Seascapes and Sand
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Volume 4A of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 5 - The Thousand-Year Celebration

      "The Soviet system of government," I said, "is closely structured around the central authority of the state, that projects its will through the various state agencies, unto the people. That's a hidden heritage of the Byzantine system. On this basis, the Soviet Union has its roots squarely in Byzantine orthodoxy. The Soviet Union has thereby based its structure on a doctrine that denies a person's identity as a human being. I suggested that this ideology was an ideal setup for implementing communism, which was an imperial creation cooked up by the British Empire in its secret-service workshops of Lord Palmerston and his agent David Urquhart. Palmerston and Urquhart became the guiding sponsors of Karl Marx, who gave his name to the imperial concoction of communism, that was from the outset intended to destroy Russia. Marx became both the author by name, of the imperial product, and the delivery boy who brought it to Russia as a Trojan Horse. The product itself, was created by the British Empire along the model of the Trojan Horse, and it was designed for the original task, to destroy a competing Empire, in this case Russia. It was evidently precisely tailored for Russia, in a way that it fits the already existing background of the Byzantine model."

      Anton shook her head.

      "I hope I am wrong," I said. "I sincerely do. However, if I'm not wrong, great caution might be in order to protect yourself."

      Anton nodded, but with a tear in her eye.

      "On the other hand," I said cautiously, "I also sincerely hope that I am right, because the unperverted, the original idea of Christianity, had uplifted humanity to the highest level of worth and quality imaginable, even to be called the sons of God, or as Jesus had apparently put it, to be one with God. I pointed out to Anton that this concept is absolutely profound, as the idea of an 'ordinary' or 'common' person, such as the royals call the 'commoners,' is impossible to perceive on that platform. This image of mankind renders you and me, and all mankind, as gems in the Universe, with infinite worth. Fortunately for us all, this platform appears to be the truth as far as I can determine."

      "You won't find this reflected in the Soviet system," Anton interjected.

      "Nor in any imperial system," I added. "It is hard to find anywhere, actually, but I love it, and especially so since I think it is the truth."

      "Unfortunately that leaves us to consider the perversion that has infested our world, and affects it deeply," said Anton quietly.

      "Obviously, the perversion was engineered to degrade mankind. It was subsequently promoted by almost every empire that ever existed. The perversion still is a strong force in the world. No 'royal' person, for example, would ever marry a 'commoner.' This horrid distinction would have been impossible to perceive in the original Christian ideology, but it is now fully supported in the Roman/Byzantine perversion of it, that has become the 'religion' of imperialism. The perversion has relegated God into the heavens, and humanity, as the common masses, into the dust of the ground, while the priesthood or royalty, and now the imperial state and elite, have rendered themselves in Christ's stead, into the middle position as the ordained rulers of the 'common' man."

      "Aristotle had called this the theory of natural slavery," said Anton, which might explain where the Romans got it from. Wasn't Aristotle the man who effectively invented ideological perversion? He is said to have been a student of Plato, but in real life he turned everything that Plato stood for, upside down. The Romans must have loved him."

      "That is the type of perversion that communism is apparently built on, and still reflects," I said to her. "It is built on the acknowledgment of a 'common' people. You wouldn't hear that from Plato. While the communist state is committed to the upgrading of the living condition of the common people, it is not built on the universal lateral platform of 'We the People,' as we once wrote in big letters in America. Of course we lost our 'We the People' in America too."

      Anton just laughed.

      "Of course we lost our 'We the People' perception, in America," I repeated, and began to laugh also, "if indeed the concept was ever fully established in people's heart. It's a tall challenge. It's not easy to hold onto, Anton. And when it is lost, the resulting hierarchical state reflects the model of the vertically separated doctrine that defines mankind under the Byzantine system as but dirt, 'benignly' enslaved. In the original Christian ideology the concept of a 'common' person is impossible to perceive, since everyone is endowed with the highest identity that can possibly be perceived, that renders mankind as equal in quality with God. In comparison, the Byzantine belief system is a defective system," I said to Anton. "Beware of it! Don't close your eyes to it! It shouldn't be celebrated. It should be scrapped. It's a vertical system that imposes a hierarchical dictatorship over people. There is no 'We the people' in it. It imposes elitism and a central authority that dominates society. It opens the hell-gate to the red-hot circus of lies. If it is not erased it will destroy civilization. Hitler milked this red-hot ideology to the extreme, as he made himself the absolute dictator, the liar-in-chief, putting himself above the law, to the point of being the law. Nazism is an extension of the Byzantine system that opens the floodgates to the worst kind of fascism, that is superceded only in modern days. In a vertical hierarchical system you always have a ruling class that is above the law, that claims to be the law, which superimposes itself upon a class of peasants or slaves, that it rules, which is the general society that the imperials laugh at."

      "I suppose this ideological flavor defines our Soviet society well, that proclaims itself to be a society of peasants and workers, instead of being a society of human beings with near infinite potential?" said Anton. "It hurts to see ourselves in this manner, but it is hard to deny that it is true."

      "This blocking factor of crude primitivism also defines the western imperial society that promotes everything that is crude and degrading," I said. "This means that we were dragged even deeper into the imperial sewer than Russia was. In the imperial vertical world mankind ends up dragged into the sewer, the lowest place there is, nicely filled with the scum of degrading ideologies, the home of the sewer rats like Aristotle, Hobbes, Malthus, and Adam Smith, and so on. In contrast, the concept of 'We the People' is built on the highest principle I know, the Principle of Universal Love, and it really means in actual terms that 'We the Human Beings' are the light of the world. This true concept of mankind, that was once set up by the brightest humanist pioneers of a renaissance, and was proudly acknowledged as such by much of the world, is presently drifting farther and farther out of sight, while the Byzantine 'fog' is flooding the seascapes all over the world, including America and Russia."

      Anton nodded and said quietly that America should rejoice over what it once had, even though it has been lost. "Russia was never allowed to rise that high."

      "That's the strangling effect of the Byzantine system," I said to her. I cautioned her though to be generous with herself, and to look at the world with open eyes. I suggested that society should look upon itself in the light of the lateral model as a 'royal' people in the tallest possible sense of the word, being on the same qualitative level as God, or being at one with God. "The human being is a spiritual being," I said to her. "Intelligence is spiritual. Love is spiritual. Understanding, discovery, and self-development, expressions in art, music, literature, science, technologies, and so on, are all spiritual aspects. They are aspects of a profound intelligence that nothing in the world can match. And that is the true image that we should behold, and see ourselves reflected in."

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