Seascapes and Sand
a political romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4A of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 6 - Flashlight Parties

      I expected some protests from her again. But as before, to my surprise, no protests were forthcoming.

      "I've never seen it that way," she said quietly a few moments later.

      "It always involves a critical choice by everyone involved. And the choice should be to stay away from this environment," I replied. "However, it takes a keen awareness of the nature of the process that the choice is about. This awareness is universally discouraged under the vertical system that dominates almost the whole world. And so, the victims find themselves helpless, like innocent children. You'll have to search far and wide to find a man who would agree with me that there is no pleasure to be found in the whorehouse, but rape. They would tell you that they find pleasure in this rape upon the soul that they engage in, in those houses devoid of humanity. Everyone is a victim in those empty houses of emptiness. Many might at best find the pleasure empty, but few would sense the rape upon their soul. The emptiness makes them come back to the whorehouses. But they come back as lesser men. They come back increasingly, hoping to find something. But what they seek isn't there to be found. It becomes an addiction, like that of a gambler that can't get unhooked. That's why I fear doom for Russia, because too many of its people have their eyes set onto the whorehouses of the fondi. And the whorehouses are getting bigger. The world's hedge funds now boast trillions in assets. They erected golden gates, but the investors do not sense what awaits them behind the facade. The Soviet Union is drawn into this process too, like helpless children. This gross ignorance is the apparent result of Russia's thousand-year subjection to this deep, but most subtle, rape. Its rape is soft on the surface, but hard inside, and once inside the exits are blocked. The Byzantine whorehouses are prisons. They are traps. It's hard to step away from the trap, especially when the scene is no longer golden. Russia really did want to become the Third Rome. It saw Byzantine as its golden gate. I fear for Russia's people. I fear for them as they are reaching out for their doom, by their own choice. I fear for them, because I don't see enough pioneers with open eyes like yourself and Nicolai, and Steve, and the few academics in his network, who dare to challenge society's dangerous choices. There are too few of them, and too few with ears to hear them."

      "But how many people does it take to see the truth, Peter? If one person sees it, nine tenth of the revolution has already been accomplished. If a woman who is subjected to constant rape, is told that there is a way out, wouldn't she grab onto this helping hand and allow herself to be rescued?"

      "Sure that's possible. There was a time when this worked. The famous painter Rembrandt, all by himself, made a profound contribution to the movement towards the Peace of Westphalia. He painted the biblical scene from the book of Daniel, of Susanna refusing to be raped in her own garden, by some elders who came upon her having a bath. The elders revenge for the refusal was sharp. They accused her of adultery, to which the death penalty applied. Daniel rescued her from this fate, by proving that the elders, the elite of society, were pathetic liars. With his painting of that story, Rembrandt put the mark of the liar on the war philosophers and all the elite's that kept the Thirty Years War going. It seemed that everybody knew what the painting was saying, because they knew the story. That kind of broad-based awareness is missing today in our world, where the watchword has become, 'In lies we trust!' It seems that society became aware during the Thirty Years War, that its elders, both with war and with lies, were raping it indeed. But what if society didn't know that she is being raped, as we have it today? During the Thirty Years War the people of Europe seemed to have a sense that they were being raped. They were dying by it. A third of the population of Europe perished in that war, many towns were depopulated, entire villages simply disappeared. The situation is different in today's world. The new Thirty Years War is raging beneath the surface. For Russia, it's the Cold War. But in this hidden war countless people are crying out with a sincere longing to be given the freedom to join the whorehouses of the West, hoping that it will stop the Cold War. No sane persons would do this, if they knew the game. But in Russia, the people have been conditioned for a thousand years. It's become a normal way of living. Who will tell them about the rape, and that they are reaching out for more of it? Who will tell them what freedom is, so that they would desire it and grab the helping hand? Who will tell them that the golden gates of the fondi whorehouses in the West don't lead to freedom? Is one man enough?"

      "Who can answer such questions?" said Anton quietly.

      "Those questions are as old as civilization itself," I replied. "They' have been explored even in the Bible, in its opening pages. I remember a story about the patriarch Abraham, a metaphorical story, a story of irony. In the story God warned Abraham that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were about to be destroyed, as the result of their wickedness. The cities were located in the salt plain of the Jordan Valley near the Dead Sea. Their commerce had made them filthy rich. Rape was probably written in capital letters. They seemed to have wallowed in it. And so Abraham feared for the people of an empty society. We are told in the story that he suggested to God that the cities should be spared for the sake of the righteous. How many righteous would it take to spare the city, Abraham had asked of God in the story. Would fifty be enough? We are told that God concurred that fifty would be enough. But Abraham was a realist. What if fifty cannot be found, would thirty do? But he hastily inquired again, what if there weren't the thirty to be found? What if there were only twenty, or ten, or even just one single person? We are told that God agreed that even one might be sufficient. It seems to have been understood by the ancient storytellers that a single human being has the capacity to uplift an entire society if that potential is fully realized and brought to bear as a light in a dark situation. We are also told that this didn't happen. The cities were utterly destroyed."

      "That's just a story," Anton interrupted.

      "Yes, it's just a story," I agreed, "but what does it tell us? We know today that two major tectonic plates meet in the area of the Jordan Valley. It is also believed that the two cities of the plain now lay buried beneath the waters of the Dead Sea. A seismic catastrophe must have occurred with such intensity that the people saw it as the hand of God in action, and stayed out of that era for centuries. Abraham, as a sensitive person, might have felt the early tremors, and might have tried to persuade the people to get out of the city, to flee it for their life. He might have hoped to find a fifty that would have listened and taken the lead and persuaded the rest of the people. Evidently those hadn't been found. It appears to have been realized by the ancient storytellers that a single leader might have sufficed to save the population, if there had been willingness in society to listen to reason. But in a world ravished by rape, the humanity of the people had grown thin. The foundation for reason had been eroded. For all we know, the people might have been subjected to their own brand of a Byzantine system for a thousand years before their demise. They might have been already dead as human beings, before they died in the cataclysm, which they could have escaped from, but had lost their conditioning to do so."

      "And you say, that you see our country in a similar situation," Anton interjected.

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