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Chapter 3 - Fare Well to a Gentler World

      Steve laughed at me. He laughed at my silliness of being scared by the man's minuscule genocide scenarios, like withholding food, or the mass killing of infected people to curb a major pandemic. "All of these things may yet happen," said Steve, "but they are minuscule in comparison with what is already happening and is fully prepared for the future of mankind. And that is a truth that nobody wants to see."

      Steve emphasized again that the entire global warming fear mongering is designed to advance the imperial project for mass-depopulation by preventing the renaissance that would be needed for mankind to save itself, which might require a hundred-year crash program effort. Steve pointed out that already in the 1950s the oligarchic elite raved that wars don't kill enough people, even big wars, so that according to their liking biological holocausts should happen in every generation, such as the black plague. "That's what they said and really meant to accomplish. Since they couldn't arrange this, they had to invent something still bigger. For this, they invented global warming. The process they chose is actually nothing new. The Venetian's had used it successfully to destroy the Renaissance. Large-scale killing is easily accomplished if society can be 'inspired' to do the killing itself. The process even works effectively on a lesser scale of staging 'little' wars all over the world, like America's covert wars against the Third World or the Vietnam War. That dehumanizing process is presently set up to be radically intensified."

      "It can't get any worse than it already is," I said.

      Steve just laughed. "You cannot imagine the 'stench' that is presently brewed up in the synarchist sewer. Once Russia is neutralized, a whole string of wars will be started that stretch from the Middle East right into central Asia. These wars will all be essentially ethnic and religious wars that are not intended to be won. Even the Vietnam War was never intended to be won. The goal was to destroy the humanity of society, especially in America. It was a type of religious war. Nothing is more vicious and destructive in human terms, than religious warfare. Once you ignite the flames of religious-type hatred, those flames will keep burning for a long time.

      "Afghanistan served as a test case for an advanced version of this type of war," Steve continued. "The Soviet Union that had tried to protect the Afghanistan government wasn't defeated by the Afghan people. The Soviets had come to protect the government of the republic of Afghanistan. The Soviet Union wasn't at war with the people. The Soviets were defeated by the CIA which had organized a religious-warfare type of clash of civilizations in the region. The goal was to undermine the foundation for civilization. And it worked. Afghanistan never recovered from this experiment."

      Steve pointed out that the war in Afghanistan had served as a pilot project for the much larger "arc of crisis" policy that the synarchists had designed to set the world on fire with, from central Asia all the way to the Middle East. "The arc-of-crisis plan is intended to draw Russia, China, and India into a vast continent-wide conflagration. That catastrophe may yet happen," said Steve. "This is the synarchists' intent, today and in the long run."

      "You are insane!" I protested.

      "No, I am not insane, Peter. The synarchists' are insane. They are determined to build their New Global Empire on the foundation of a global war and on globalized fascist police-state enforcement. This will be their New World Order, dominated by sheer brutality, and by society's fear of that brutality with which they will rule the nations."

      "They admitted all of this freely," Ushi added. "That goes back to the fantasy world of Wells and Russell that everybody thought was but fiction, but was really a statement of intent. They intent is now being carried out."

      "They gloated about their intent when I met them again in Venice. They gloated about it with an unbelievable arrogance," said Steve. "They told me flat out, as they told you before me, that there is nothing that anyone can do to stop them. They may be right. So far, nobody has hindered them. Even our efforts have failed. Everything that we said at the Venice conference fell on deaf ears. I have to admit, as far as things stand right now, they really do own the world."

      "They're worse than Hitler," Ushi observed.

      "Hitler was a child toying in childish ways. What they are planning is the real thing. It's far more far-reaching than anything Hitler ever dreamed of. It's that big, and it's global. They may well be right that nobody can stop them," said Steve, "because whoever would stop them would get no support anywhere in society. They operate virtually without opposition. Also, they own all the bases. They literally own the game. The Middle East has been set up from the very beginning to be the main flash point. Actually, the term 'Middle East' was created for that. It's not a geographic reference. It is the codename of the old British Empire's project to shut down the Ottoman Empire and the Muslim identity of the people living there. The term 'Middle East' is the codename of a covert-warfare project that is still in progress. Geographically the region should be referred to as Southwest Asia. One day it will be so referred to, once the covert war ends. The state of Israel was actually created precisely for the purposes of that covert war. When I spoke to my contacts of the fondi in Venice they were rather proud to tell me about that, though the refused to be called synarchists. They said that the synarchists are copy-cats that stole from Venice and made it into something worse and let the French rename it. But they did admit that Israel was forged into this synarchist game by bringing together persecuted Jewish factions from three different parts of the world, who then were controlled by the synarchist crowd from the word, go."

      Steve paused, as if he searched for words, or how to say what he had to say. "The State of Israel was never meant to coexist with the Arab world," Steve continued. "As you know, whenever a humanist leader emerged in Israel who promoted piece, a swift assassination followed that corrected that situation. The bottom line is, the State of Israel has been created by the Synarchist-Fondi Empire, and will be maintained by them as a potential sacrificial trigger for unleashing a clash-of-civilizations war against the Arab world. It's called the 'clean break' objective, meaning ethnic cleansing, or in real term the final eradication of the Islamic Renaissance that Mohammed inspired a century after the fall of Rome. The Islamic Renaissance was a vital link in the development of the European cultural renaissance that became the foundation for the founding of the Unites States as the first real nation state republic along the line of Plato's perception and possibly Socrates. The Islamic Renaissance had bridged the gap of the Dark Age in Europe by keeping the early European scientific culture alive and advancing it. The Muslim culture is targeted for its Islamic-Renaissance potential. This historic link is targeted to be broken. That is what the synarchists refer to as, the 'clean break', meaning a 'total break' with history, a kind of end-of-history project."

      Now even Ushi just shook her head. "I can't believe that."

      "You can't believe this! That's precisely what they are counting on," Steve replied. "They are confident that nobody will seriously believe their intentions until it is too late to do anything about them. So, don't imagine for one second that Israel is designed to be the only flash point in this game. Iraq has been singled out for the same purpose. Iraq has presently the most highly educated population in the Arab world, in terms of scientific and technological development and standard of living. That's where the Islamic Renaissance originally started, in Baghdad. Whenever people in the Arab world want to be educated, to become a doctor or an engineer for example, they go to Iraq. The synarchists' aim is to destroy that nation, even to depopulate it if they can. They'll get America to supply the muscle and the means, and get Europe to supply the financing in some form. The end result will be the fermentation of an eternal hatred against the West that will destroy the Arab world and our world with it. It is designed to spread throughout the entire Muslim world and irradicate Islam itself. Their current plan is that they will hit Iraq again and again until the whole of Southwest Asia explodes into war. Israel is assigned an especially horrible role in this game as the only nuclear power in the region. In fact, it is probably the third largest nuclear power in the world, with a near super power capability in terms of deployed nuclear weapons and the global reach of its missiles. Israel has the potential to target any place on the planet."

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