Seascapes and Sand
a political romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4A of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 78
Chapter 7 - The Rat Campaign

      The man burst into laughter. "Congratulation!" he said. "I see you know my family's history, at least some of it, and you know this part well, but this also makes you a fool, because in real terms you know nothing. You know a bit of history, that's all."

      "My boss is always pushing me to learn history," I repeated. "History, history, history..."

      "But you didn't learn real history," said the man. "If you had, you would not go on blabbering the word, Illuminati. The very word is akin to a swearword. It is a psychological warfare weapon of the highest order, by what it represents. It is satanic and more than satanic. It is mysticism that breeds a sense of impotence and fear. It creates a problem in the mind for which there exists no solution, because the core of it is insanity. And this is all intentional. The Illuminati exist in secrecy. It's like the Ku Klux Klan, which is a part of the same larger satanic movement that the term, Illuminati, has been attached to which gives the movement an unidentifiable face. The devils are nowhere and everywhere, like gods that have no name and at the same time every name. They are a pestilence that pervades the fabric of the world and mutilates the face of mankind, staging a vast scene of problem built on problem, for which there is no solution as the driving force remains invisible and unidentifiable. And this too is intentional. Psychological warfare researchers have long realized that if a person is confronted with a problem for which it can find no solution, and the pattern is repeated relentlessly, a recursive development begins that reverts the mental capacity of an individual back to an infantile state of reasoning. It develops fear, which is a trap, with no escape from it. The Ku Klux Klan had this type of an effect on the American Negro society. This kind of effect has become globalized, and so have the unseen forces driving it. The network of Illuminati now comprises every satanic element there is, financially, politically, ideologically, militarily. Society becomes trapped by it, ever deeper, into fear. Mysticism, secrecy, terror, are a force that generates this infantile fear without hope that we now see. It is a trap that few even recognize, much less are able to defend themselves against. It breeds impotence. The masters, who use this mysticism, want society to implant the Illuminati name into your mind, because it is not a real name. It is the term for fascist insanity. It is a term that inspires terror with an image that no one dares to speak of. It is used as a name, but it isn't a name at all, just as fascism isn't a name. The word is designed as a weapon and the target is the individual who speaks the word. That is why I say you are a fool, my friend, by subjecting yourself to the psychological warfare that is built into playing with that word that should never be spoken. But that's what you do. You speak of Satanism, as if it is something to fear, and society has no hope of escaping it, like Russia couldn't escape the Bolsheviks. You spoke to me as if you had created a problem in your mind for which you had no solution. There was fear in your voice as if you were stuck with this problem without hope. You probably had ruminated over it for a long time; it had gnawed on you; you had mulled it over; you had struggled with it but gotten nowhere. Am I right? Most people have this problem, and it's deliberate. The intention is for them to be trapped, because the process itself is recursive; it disables the mind; it takes away a person's self-empowerment, and with it disables the quality of thinking that enables one to become a power in real terms. This psychological trap forces a mental circumcision, a mental sphere without humanity. The result is a mentality akin to infancy and insanity, both inspiring fear and impotence. 'Fear is the mind-killer;' just ask Frank Herbert, he coined the phrase. Fear is a mind-killer indeed, but it is not a power. Fear is never a power. Fear is the effect of insanity, the absence of sanity, the mythical void where nothing is real. Love is power. Love is the essence of the Universe. It is it's harmonizing Spirit, without which the Universe would not exist. That is how great a power Love is. Fear is not reflected in any facet of the natural Universe. Therefore, fear is not a power. Sanity is power!"

      "Alright!" I interjected. "You made your point. I agree; sanity is power, and empire is determined to destroy this power. Still, the Illuminati control the world."

      "Oh yes they do, that's just the point," said the man, "and they will go on to control the world for as long as society is using this word Illuminati as a name. Why can't you see that the word creates a problem in people's mind for which they see no solution, because the problem is based on insanity by definition? It's a psychological warfare term, one of the more effective ones, so don't use it, or even think it. Use the proper name that it stands for, and which it tries to hide. Use the term, empire. If you do this, you are safe and on the right track. The doctrine of the Illuminati, that Lucifer fell from heaven and became Satan, who supposedly now inflicts suffering on mankind and bestows power over mankind to whosoever has the light of Lucifer, the 'light' of Satan, the 'light' of insanity, is a myth. There exists no contrary power in opposition to the nature of the Universe. There is no such thing as entropy in the Universe that diminishes anything. The entire universe, from an atom to the largest cluster of galaxies, is a construct, not of bits of matter, but of energy shaped by a vast array of harmonizing principles, without which the universe would not exist. Our perception of reality, reflected in the term Principle, must reflect this, for our perception to be truthful. It must reflect the harmonizing quality and creative power of Principle that we see expressed throughout the Universe. This renders such concepts as the 'principle of evil,' or Lucifer, or Illuminati, or just plain entropy, invalid. The very concept of 'counteracting principles' is fundamentally false. If there was such a phenomenon as 'counteracting principles' the Universe would not exist, Nothing can exist on a self-destructive basis. But the Universe does exist, which renders such concepts as a 'principle of evil,' or Lucifer, or Illuminati, or entropy, a bunch of crap. And it has the effect of crap. It is confusing, disabling, a mind killer of the highest order, a terrorism of a hidden kind that conjures up a fear that one cannot fight, because its object is not real. A lot of sophistry is built on these false concepts. These, evidently need to be swept out of the way with an unfolding scientific sense of Principle. The fact simply cannot be ignored that the physical and astrophysical Universe is built on principles that are not contrary to each other, nor isolated from each other, but are harmonizing towards a 'product of intention' which simply is the existence of the Universe. Since this is the fundamental platform of the Universe, expressed in all its aspects, it applies to us too. On the universal platform entropy is not a principle, nor is it on any other truthful platform, even though it is often regarded as real and has been given a name, by which it is known as the second law of thermodynamics. But this too, is not truthful. The concept of entropy is a mind killer, for it contains no logical rationality that is understandable. It is mythological. Nor can one speak of spiritual entropy when the very nature of the living world is growth, unfoldment, and development. The Lucifer concept, of the star that fell from heaven, is a ancient myth that was cleverly reapplied and made a part of the Illuminati ideology of the Rothschild banking empire, back in the 1700s, to serve as a battering ram against the moralist standpoint of Christianity that was deemed a hindrance to the profiteering and looting enterprises of the 'business.' The suffering of mankind was not imposed by the satanic Lucifer, or the Illuminati, but by mankind's foolish subjection of it to the rule of empire and its self-serving intentions, and actions without regard to anyone, which happens to match the concept of evil. There is no such thing as a natural evil that is reflected in the consequences of the kind of rape that results from the operation of empire. Since this is self-evident to the alert mind, the concepts of the 'principle of evil,' or Lucifer, or Illuminati, or just plain entropy, have been devised to turn the mind into knots with something that is basically not knowable. Only Truth is knowable, and it is knowable by its universal principles. Empire, as a concept, is not knowable, except as a negation, by which its entire mess is knowable."

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