Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 247
Chapter 17 - Resurrecting Carmen

      "Why do you say this?" I interrupted. "Why do you think Steve's help is so critically important on this front?"

      "Because we need to develop a world-shaking commitment to honesty in science. We need this as much as we need honesty in politics and economics, Peter," said Fred. "Steve is the giant on this front. There is an old saying that the first victim in any war is the truth. This saying holds true for any arena in which wars are fought, including the arena of science. It also applies to the imperial battle that we lost in 1913. This loss has been glossed over with the glitter of bad science, including the bad, so-called, economic science, the Adam Smith science. Science has been converted into a weapon and has been brought into the theatre of the imperial war against humanity in order to prevent the development of an Ice Age Renaissance. Truth no longer means anything, anywhere, including in the arena of science. When the first concerns about the return of the Ice Age were raised in the scientific community, in the early-1970s, especially about the economic requirements for facing the next Ice Age, the Global Warming Doctrine was hastily invented in order to prevent the global renaissance that would have had to result from those concerns. Currently, society is spending five billion a year on so-called climate research, but this isn't done to find the truth, the research is focused on covering it up, on hiding it, on manufacturing evidence that shows that manmade global warming is real. While the Manmade Global Warming Doctrine is rapidly becoming debunked as the lies are wearing thin, new lies are conjured up. The new doctrine that is now being fielded, which is intended to replace the Global Warming Doctrine in due course, will some day be known as the 'Long Delayed Ice Age Doctrine.' The new doctrine will ride on a conjured up new scientific doctrine that the next Ice Age lies still thousands of years in the future so that no one need to be concerned in the immediate time ahead. Cleverly crafted scientific data will show that no technological and economic preparations need to be made in the foreseeable future to enable mankind to face the challenge of surviving the coming glaciation period in which agriculture gets wiped out. The new doctrine will suggest that there is no need to interfere with the current imperial monetarist system, and to stop the looting and enslavement of humanity. Many more billions will likely be spent to prove the new doctrine or the like, while the enslavement of society continues and the wars continue to prevent the development of the needed new renaissance. The evident plan is, that this cover-up will continue until the Ice Age transition begins, at which point the reaction will be too late," said Fred.

      I protested. I raised my hand and stopped him. "The cycles of scientific lies will be broken, Fred, when the Principle of Universal Love govern society," I interjected. "This principle is the platform for truth. With it, we can break the logjam. We can do this. The scientific logjam can be broken. Sure, I realize that to even get started with the development of this vast universal principle seems to be an infinite task, but if we say we can't do it, then Palmerston has already won, who said the same thing to me."

      Fred nodded. "That's what I said, isn't it? There is no other pathway for doing that," said Fred. "No one can fight the scientific lies without resorting to the Principle of Universal Love. That's why we need Steve's help who can bring this principle into the scientific world. Most people get trapped into the many dead-end alleys where people are fighting contests over countless little things and opinions, which drives society ever further away from the truth. The simple fact is that it is no more possible to forecast the year and the decade when the Ice Age Cycle begins anew than it is to forecast the hour of a volcanic eruption decades in advance. We can only look at the few things that are known and draw logical conclusions. We know for instance that we had several major Ice Age periods in earlier geologic times, in the Precambrian, the Ordovician, the Devonian, and the Permian timeframes. While continental drift had something to do with these Ice Age periods, galactic events with intense cosmic radiation most likely had affected them also, modulated by solar cycles. We know the solar events shield that Earth from cosmic radiation, which in turn affects our climate, and that their major cycles follow the rhythm of the Ice Age cycles, including the rhythm of the eccentricity of the very orbit of the Earth around the Sun in our solar system. Since all of the cycles are linked with each other, and are hugely massive, they don't change their cyclical consistency as rapidly as we are told to believe. It seems unreasonable to suggest that the current interglacial period will be more than then twice as long in duration than the historic average. Since the world of science, like any other arena, has been saturated with lies in the imperial wars against mankind, the actual scientific truth is hard to come by. One must assume therefore that the most logical will happen, that the current warm period is essentially over, that we are in the boundary zone to another Ice Age. It could hit a hundred years from now, or a thousand years from now. Some even say that the transition might have already started since a large portion of the world's glaciers are already advancing again. Since we are also living in a boundary zone that is saturated with lies, the only reasonable reaction is that we mobilize our human resources to get our house in order as fast as possible. We must do this with the kind of intensity as if we were facing a great emergency, which we might indeed be facing. Since we are dealing with natural variances that are inherent in such long-term cycles as the Ice Age, we have no option but to plan for the worst case scenario. If it takes a hundred years of technological and economic development to create efficient indoor agriculture, then let's start now on the assumption that the possibility exists that the Ice Age will hit us in a hundred years time. We must do this even if the possibility was only slight that the Ice Age begins in a hundred years time, though it is already half a percent overdue. We can't afford to gamble with the future existence of mankind. If the lightest chance exist that mankind's future is in danger, we must act now to prevent that danger. And that is what we can do. We can prevent the Ice Age danger with Steve's tropical floating agriculture, and then with indoor agriculture. Since this is our only logical option, let's get on with the task no matter how huge it may appear. Should we accomplish the task a thousand years before its needed, nothing would be lost, but we would likely loose everything if we gamble that the Ice Age might be delayed, and it comes to pass that it isn't. Apart from that, we desperately need those advanced agriculture facilities now, especially indoor agriculture. We are living far too dangerously by spreading our single crop agriculture across wide areas without any effective isolation to protect our food resources from the always possible major pest and blight, or major pandemics in life stock. The Irish potato blight that became a huge local catastrophe, could have easily become a universal phenomenon. That's the gamble that we take if a major crop fails globally by a fast-spreading blight. We are taking enormous chances today with potential consequences that are greater than the worst wars in history. Indoor agriculture would certainly prevent this. Likewise livestock diseases can spread like wildfire in the totally unprotected environments that we operate in today. They can then mutate and infect human populations. The potential for pandemics is horrendous. We might face pandemics that could easily pale the 1918 pandemic into insignificance, which had killed tens of millions of people in the space of a few months. Why then are we taking enormously huge gambles when solutions are possible? Indoor operations would provide the needed isolation. This means that we need the Ice Age Renaissance now,"

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