The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 1 - The Flat Earth Society

       The man turned to the lady attendant. "Is that kind of speech acceptable? That, too, is the truth."

      The attendant didn't answer. She probably didn't know what to think.

      The man next to Fred now turned the promoter of greed. "Let me tell you what I see for the future," he said to him. "Your golden greed is presently destroying every form of physical production, planet-wide, and with it is destroying the world-financial system. I can see that this is against your creed of greed to have the people of our land to produce things for one-another and with a price tag attached that gives them a living wage to support their families and themselves. You want to take it all from them and more. You want even their life as Hitler did who called them useless eaters and did away with them, unless they served him. But I have news for you. When the supply chain breaks down and the empty system disintegrates that has stopped producing things, you will find people in those days to come waging gun battles over that last loaf of bread and the last roll of toilet paper. And you'll find yourself in the middle of their line of fire. Then, as this happens, you will surely remember what we said here today, provided that you'll survive long enough to make the connection. Also, don't count on martial law or the police to protect you. There won't be any police when the system disintegrates. And don't count on rationing either. Instead, count on anarchy, and count the days that you still live, because those won't be many when the big crash comes down."

      My reaction was one of astonishment. Anarchy was already unfolding. The man who had been spoken to, laughed, stood up, and left his seat, and motioned the flight attendant to follow him. The elderly woman followed them both. A while later another person took the empty seat.

      "How did we get side-tracked into greed?" I asked.

      "We got there because the cartels are empires of stark-naked greed," said the man next to Fred. "Somebody didn't want us to see this."

      Fred nodded. "That is how the imperials dumb down society into acquiescence. But it didn't work this time. The imperials also don't want society to notice that the hidden goal of promoting greed is genocide. Greed kills. The seed cartels have been set up to kill. First they make you dependent on them, and then they cut you off. The dope peddlers did this for centuries. Now the cartels do it with food. They expect society to come crawling to them, begging. They'll take their money and watch them die. That's the New World Order."

      I protested. I decided to play the class-rebel. I interrupted Fred. "Not all modified grains are infertile," I said. "Also, when worse comes to worse, people can always eat beans."

      The man next to Fred just laughed. "You will soon find that society will loose this flexibility too. The entire farming system is about to be wrecked in a more deep-reaching manner than you can yet imagine. There are movements afoot to take gigantic sections of farmland out of food production and devote it to the production of ethanol as an alcohol-type motor fuel to dilute gasoline with."

      "It will never work," Fred interjected immediately. "It takes more energy as input to produce the ethanol than the ethanol gives back as a fuel. The economics involved are prohibitive. Producing ethanol doesn't add to our energy supply, it uses it up more rapidly. The ethanol project will never fly, I tell you."

      "It will fly," countered the man next to Fred calmly. "Believe me, it will fly. "Producing ethanol isn't about creating a new energy resource. You are right it would never fly as an energy source as it consumes more energy than it gives back. But ethanol will fly for another reason. It will fly, because it is put onto the agenda to wreck the global food supply infrastructure in a big way. America, for example, won't be exporting corn anymore. America's corn will be distilled into ethanol. Vast tracts of sugar cane, almost all of the Brazilian production, will become devoted to ethanol distillation. In addition, vast amounts of oil seeds will soon be grown, not for food, but for the production of bio-diesel fuel. An enormous increase in fertilizer use and the use of already scarce water resources will be required to make this a go. Most of these resources will be diverted from other uses and often more-essential uses. So you are right. It won't fly in the standard sense. The process is too expensive. Ah, but when it's paid for by the taxpayers and by the poor farmers that have to work longer hours for less, it will become profitable for the cartels. And so it will fly as a wrecking ball and the public will be taught to love it. Just as people can be taught to hate and go to war in a rage, so can people be taught to love the bio-fuel insanity that is destroying their food supply. They will call ethanol, the green gasoline, and they will hail the politician that demand that 20% of the motor fuels burned in the USA come from the new corn liquor, ethanol. Millions of barrels of that stuff will have to flow from the stills every day. That takes a lot of corn, as you can imagine."

      "Wow," I said in amazement, interrupting the man.

      "Wow is right," said the man. "The destructive potential of this wrecking process goes deep. It leaves almost no part of the food supply system untouched. What is planned here goes far beyond those little things that are associated with a collapsing world-financial system that the man at Heathrow had been talking about. The imperials' biological food weapon has the potential to make everything trivial that you've been talking about so far."

      "We are already experiencing some of that to some degree," I said, looking at Ushi. "We have given tons of money to charities that feed the hungry in the world. The imperials take their food away, and we donate a few scraps to keep the victims from starving to death. This cycle never ends. Nothing is solved by it. We should have given our money to the people that put themselves at the front line to change this insane system. At least we would have been fighting for a solution then. But we didn't do this, did we? How much did we donate to LaRouche? Peanuts, really. How stupid we have been! Now America has joined the lands of the starving."

      The man next to Fred nodded his approval and added that this tragedy isn't about food, really. "It's about depopulation," he said. "It should be called Depopulation Economics, which is really fascism in a new and grosser form." Then he paused and added after a minute that this horrible fascism was actually not the worst yet, in comparison with what's on the horizon."

      He said that a worse form was already in the works to be unleashed as required by the synarchist masters of empire. He called this new and worse fascism 'the still hidden phenomenon of Hysteria-Based Economics,' a kind of hysteric fascism that has never been seen before on our planet.

      He told us that we were already seeing the beginning of this slide to hell in the sphere of animal husbandry. He promised that we would soon see the emergence of new pandemic diseases in animals. Some of these are then expected to become transmitted to people and become fatal. He told us that the plan is to create a pattern all over the world, of government-imposed mass-killings of animals, supposedly to protect the human population from the spreading infections, and to protect the stocks. He told us that his contacts informed him that once this kind of pattern of the mass-killings of animal has been established all over the world as a new form of biological response to diseases, certain conditions would be created under which the same process would then be applied against people. The killing would be said to be regrettable, but necessary in order to protect the rest of mankind from a deadly outbreak of something incurable that spreads like the flu. He told us that these processes of "emergency mandated genocide" were planned to begin small with the sacrifice of small and highly localized populations that would be collectively killed under a nice sounding code name. A 'civil' phrase would be invented to fit the crime, in with the term "emergency" would be given a prominent place. "They might call it Patriotic Emergency Response Life-protection, PERL for short. But it will be genocide nevertheless."

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