. No matter where it comes from, the nuclear fallout will rise up into the upper layers of the troposphere where it will feed into the jet stream. The jet stream will then dump the whole mess onto the East Coast."

      "And you think America won't retaliate when this happens?" I interjected. "If you are so na´ve to think that, you don't know America. They'll blow up the whole world in retaliation. The Chinese must be insane if they think they can get away with what they're planning to do."

      "No my friend, the Americans would be insane if they did retaliate as you suggest they might," said Steve and laughed again. "I think the Americans would think twice before they would blow up Eurasia under these circumstances. Eurasia would be their only place of refuge that they could evacuate their people to. They would need to keep Eurasia intact."

      "I still think it's unreasonable to assume that the puny Chinese that live on bicycles and ox-carts can bring the mighty USA to its knees," I interjected. "That's too much hopeful thinking on their part."

      "Ah, but this is the nature of asymmetric warfare," said Steve. His laughter had become a smile. "That is how Alexander the Great defeated the mighty Persian Empire and Egypt, and so on. The Chinese know that. The Russians know this too. That's how the Russians with a tiny force once defeated the military giant, Napoleon. The Russians were eager to face Napoleon head on. They would have been slaughtered. An exiled German who had worked with the poet Friedrich Schiller exploring the folly of the Thirty Years War, told the Russians not to face Napoleon head on, but to draw Napoleon into the country and attack the logistics behind him that support the front. The historians proclaim that it had been the Russian winter that destroyed Napoleon. That's not true, Peter. It was irregular, asymmetric warfare that enabled the Russians to defeat Napoleon. The mouse killed the elephant. By the time Napoleon got to Moscow, before the winter even started, his army had been reduced to 100,000 men from half a million. Of course the winter took its toll. It was a part of the asymmetric warfare process. When Napoleon got to Moscow he had a surprise waiting. Nobody was there. The city was empty. Napoleon had conquered a sea of empty buildings, and as the winter set in, a few Russian patriots burned the city to the ground under Napoleon's nose, to force Napoleon to retreat. It was not by choice that Napoleon started the long trek back. By then he had only 90,000 men left that faced the horror of traversing an icy land that they weren't equipped for. Of those 90,000 that left Moscow only a few thousand made it back home. The cold claimed many of them, and many died in the Russian ambush as they crossed the final river trying to flee Russia, virtually defenseless, like sitting ducks. And so, I would say that by destroying America in the same kind of asymmetric fashion the tiny little China has the power to stop the American bombing campaign that all of Eurasia would not survive. It would be risky for them to do this, of course, but they might be prepared to do this, because doing nothing would result in a much more certain doom. So they will fight, even if their chances to get through this alive are slim. A slim chance is infinitely better than no chance at all. They will not go down without a fight, Peter. This means that America is not the safe country anymore that it once was. America is actually in far greater danger than China is. Russia will fight too, of course. It too has major new ICMB systems in the development stage that will continue after the Soviet Union disintegrates. But the Russians don't reveal much about their plans. They never have. They've always kept their cards close to their chest. They might choose to play the asymmetric game technologically, which has always been their greatest strength. I certainly wouldn't want to live in America when this whole mess explodes. And it will explode, Peter. With America planning to mortally threaten the whole world, America will draw the whole world against it as the world is forced to defend its existence."

      "So you're really going to China then?" I said quietly.

      "That's our best option, Peter. There is one thing that I must ask of you," added Steve quietly. "Please don't come looking for us. We will contact you when it is safe to do so."

      "Surely, you are over-reacting again," I replied. "You aren't war criminals or traitors against the West. Why won't you stay put in Germany? Ushi has always treated her captives with the greatest respect, I can testify to that. Why should the Stasi hunters be after her, or either one of you?"

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