The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 1 - The Flat Earth Society

      I raised my hand to stop him.

      The man raised his hand too. "You speak about Love?" he said to me. "Don't make me laugh. Just look at the Spanish Inquisition that had burned 38,000 people alive at the stake, simply because they didn't sing the right words. Look at Hitler's holocaust. Large-scale depopulation was already on the agenda whether you like it or not, and it will be carried out again on command whenever the natural humanity of society is overruled by some kind of dictator in the service of empire, who controls the thinking of society. And that control is real. Did you know that we had already three U.N. sponsored worldwide conferences on depopulation? The whole world has already been made to believe that the earth is dramatically overpopulated, while in physical terms the opposite is actually the case. Just ask anyone, and people will tell you that there are too many people in the world. The entire western world now stands behind this depopulation ideology and supports it religiously. And it is all totally based on nothing. but lies. I am merely saying that today's masters of empire have already plans in place to expand those historically proven processes for the mass killing of human beings. They plan to apply them again, and they will carry out their plans."

      "Only if we fail to create a new renaissance on an ever-wider humanist platform can this insanity happen," I interrupted him. "They won't carry out their plans, because we won't fail this time. We will create a new renaissance."

      "Now that's what I want to hear," said the man. "Also I want to hear it in stronger words still. No ifs! I want to hear commitment. I want to hear you say that a renaissance is not only possible, but that it will be done, and that nothing can prevent that. That's what I want to hear. But can you say this honestly? The world has become too dangerous, to speak in such terms. For as long as people agree with the masters of empire that the earth is too full, that there is a need for depopulation, the portal to hell remains open. I am telling you; time is running out for your commitment to 'begin.' The imperial's depopulation project is already in the implementation phase. Nothing less than a total commitment to achieve the most profound renaissance of all times will be sufficient to turn this sinking ship around and bail it out so that it stays afloat. Your stated commitment to fight the ethanol hoax is nothing in comparison with that. A ten-times-greater commitment is needed, especially since the depopulation goals have become wrapped up in secrecy and silence for the interim until the thing is fully under way."

     I shook my head again.

     "What else would you expect?" said Fred to me. "Would you expect to read newspaper articles on how the fondi intend to murder two thirds of humanity, one person at the time? It wouldn't be in 'good taste,' would it? So the project has been moved underground. Nevertheless it remains on the agenda. It is intended to happen in some form. One day you might read in the papers that a new and deadly virus has emerged that spreads faster than the 1918 flu did. Then you will read that the hosting population has been identified. You will also read that the New-1918 'flu' threatens to spread across the entire Northern Hemisphere, just like the one in 1918 did, that circled the globe in a few months and killed fifty million people. You will read that this time a swift response is needed before it will be too late. The stories will of course be vastly exaggerated, but in real history the 1918 tragedy did happen. Then, the next day you will read that mankind has only two days to prevent a vastly greater tragedy. Nobody, I tell you, will stand in the way of a 'preventive program.' People will be told that the program assures that mankind will survive. In these cases nobody will be given the time, much less the resources, to determine whether the emergency is actually real or is just a political project to kill a segment of society. The unfolding hysteria in society, which the media will then stir up, would lead to demands coming from society itself, for swift decisive actions. The tragedy is, that this potential is real, and that the masters of empire are toying with numerous processes to the same end. Burning food in the form of ethanol is one option to inflict genocide. The imposition of poverty that destroys the food production capacity of society is an even more potent mass-killer. The Free-Trade system that prevents food-self-sufficiency and makes food unaffordable, is another path to genocide. Making seeds and fertilizer unaffordable, is another way to massively kill people. In this case the bullets that are fired kill people a year later. Of course, all of these things could happen in parallel in the shadow of the disintegrating world-financial system. For as long as empire rules the threat of nuclear wars, the radioactive DU gas-wars, and biological wars, continue to hang over our heads, which all fit perfectly into the depopulation framework that the masters of empire are committed to, as they keep saying in so many ways."

      "My hope is," Ushi protested, "that the truth will spread fast enough that someone will pull the pluck on empire before the genocide begins."

      Fred laughed, but then stopped himself. "This is not funny," he said. "Still, it is comical. Where were you in 1979 when the so-called nuclear accident was perpetrated at the Three Mile Island power complex? The well-staged accident had injured no one, but the instant hysteria that had been created in the population, which shut down almost all nuclear energy development projects in our country and around the world, has injured and killed probably millions by now. Coal fired power plants, with all their deadly pollution, would be a thing of history if the nation's nuclear power development had not been sabotaged. Nor would gasoline powered automobiles choke the cities, spewing forth a variety of chemical 'poisons.' We would live in an entirely different world by now. The Three Mile Island event was a coldly calculated 'Pearl Harbor' event. It was designed to sacrifice the nuclear power industry on the depopulation altar, and society cheered the decision. The project was designed to darken the world, and did darken it. We would have had already thousands of nuclear power plants operating in the world by now if it hadn't been for the Three Mile Island Pearl Harbor type hysteria. The so-called accident was arranged by sabotage according to unofficial information. Apparently a wrench had been jammed into a valve actuator so that a critical valve couldn't be operated. This fact became known almost right away and would have exonerated nuclear power. But revealing the truth didn't change the political agenda and the stories of lies. The truth was out in the open, but only a few heard it through the clutter of lies and almost none of those who heard the truth fought for it. A vast mass hysteria had been unleashed at the instant that the 'accident' happened. The hysteria covered up the truth. The hysteria had been build up massively on a carefully orchestrated and deeply managed schedule. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, had been implemented on the day prior to the so-called accident, evidently to orchestrate the hysteria. Against its power the truth didn't interfere. That is how the fondi destroy civilization by policies of intention and get away with it, and even get society to actively support the process of its self-destruction."

      Fred paused. "Tell me what do you remember about President Kennedy being killed?" he said to me. "Did you ever hear the truth? The Vice President's mistress of several decades by then, had revealed in public that on the day before the President was shot, the VP had said to her, referring to President Kennedy, that 'after tomorrow that son of a bitch will never embarrass me again.' She declared in public that her lover, the VP, had told her that this wasn't just a threat. It was expressed as a promise. And to her great surprise, true to the promise, on the very next day, as specified, the President was shot dead with three different bullets. After that, her lover, the VP, took over the office of the President. The Kennedy assassination was a replay of Shakespeare's Hamlet. The tragic figure in Hamlet was not the pathetic prince, but society itself that had allowed the fool to rule whereby the country became lost to a foreign invader. Can anyone remember ever hearing a single word about what the VP's mistress had said publicly the day after? Society wasn't interested in the truth then, or at the time of the Tree Mile Island disaster, nor is it interested now. Society loves the lies the media blare. If the truth had mattered to society, the Vietnam War wouldn't have happened that was immediately cranked up, which Kennedy had tried to prevent. That truth didn't matter then, nor does it matter now. That's how it has always been in history," said Fred. "The critical truth is never heard. The critical truth never spreads like a wildfire. The cover-up artists put up such a huge array of barricades that society latches on to that, so that the truth simply gets lost. And so it will ever be unless we, or somebody like us, begins to change the setup. As far as I can tell, this change appears to be still a long way off. The task to uphold the truth appears to be enormous. And so, the depopulation project continues to unfold quietly with society supporting it even as the killing goes on. Society will be blabbering like a trained parrot, crying that the earth is too full of people, global warming needs to be stopped, we are running out of energy, we are running out of food, we are running out of money, we have to depopulate."

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