The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 1 - The Flat Earth Society

      Ushi just shook her head.

      "This was my reaction too, Ushi," I said to her. "He told me that the moneys, which the investors shelled out, were immediately paid out as profit to somebody else, and of course also to the brokerage houses in the form of fees. He told me that no thought was ever given about anyone ever paying anything back to the investors. It was understood that this wouldn't happen, because the liquidity, the value that the investments were rated at, didn't exist for such repayment to be possible except perhaps on an extremely small scale in a few isolated cases. He pointed out to me that for as long as the investors don't want their money back, but shuffle it around, this system works great. And it did work great. He said that everybody was quite happy in their illusion that they were rich. He told me that the people who ran the investment business knew that the investments that they solicited the public to buy, could only be paid back when something of value would be produced, which wasn't happening anymore. And so the grand illusion that something was happening was cleverly maintained with a shiny facade of indexes, trend analysis, fancy jargons, and a lot of thick lies."

      Here I began to laugh together with Ushi. "You know what he said to me," I said to her while we were still laughing. "He told me that he suddenly realized that he had become an honorary member of a new type of Flat Earth Society."

      Ushi suggested that I was joking and was getting rather silly.

      "That's what I told him too," I said to her. "I told him that this was a poor analogy since the people in the financial investment society are fully aware of the truth. They just don't want to acknowledge the truth. He looked at me and shook his head. 'What truth?' he had asked finally. I told him that the truth is that we need to rebuild the world on the platform of the Principle of Universal Love. I told him that I was working to build a world made rich with Love-Based Economics, such as the old American System of Economy had been, exemplified by Alexander Hamilton and Franklin Delanor Roosevelt - the only kind of real economic system that can supplant the Greed-Based Fascism that had been invented by Adam Smith on behalf of the British Empire. Greed was used as a weapon against America."

      Ushi laughed again.

      "You are right to laugh," I said. "The man laughed at me too. He called me a dreamer. He told me that the age of Love-Based Economics has ended long ago and the age of Greed-Based Fascism, as I had put it, was on the way out as well, to be replaced by a system of Rape-Based Brutality. 'We do no longer just steal anymore from one-another,' he said to me. 'We cut deeper. We now kill to steal. What do you think the homeless are the victims of? They are the residue of economic rape, and how long will they survive on the streets in the cold and in the rain? Rape is the new western song, not love,' he said to me in a sarcastic sounding tone of voice. 'We are entering the age of preemption. We kill, so that we can steal.'"

      Ushi shook her head.

      "I told him that he was wrong," I said to Ushi. "He just laughed at me. He told me that the times have changed. 'The rules have been altered.' He told me that the elite of the financial Flat Earth Society is fully aware that the Earth is a sphere, while it is their goal to convince everybody else that it isn't. He told me that the financial Flat Earth Society maintains itself as a fancy facade to inspire untruthful perception. They lye to society. But mostly they want society to lye to itself and keep its thinking irrational all the way to the point that people will latch onto their Flat Earth propaganda that riches can be drawn out of nothing without any productive processes being involved. He said it is their goal to convince the stupid public that the Earth isn't really a sphere, and that all their fancy notions about spherics that they might have in their mind are far too complex a concept to be real. 'Open your eyes,' they say to the people, 'see, the Earth is flat, the markets produce profits. What more do you need to concern yourself with?' He told me that this is what the investors were told when he was still employed in the financial world. He smiled as he said this, and added that the truth, in spite of the thickness of the lies, becomes ever harder for them to hide as the lies are wearing thin."

      I looked at Fred for his reaction.

      Fred simply smiled.

      "The Heathrow chap told me that they had been successful for a long time in their effort to tell the public what the public wants to hear. And they were well paid for it," I said to Fred. "The man told me that they would take the people who had the slightest reservations about the Flat-Earth lies and drive them, comparatively speaking, to a sea shore and invite them to see with their own eyes that the earth is absolutely flat without a doubt. They would dazzle them with graphics and profit statistics, all professionally displayed. They would even go as far as to gently ridicule their 'lagging' perceptions if they didn't agree. They would always tell them to invest for the long run in the hope that the Flat-Earth illusion that they had worked so hard to 'inspire' in them would not be shattered, because the markets would crash should the illusions fail. 'That's how the financial Flat Earth Society works,' the Heathrow chap said to me."

      I nudged Fred to get a reaction. "The man was defending his former profession that had been 'good' for him while it lasted," I said. "I can't blame him far that."

      Fred just kept on smiling.

      "The man explained to me how it works in detail," I said to Fred. "When we had lunch together the chap took the sugar basket that was on the table and dumped everything out, all the sugar bags, the ketchup, the salt. He said that the empty basket is the market. He said the market is always empty. 'It never produces anything. It never pays anything back.' Then he threw four sugar bags into the basket and took them back out again, and said that somebody just made a lot of money by this process. He asked me where the money came from that makes the market such a rich place. Instead of answering he pointed to himself. 'The loot is supplied by whoever takes the stuff out,' he said to me. And he is right. He told me that the money for the profits gets sucked out of the real economy, out of everybody's pocket. He also knew that this happens silently as vast funds are being diverted away from productive investments to the point that those investments weren't happening anymore. Even this simple-minded chap could see that all the investment funds where insanely poured into hyper-inflated stocks and bonds without them having any real backing, or are thrown into casinos of derivatives gambling where no backing in equity is required at all, etc.. He told me that the end result is that no real investments are made anymore in the physical economy. He explained to me that working for a living was considered by evermore people as being much too slow in comparison with stealing. 'And so nothing of value gets build anymore, or very little, he said. He said to me that it was deemed a thing of the past to build and produce things when this ordinary stuff that society needs to fulfill the requirements for its living can be imported cheaply through the channels of free trade thievery. 'Modern society lives by the proceeds of slavery that it literally steals,' he said. 'Importing slavery-products is more than stealing, is it not? That's the reason why society gets poorer and poorer. The jobs disappear. The industries disappear. Food becomes scarce. People become beggars.' He looked me into the eye and said, 'can you blame people like me for waking up and catching on to how the game is being played and thereby become thieves themselves? You may be annoyed at me for attempting to steal from you, but you are abetting the process yourself by doing nothing to correct it. You know as well as I do that the West has become a den of thieves, but you stand aside and let it happen. This tells me that you are either a pathetic hypocrite or that you have joined the Flat Earth Society like the rest of the world has, only in a slightly different way perhaps.'"

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