Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 17 - Resurrecting Carmen

      "Isn't that obvious?" I interrupted Fred. "We would have had indoor agriculture eons ago, with corresponding self-contained livestock operations, if mankind hadn't wasted the last three thousand years fighting wars in the name of empire with the goal to prevent the natural renaissance development of mankind across the world."

      Fred nodded. "We now have to make up for this three-thousand-year plunder," he said. "We have tolerated this huge neglect for far too long. We have to accomplish three thousand years of development in a hundred years. This means we have to start soon. Since all of the world's government's have largely become imperial in nature, singing the tune of empire, society itself has to become the driving force to get itself out of this deficiency that it dragged itself into largely by its own folly. The recovery has to begin with society devoting its private resources to it, Peter, out of its love for itself. There is no other way possible that I can see. The governments will be upgraded in due course. They will reflect the direction in which society moves."

      "Hell will freeze over before that happens," I said to Fred and laughed. "Tony told us in Berlin that the Principle of Universal Love is from the realm of dreams. If Tony says this, how many others will say this too? I know Tony is wrong, but the evidence doesn't show it. Society will rave about peace and go into ecstasy over it in huge demonstrations, but it won't give a penny. It will only protest. Society usually protests against the effects of its own folly instead of fighting to upgrade its world and resurrect its lost humanity and its love."

      Fred shook his head vigorously. "Peter, society has to take the lead in this as in everything else. There exists no other option. Society is all that we've got. If society fails itself as human beings then we have no hope. No Martians will come riding to the rescue. Society has to set the tone. There is nothing outside of it that will carry its existence. Indeed, it is not the task of government to drag society up to a higher level beyond its present little sense of itself. The task of government is nothing more than to transact the business already laid before it. Leadership in government is not dictatorship. Leadership means living at the leading edge of transacting the constitutional requirements. It is society's task to raise the constitutional requirements to ever-higher levels as it advances itself. If society wants peace and security, it needs to pipe this tune and raise its constitution to those higher levels, and demand obedience to it from its governments. But the driving force has to be society. It has to dance the Royal Dance itself. That's the only way that the murder of 'Carmen' can be prevented. The fact will never change that the world's governments will reflect society's own dimensions, which should be love. Unfortunately its 'love' has become fascism in many ways. This makes our society shamefully rotten, Peter, and deeply in need of healing. Unfortunately, with the current sad response by society to its own needs, lies the lacking security and prosperity that we now suffer as a people, and why we are facing the possible consequence of a collective doom, either by nuclear war, or through famine by blight, or from diseases that become pandemic, or by the potential return of the Ice Age, that society refuses to protect itself against in its smallness, and in its devotion to greed and fascism. Thus I see doom on the horizon since we are already mired in gloom that we don't care to get out of. On the other hand I also see the rising of a new sun on the horizon by the developments that we have become a part of, in the light of which 'Carmen' might not suffer death," said Fred.

      "Right now the whole scene stinks," I replied. "Nothing is moving, and I don't really see us making a big difference. Everything has gone stale and is rotting. To be honest, I don't see any movements. We are running like mad, but nobody else is moving an inch. In the direction the world is drifting, society has lost its ability to survive. Sure, all of this can change, Fred, and I sincerely hope it will, but where is the evidence? Where are the new leaders in the hustings that are willing to fulfil the present Constitutional requirements, such as the principle of advancing the general welfare? I agree a shift in focus onto the Principle of Universal Love is possible when society becomes serious in protecting itself and to get its economy to function. As soon as Greed-Based Fascism becomes discredited and Love-Based Economics is put onto the table by society, the world will change. Then we will see meaningful efforts being made in support of raising the platform for peace. But I see no movement on this front. At the very best I see meaningless protest marches, but where is the march of society's dollars, the dollars for peace? There isn't even a trickle of pennies. And where is the march of the voters on election day for peace, and the demand of society that the electoral process isn't rigged and privatized, as it presently is? And where are the society's champions? I see the hustings empty, except for the fondi's men. The field is left wide open for the fondi's men to bring in their bankers and their fascists, and their religious fundamentalists, and whoever else wants to loot and build an empire and start wars. That's the way the world looks right now, Fred, and all that I can say is that hell will freeze over before society will lift a finger to protect its existence. I didn't want to say this to Steve, but it looks more that way now than ever."

      "Isn't that what I said?" said Fred. "Society has to set the tune for the world it wants to live in. That's the key. But you are a part of the key, Peter. You are a part of society. Don't complain. Look at the tip of your finger. Who does it point to?"

      "You mean me?" I said.

      "Of course I mean you," said Fred. "You are the gem, the light, and the leader. And you truly are that, as are Steve, Ushi, and all of us. Who but you would lay down ninety grand for a single idea to uplift society, and for a crazy idea at that, which was way off the chart of what seemed rational. But you have made a difference with it. You stood in the hustings on countless occasions that I can name and encouraged people to follow you. Perhaps you didn't make speeches as politicians do, standing in the hustings making wild promises. You delivered without making speeches. Maybe you didn't proceed always in the wisest manner, but you are learning just as all of us are. Also don't forget what happened in the desert with Ushi and you piping a new tune there. Sure, you failed to carry this tune through the hearing afterwards, but I don't blame you for that. We are on pioneering territory where every step is a big step. In fact I don't blame you for being discouraged when you see yourself standing largely alone, with but a few friends at your side. This tells me only that you have to make it your goal to multiply your base a thousand-fold and then a thousand-fold again, and bring society on board. It is easy to be discouraged when you are on pioneering territory. Many a pioneer has felt discouraged, but they have all pressed on. So, press on, Peter, and don't ever give up on society, because that's all we've got. If we don't look out for ourselves as a society, meaning that we look out for one-another, who will look out for us? There is no one else. There are no Martians that we can call on to rescue us from our folly. We've got one another, and that's all we've got, and that's the best there is, worthy to be enveloped with our love from the riches of our heart."

      Fred stopped walking at this point and looked at his watch and began to laugh. "Our award money to Steve will proof him wrong by a trifle," he said and began to grin.

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