The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 3 - Fare Well to a Gentler World

      "That shit comes from the bottom of the sewer," I said to Steve. "I don't know who the man was. He may have been one of the fondi. What he had laid before us was worse than anything I have heard people talk about openly. That man in the airplane had made the chap that nearly robbed me at Heathrow airport some time ago appear like a saint. The chap that nearly robbed me had called himself a member of the Flat Earth Society. When I told him about Love-Based Economics, he had just laughed at me. When a man in the plane overheard me telling this to Ushi, he laughed even more than the chap at Heathrow had laughed. He laughed and said that the age of Love-Based Economics was ancient history already and was largely forgotten. It had been overlaid by Greed-Based Fascism, which he said is already in the process of ending, to be replaced by something worse. He said the age of Rape-Based Fascism was beginning to be followed soon by Depopulation-Focused Fascism. He described this new phenomenon that he called, Depopulation-Focused Fascism, as a process that artificially shuts down society's food supply, without anyone having any recourse. He talked about the new age of agriculture that is now upon us, based on infertile crops that cannot be used as seed stock for the next harvest. That puts the lives of humanity into the hands of the fondi's cartels that own the patents for the seed stocks. They now have it in their hands to starve large segments of society to death at will. The man in the plane also spoke about the next phase, Hysteria-Based Fascism, which he said is designed to involve the 'voluntary' slaughtering of large masses of human beings in times of pandemic diseases, ostensibly in order to prevent deadly infections spreading to healthy people. He pointed out that the mental background for this to happen is already being prepared."

      Steve laughed. "He forgot to mention Terror-Enforced Fascism. Fear is the root for building dictatorships, and terror will cement them into place. The destruction of the very concept of real economics is already on the agenda. America is already wrecking the economies of the world to create poverty, and nobody is lifting a finger to stop that. It's fear that stays their hand. It's this fear that is indirectly killing millions of people right now, this very minute. This process has been going on for years, Peter. When America's Environmental Protection Agency banned DDT in America and forced the ban across the world, malaria was allowed to come back. The ban had been rammed through in an environment of fear, not love. Malaria had been nearly eradicated with the aid of DDT. Now this horrific killer once again infects millions of people each year, many of them children. The death rate is horrendous. It's already worse than Hitler's holocaust. In Africa alone, every thirty seconds a person dies in great agony. The disease destroys people's liver. I would call this murdering by political intent, genocide, especially the mass murdering of children! One high-minded scientist admitted that DDT has been banned by a political decision for reasons that it enabled 'too many people to live' that would then use up what he called 'our' resources.

      "The CFC refrigerant was banned for the same reason, Peter," Steve continued. "The CFC refrigerant is a marvel in chemical engineering. It is not toxic, not poisonous, not flammable, and is highly efficient as a refrigerant. It even acts as a lubricant in the machinery in which it is used. It is also nonpolluting. It is several times heavier than air. It is so heavy that it sinks into the ground, where it decomposes over time. It once made refrigeration affordable all over the world, especially in the poor countries. That is no longer the case, so that scarce food resources now become lost. The CFC ban is an act of genocide, Peter. It was banned under the cover of lies that were put forth to create a scare story for which no scientific evidence exists. The synarchists used a naturally occurring phenomenon, the so-called ozone hole, to justify their genocide.

      "Then came the global warming scare, as you are well aware of," said Steve. "It started another fear-based destruction of economics. Again it was built on lies. This time the focus was on shutting down 80% of the world's energy use that is still mostly derived from fossil fuel, because the development of nuclear power had been sabotaged intensively, which should have replaced fossil fuel energy by now to a large degree. The global-warming scare is intended to cause a massive shutdown of economic activity, especially in food production and distribution. That's what we face if the Kyoto is ever implemented. It is designed to kill hundreds of millions of people each year. The fear-based economic shutdown in its many forms that are now imposed may turn out to be the most horrendous killer of human beings ever devised. The global-warming fear mongering is one of the most massive and the boldest attempts in the arena of civil killing. Fortunately the global warming scare is wearing thin as the world is slipping once again into a global cooling trend. As you know, we are in the boundary zone towards a New Ice Age. But even while the attempted genocide of the global-warming doctrine might ultimately fail, the genocidal effect of the synarchists deindustrialization doctrine is on the upswing, together with the privatization of healthcare into a profit engine that makes healthcare increasingly unaffordable."

      "Don't you think the global warming doctrine might have already succeeded?" I interrupted Steve. "If the goal was to hide the near beginning of the next Ice Age, the global-warming doctrine has succeeded. Nobody is concerned anymore about the fact that for the last two million years the Earth has been stuck in an Ice Age environment. This cold environment had kept the human population small during the cold periods, to a level somewhere in the range of one to ten million people. That's been the case for the last 2.5 million years. Hardly anybody considers this factor that the big deep-freeze gets briefly interrupted every 100,000 years by short interglacial warm periods spanning a mere 10,000 years, and that the present one is now ending. Society today regards the current warm period as the entirety of its history and totally ignores the fact that we are already in the end-phase of our warm period, reverting back to the normal Ice Age conditions. If this criminal disregard of reality has been the object of the global-warming scare, then the scare has succeeded indeed. The end-result will be another massive genocide by loss of food resources. Obviously this has been planned."

      "Considering the synarchist origin of the scare doctrine, would you expect anything different, Peter?" said Steve. "The purpose is genocide. Synarchism deploys genocide as a weapon to keep society impotent in order to protect the empire from the 'dangers' of a new renaissance. The global-warming scare-doctrine is designed for the ultimate genocide. Unless society can develop the boundless energy resources that are inherent in nuclear fusion, and develop the vast infrastructures that are required for indoor agriculture, which we will require to sustain us through the cold period of the coming Ice Age, billions of people will starve to death and mankind will revert back to a very small, primitive, and toilsome existence for the next 100,000 years. That's the synarchist goal. It involves the planned genocide of ten billion people. Instead of pursuing the needed economic and scientific development, society is now forced by synarchism to shut everything down that can save its existence. It's all done under the cover of fear, Peter. The global warming, which incidentally would be a God-sent if it could really happen, simply won't happen. The physical condition's don't exist. They would be our salvation if they did exist. Unfortunately they are sheer fantasy. The Ice Age cycles are governed by the dynamics of the sun as they have been for millions of years over which we have no control. But people don't want to hear that. Consequently the ten-billion-people genocide that the synarchists aim for with their global-warming scare-doctrine might happen."

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