Seascapes and Sand
a political romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4A of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The Anton Paradox

      "Her father had no choice," I interjected. "He was forced to comply with the uncles wishes."

      "Then he was raped too. This was rape upon the soul. That must have hurt pure Anton even more," said Ushi.

      "I think she knew what that was like. She knew if from feeling impotent herself. The physical rape probably was secondary to that."

      "The physical rape was violence nevertheless," said Ushi, "whether it was violently inflicted or not. She appears to have suffered this violence and can't talk about it as freely as she might like to in order to free herself from it. What she suffered was probably the worst kind of domestic violence possible, the violence of a betrayed love. That's a crime against humanity and civilization. But how can we help her to get her life back? The rape is history. It's water under the bridge, but she still suffers from it."

      I suggested that the great cultural explosion of beautiful developments that came out of the Golden Renaissance, might offer a path for her to get her humanity back. Her humanity is her life as a human being. I had asked her to consider the music from Bach to Brahms that emerged from the revival of that renaissance."

      "Doing this might help," said Ushi, "but she didn't suffer this alone. We see the same now happening more and more in the form of police state persecutions in many places around the world, where the supposed protector of society becomes society's enemy. Bach and Mozart seem to be too distant from this modern hell."

      "Maybe they shouldn't seem distant," I interjected. "Their music remains valid as a bridge to what we have already lost. Maybe this distance has been artificially created through cultural warfare, in order to prevent us from getting our humanity back. How else would the imperials get society to willingly swallow their rape of mankind, in their war against it, that is now back on the agenda, with no victory in sight? Bach seems as distant today as the Peace of Westphalia, in which Bach uplifted the face of music. Look at the faces of war today, and look at what is now called music; one reflects the other. We are being raped on both fronts."

      I also see it in finance and economics," said Ushi, "and in religion, and in the still ongoing practice of torture in the world, soft or hard. Anton suffered similar kinds of torture. I can appreciate why she couldn't dance with me when I made the offer. She feared that the 'violence' in her past would hurt her again. Love had become 'violence' in her experience. Will this wound ever fully heal, Ushi?"

      Ushi nodded. "It will heal, Peter. You may have already started the process of healing by talking with her, and standing beside her. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about the national rape that America suffered, and still does. Who stands up for America? Who stands with the American people side by side?"

      "Who could even do this," I said, "when the people themselves don't stand side by side with one another? We live in a vertical world that is becoming evermore fascist. The masters of the world are already telling us that the gentle age has ended; the nice epoch is finished; the rats are showing their teeth. When the imperial's Hitler-project backfired, America responded with a great commitment of love to bail out the whole world, and the Fondi Empire with it, but as soon as the war on the battlefield ended, the Empire resumed its war against America. Within days after President Roosevelt had been in the grave, all of his cooperative arrangements with Russia were summarily scrapped. Instead of the world-development that Roosevelt had envisioned, and had almost promised, the world had become subjected to nuclear terror by American hands."

      "This wound too, hasn't healed yet," said Ushi. "America has been raped by the imperials, as surely as the German nation has been raped by the Nazis. They have destroyed America's love. They coerced America into building the bomb, and coaxed it into using it against defenseless cities. No one had managed to stop them. And even, when the heart ached over the victims, America built tens of thousands more bombs, and once again no one could stop the madness to this very day."

      "Our youth has protested, but the protesters were arrested," I said to her.

      "Oh, it was the same when Germany had been raped by the Nazi machine, said Ushi, "only the intensity of the rape was worse. Millions of people have been butchered to death by the Nazi's underlings that had lost their humanity, and quite a few thousand who refused to butcher other people to death, were executed themselves. I've been told that over ten thousand of Germany's own people were killed by the Nazis, because they refused to kill, and four hundred thousand others were severely punished to force them into line. Thus, the universal butchering of millions proceeded without anyone being able to stop it. The larger Nazi madness eventually became 'domestic violence' on an unimaginable scale, which prevented society from putting a stop to it by any possible civil means. What Anton suffered was of the same sort, only softer and smaller."

      "Unfortunately the process is still going on, at all levels," said Ushi. "Maybe we can learn from helping Anton, how we might help heal the rest of us and the world. Life is too short and too precious, not to do this. Most people waste their life in the cellar of indifference, when they could be standing on the rooftop gazing at the stars and the Universe beyond them."

      I agreed with Ushi. "Right now, Anton lives in that cellar of indifference. She lives in isolation from herself, probably out of shame, or out of fear, or lingering disgust," I said to Ushi. "I see her struggling to break out of that shell that surrounds her. She nearly did so once, after her mother died. But I don't see her making any progress. She is free now from her former tragedy, but not from the sense of smallness that had crept over her because of it. For this she needs our help, but she also needs the kind of 'space' a person must have to develop from within."

      "In this case you can help her by assisting her in feeling worthy as a human being," said Ushi, and especially so as a beautiful woman, which she is, which she probably hated herself for, for the problems it caused. Being a beautiful girl had brought her so much pain. Now she is scared to acknowledge herself as the beautiful woman that she is. And still I think she is proud of being herself. She is living a paradox."

      "She can't step away from the paradox," I said to Ushi. "She has to solve it, or else things will get worse. The paradox probably hasn't been fully recognized by her yet. The tragedy that created the paradox hasn't been healed yet either."

       "We can help her with that, can't we?" said Ushi. "In fact, we should do this in every case and on every level, where vertical domination has torn humanity apart, and not just in her case."

      "But this help is precisely what she seems to reject," I reminded Ushi.

      "Don't kid yourself, Peter. What she rejects she maybe secretly hoping for, hoping that you might make the effort to carry her over the threshold," said Ushi. "Steve would probably tell you the story of Mary Magdalene," Ushi added with a smile. "That's a very human story of a woman who had found herself in a somewhat similar situation to Anton's, only under vastly different circumstances."

      Ushi told me the story.

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