The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 1 - The Flat Earth Society

      "Yes, Homer launched a great civilization in Greece, but Pericles utterly wiped it off the map," said the man. "Plato struggled to revive what was lost, but Aristotle took Plato's mantle and tore it to shreds. Dante, much later, stood up against the Lombard bankers of Florence and literally screamed at them and at society to get society to rouse itself and stop the financial insanity that threatened to bring the house down. But nobody stood up with him, and so Dante was exiled for his daring. In exile he followed Homer's lead and created a high-level language in Italy as a basis for a more intelligent civilization. He wrote the Divine Comedy to explore the principles of the Universe and lay them before society to act on. And still society didn't act. A few decades after his death the financial disintegration happened, which he had warned about, and half the population of Europe perished of the consequences. But the empire survived. Society always refuses to act in its most basic interest."

      The man stopped and laughed. "I was like Dante once," he said. "I had this dream once to help mankind to free itself from its cage of empire where it was imprisoned in. That was in 1971 when a bunch of traitors in high places overturned Franklin Roosevelt's great legacy, the Bretton Woods financial system. Roosevelt had brought the nations together to the town of Bretton Woods to set up a fixed exchange-rate system for the world's currency so that the currencies would harmonize with each other to facilitate long term trade agreements and development agreements. The traitors in the service of empire wrecked this postwar development system and turned all the nation's currencies into gambling chips, and put them onto the roulette tables of the biggest gambling casino the world has ever seen, called the currency markets. The currencies were 'traded' in these casinos for the gambler's profits. The nations had to fork out the money for their winnings, officially to protect their currencies. I once stood up against this swindle. I could see the game behind the game that would rob the nations of their vitality as billions were leached out of their economies by the traitors. But I stood alone and I fought alone. I even solicited financial support for my fight for humanity from as wide a base of society as I could address, but there was no response. Not a single penny was forthcoming from society for a fight against a system that was bleeding the lifeblood out of them. That's when I threw in the towel and began to work just for myself like everybody else did. The dollar soon suffered a huge loss, and that loss will continue and get ever bigger until the dollar is tanked. I was lucky though. The empire hired my services. My only task for the empire is to keep my mouth shut. I get paid not to publish what I know. The irony is that society didn't want to contribute a penny when I wanted to warn them about their folly that started the gradual collapse of civilization around the world. Now I am getting paid to keep my mouth shut. The empire shouldn't have bothered. They pay me for the very effect that society already had with its indifference. I tell you, indifference is a disease that's worse than hate."

      "Indifference cuts deeper and has more deep-reaching consequences," said Ushi. "It cuts deep into the heart. Nuclear physics tells us that the order of the Universe is so complex, so perfect, and so well balanced that only a high-level universal Intelligence could have created the principles for such an intricate and perfect arrangement. Anything with such an extreme order of perfection doesn't happen by mere chance. A vast Intelligence created the principles of the Universe, and some of that is reflected in mankind. Indifference is a denial of ones intelligence reflecting a higher order of Intelligence. Indifference is a denial of the Universe and mankind, as both reflect the platform of Intelligence. With indifference one spits into the face of the Universe. The consequence would have to be that the human sphere disintegrates.

      "The empire hopes to capitalize on that," said the man in black quietly. "They breed indifference in society and preach depopulation. They act against everything that a human society requires to maintain itself, its food, its industries, infrastructures, transportation, power, housing, culture, even its love."

      "Indifference allows that all to happen," said Ushi. "Indifference is the opposite of intelligence. It is fascism. It is a type of black hole mentality. It is a void without the faintest trace of Love. The harmonizing order of the Universe speaks to us of a universal Intelligence that is Love. Indifference is a denial of this all-pervading Love."

      "Doesn't this tell us something about how indifference can be healed," I interjected. "If society's love for its humanity had prevailed in 1971, a horrific human tragedy that is still in the making might have been avoided. The Principle of Universal Love might be our key to the mind of the Universe. With it we might end our long night of indifference. In such an environment of universal loving the currencies of the world would be restored to the sovereignty of their respective nation. The Bretton Woods system would be restored as a platform of negotiated agreements. All the banks of the empire would be put through bankruptcy reorganization. Private central banking would end. Love would create a new renaissance. We wouldn't have to change the Universe. We would only need to utilize its model of universal Love."

      "The radiance of this model is all around us," said Ushi. "Its radiance is a profusion of abundance, a great generosity. Our whole world is one of generous abundance. The Earth is chock full of wonderful things, and things of great beauty. Our world is rich with an abundance of air, water, food, ideal climates, scenery, trees, plants, birds, oceans, fishes, energy and sunshine. A full 98% of the mass of the solar system is devoted to the sun that gives us our light and warmth, without which life would not exist in our world. And this generosity of abundance is carried through everything. The simplest tree produces billions of seeds, and the flowers unfold with a profusion of color and delicate shapes that far exceed what is needed for procreation. And when their time is fulfilled the profusion of wonders is generously let go. The flowers wilt to make room for a new spring. That's the model we need to echo in our life, the model of generosity and abundance in creativity. Doesn't that reflect the Principle of Universal Love? Why should it so hard to let the periods of empire fade into oblivion?"

      "Maybe the term, Universal Love, refers to the Love that pervades the Universe," I interjected. "Our economies should echo that. Our lives should reflect it. Our world should be enriched by it. Instead we've made our world small, ourselves stingy, and our civilization evermore precarious. We should live more universal lives."

      The man in the black suite shook his head and walked on.

      "You are still living in far too small houses with small windows," said the retired teacher sitting next to Fred, speaking from across the isle. "You still don't have your eyes open wide enough to see the dangers that you are in by what the world has become. Don't be surprised when the day comes when you will find that all of these things that you are so concerned about now, become insignificant and trivial, because that's what they are in comparison with what is being prepared in the background to the financial collapse."

      I was shocked. I said something to the effect that he must be mistaken. "How can things get worse than the collapse of civilization?"

      He simply shook his head. "You really don't know, do you?" he said quietly.

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