The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 1 - The Flat Earth Society

      "Well, did you understand this? Is that why you quit teaching?" Fred asked.

      "It took me a few days to understand what she had been saying. And no, I didn't quit," said the ex-teacher with a smile. "I wanted to go on teaching. I woke up that day and soon started to teach real economics. If one wakes up one is awake. I couldn't go back. I started to look into the history of our nation to discover what had made us great. Oh, I was surprised alright. What I discovered made sense. Consequently I started teaching the American System of economics. I started teaching Hamiltion. I discovered that America was founded on a credit-society principle. Out of that came the American System of Economics as it was later known. I discovered that it was the credit-society principle, which Alexander Hamilton had been building on, which had made us a rich nation. With this system Hamilton had turned the nation around from a debt-ridden bankrupt wreck that America had become under British free trade, and turned this wreck into a rich industrial nation. I also began teaching the economics of Lincoln. I discovered that it was Lincoln's credit-society economics that had enabled the efficient industrial production that gave us the advantage that proved critical for winning the Civil War. The USA wouldn't exist today without that. I also began teaching the economics of Henry Carey, and so forth. By the time I had finished a year of this teaching I was as proud as a teacher as I had never been before. My students understood something. Even the young woman came back into my class again. The enrollment for the next semester had doubled."

      "So why did you quit?" Fred asked again.

      "I didn't quit. I was fired," said the man proudly, with a smile. "I should wear a big button on my vest that reads: I was fired by the elite! One is labeled a quack in the brain-dead world of the Flat Earth Society if one is teaching reality. I was booted out. Reality doesn't fit into this artificial world of theirs where everyone is an accomplished parrot. I was regarded a disturber of the peace. The official goal in teaching economics had been to put people to sleep in order that the imperials' greed-based fascism wouldn't be detected. It is critical for the imperials that society's young people sleep-talk, as in dreams, and not live like human beings, but like parrots that imitate the sounds they hear. I had disturbed this tranquil scene. I had disturbed the peace by waking people up. The school Principal had no choice, he had to fire me. He had no choice, because I had been undermining the senility in society that the empires' looting process depends on. If the school hadn't fired me, the imperials would have forced the school to be shut down. I had become a danger to their system, like Dante Alighieri had been in the 13th Century. The empire had been afraid of Dante the poet. Just imagine that, the masters of empire had been afraid of the power of a poet. That is why not a single officially recognized economist apart from few exceptions, will ever tell the truth at any time. The empire owns them all. It owns their soul. They hold up their diploma of senility and parrotry, and from behind that screen of 'authority' they lye as they have been taught to lye, as I once did. Some people might have started out honestly and with the best intentions, but in order to survive they gradually allowed themselves to become prostitutes for a buck. This is something I could never do. They had to fire me. That's what ended my career in economics after more than twenty years of teaching it. I find it amazing in comparison with my own experience that this simple chap that you had talked about had come to the same conclusion, and apparently much faster."

      "Actually it isn't amazing that he did," Ushi interjected. "It is not amazing that this person had figured out some parts of that crazy game of lies and done so all on his own. Why shouldn't he have woken up? He is a human being, isn't he? It took you longer, because you had been buried in the mud far more deeply than he had been. Most of the elite never figure this out. Most people in society don't either. Nevertheless, every human being has the same capacity to discover universal principles and to recognize what happens when these principles are ignored or are intentionally violated. In fact, the game has become so crude now that a blind person should be able to recognize that the facade is paper-thin. But they don't. Even the government has joined the army of the thieves, and nobody objects. As our money is fast loosing its value, people have to earn vastly more in numeric terms just to keep themselves alive. Of course for those higher earnings in numeric terms, people have to pay an ever-greater portion of their earnings to the government in taxes. The government acts like an empire. That's how the government joins the parade of the thieves. The whole economic structure of our country becomes poorer by this process of universal robbery."

      "The chap at Heathrow didn't say anything about that kind of thievery," I interjected."

      "Of course he didn't," said Ushi and began to laugh. "He probably never considered paying taxes on the proceeds from his stealing. He must have discovered this loophole while working for the big thieves that don't pay taxes either."

      "I think he felt the crunch nevertheless," I said to Ushi. "He knew that the whole world is loosing its grounding in reality. He figured this out on his own as Steve did. He could sense that the currency speculators are in the process of destroying our world more radically than any war had in the past," I added. "The man had called the currency traders 'thieves without honor,' whatever he meant by that. I suppose he regarded himself to be an honorable thief who steals merely to stay alive. He had figured out that these currency thieves don't allow the nations to have even this minimal privilege. They tell the nations that they must open themselves up to the global market in the name of globalization, or else they will be bypassed by progress. Then, as soon as the nations comply and globalize their economy, the speculators rush into these unprotected countries and loot them to the bone. The chap told me that the Flat Earth Society afterwards parades its stolen profits with big banners in the streets as proof that all their claims of prosperity are true. He told me that they parade their wealth on the streets with their big Mercedes cars, their Jaguars and their Rolls Royce limousines, and almost all people stupidly treat them like royalty. He said it was absolutely pathetic to watch how small people had become."

      "Oh, people have always admired the royalty that has robbed them," interjected the man next to Fred. "The people have been carefully taught this stupidity."

      Ushi laughed again.

      I told Ushi that the man at Heathrow had laughed too, at the irony of it all, at the audacity of these financial world-robbers who were actually bragging before everyone, right in the open, about how successful they have been in stealing from society. He found it funny that people would look up to them as though these thieves had done some heroic deed. He said 'what kind of world are we living in, in which the thieves proudly display their loot in public and are honored for their crime?'

      "Isn't that Rape-Based Insanity?" I said to Ushi moments later.

      "Rape?" Ushi repeated.

      "Oh let's be honest, we all play this game," interjected the man beside Fred. "Just go out on the streets in any North American city. How many foreign-made cars do you see that were produced in the world's poor slave-labor-wage countries? Those cars were essentially stolen. We take these people's products and pay them with our largely worthless currency. That's stealing. And even then, the workers that produce the cars get very little of what we pay. The rest is stolen away for profit. And the little they get is insufficient to maintain their existence and to provide for their health and their development. That's why the poor countries remain poor and get poorer. We won't even allow them to break even, much less develop themselves. And so we fill our streets with the stolen loot that we've acquired by this 'rape' and call the result prosperity. Are we doing anything different by doing that than the big thieves do that parade their limousines or yachts as proof that their financial system works? We coerce the poor countries to throw away the only wealth they have as a nation, their human wealth, and waste that wealth for our benefit. We give them less than what it costs them to produce the goods, and far less than what would be needed for the slaving nation to develop itself and its people. We are using their people up like an expendable commodity. That's worse than stealing. And yes, we parade the loot on our streets and are proud of our prosperity. That, my friends, is what Greed-Based Fascism looks like in real life. It has become rape, and rape is insanity."

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