Seascapes and Sand
a political romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4A of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 8 - A Question of Clout

      "'In Lies we Trust! has become the watchword of modern times," said the man. "I know of course that one can fight only for Truth, because it alone means anything in the end. No one can escape Truth, because the Universe is Truth, and that is Life. And this tells me that we might win by focusing on what the Illuminati deny. They create chaos in the world, and then say, 'look, the world is in chaos, only imperial force can bring order to this chaos. Give us the power to be that force.' They are saying this evermore. They are demanding treaty after treaty to take the power away from the nations. And so, we fight by showing to the people, wherever we can, that there is no chaos in the natural world - that chaos exists only in the foolish form that they have created for themselves, and still create with their ever-widening insanity in which the lower case 'love' is written in ever smaller letters to the point that it finally vanishes from sight altogether. One way for bringing the light of Love back, is to latch on to the real natural order where it still exists and learn our lessons from it."

      "You mean from the oceans?"

      The man looked at me, then nodded. "Some of it still exists in the oceans," he said and smiled. "The oceans are seas of life, delicately balanced in the harmonized living of countless species. Each species depends on the other. Where the balance becomes upset, entire ecosystems tend to vanish. For example, the great coral reefs of the world are colonies of living animals existing in symbiosis with one another, without which neither could exist. Likewise, neither could we exist without the strands of Love that tie us to one another into families, nations, and productive economies. Of course the coral have enemies. Certain starfish eat the coral. But the starfish have enemies too, which keep their numbers from exploding. And those enemies have enemies themselves, and so forth, by which the interdependent chain extends all the way up to the big fish. Even the sharks are an essential helpful link in this chain. In this manner the entire ecosystem comes to light as a complex construct of harmonizing species of life. If a single link in this chain is broken an entire ecosystem can collapse. In the same manner an entire economy, and nation, end even civilization can collapse, when a vital link is broken. We have seen this happening time and time again. In each case it left a desert landscape in its wake. We have an extremely primitive model of symbiotic interrelationships illustrated here, which might be labeled, primitive economics. But we are human beings. As human beings we are living on a higher platform than the dog-eat-dog world, or fish-eat-fish world, that we find in primitive ecology. And I would say that this higher platform is Love. That's how we should look at the human economy my friend. The human economy is more than just a physically creative and productive machine. Its platform has to be Love or else mankind's higher powers have no purpose. Likewise, without Love the Universe would not exist, for Love is the harmonizing Spirit that makes the Universe functional. We see the same pattern in a functioning economy. We see a long chain of interdependent processes unfolding in a physical economy, and those are vastly extended by the power of human cognition, creativity, and technological and cultural processes, and by the discovered principles that harmonize all towards the richest and most profound effect. Major links in this human chain of economics are the creative power of the mind; the productive power of human skills enhanced with the production of physical energy, such as electric-power systems, and oil-power systems, all of which are essential for a productive economy, together with industrial tools, and so forth. Money is a similar link in this chain, and so are housing, education, industrialization, health care, farming, water, and transportation, including everything that makes the human system work for the welfare of society. These factors are all links in a big chain. If you break one of these links, the chain suddenly no longer functions and civilization crumbles into dust. It then becomes lost just as entire ecosystems can become lost. And this artificial breakdown is what the Illuminati are promoting in their war against mankind. They attack the entire chain, watching things break, watching for things they can steal. What they call profit is not derived from production, but is loot that is essentially stolen in the form of lost and broken links. They treat money not as a connecting element that makes the chain functional, but as an isolating elements that disrupts the chain. They call it speculation. They treat production likewise. They see industrial production as a factor standing in isolation, so they wreck it, without realizing that they are thereby wrecking the value of money, the very money which they cherish so highly as wealth. Unlinked from the chain, money has no value. Unlinked from the chain, industrial production has no purpose. To wreck production, they wreck the industries, and to accomplish that, they jack up the price of oil and other energy resources, and credit for development. But even as the wreck things they can't escape the fact that this wrecking takes evermore value out of their money, just as it takes strength out of the human system. In their blindness they reach for the power to control people's food, and to deny it at will in order to depopulate the world. Then, in the end they have only gold, and an ice-cold inhospitable wilderness in which gold has no meaning."

      "Society fails itself in the same manner by not protecting the links of its civilization," I interjected. "The Illuminati, who want to control the whole world, have inspired this failure in society, haven't they? But they are also crying that the world is not enough. They want the raw earth with just a few people living in it, existing in the kind of miserable feudal existence that has been the hallmark of the dark ages when no one had dared to challenge the Illuminati-type power, and the system of slavery that provides for the ruler's extravagant living."

      "Oh yes, they want feudalism back, even though it never worked," said the man. "They are saying this openly. They want all the national governments eliminated, and the world returned to the rivalry of city-states with all other powers put into the hands of a few private world-corporations. They call this platform, governance, which simply means rape by dictatorship. They want universal feudalism, and they want five billion people killed to get it. That is why they are attacking the chain of civilization, link by link."

      "But that is insanity, even though they call it illuminatizism," I said and began to laugh.

      "Of course it is insanity," said the man. "But they say it isn't. They call it a higher level of perception. But it remains insanity nevertheless, even if the focus changes. For you and I, money is a different factor, as we are a part of the chain of civilization. But for the illuminati who have stolen most of the money, the focus is no longer on money, but is on power, power to maintain their illegitimate existence that is actually impossible to main outside the chain of civilization. That is why they focus on power, which they don't really have. Since power is evading them and money becomes meaningless, their focus is no longer on power and money, but is on depopulation as another way to maintain their miserable satanic way of life. They seek raw feudalism as a panacea that they dream lets them exist without the chain of civilization. But that's impossible. This brings us to the 'quality' of absolute insanity. They are getting ready for their final step to their to self-destruction. We are seeing the effects already in the oceans where ravishing intervention has wrecked many a chain and broken down entire ecological systems over an evermore-expanding area. Illuminatizism is now doing this to civilization. More and more is being wrecked. Many once rich cultures are being lost that way. The Illuminati goal is, and this has been stated, to turn the planet into a largely uninhabited wasteland. There, nothing threatens them. We can still rescue ourselves from that intended fate, but time is running short. Just look at the oceans, time is running short there too. Maybe the Ice Age will help us with arresting the wrecking bar of the Illuminati whose work has become a pandemic of evil. Maybe the return of the Ice Age will force mankind to look at itself, and at what it has become, so that the Ice Age challenge will inspire it to clean house and rebuild the chain of civilization, strengthening each link until the chain is strong enough to support a rich human existence that also has the power to afford protection to the sensitive parts of the biosphere all the way through the next 100,000-year deep freeze that probably cannot be avoided. That is what I am fighting for."

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