Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 245
Chapter 17 - Resurrecting Carmen

      "Like what?" I interrupted Fred. "Are you referring to what the old man said at the hearing that we lost the nation when we lost the Federal Credit System as the basis for our economy? That was the result of loosing our humanity and becoming evermore blind to love. You read the transcripts from the hearing, haven't you? Do you agree with the old man that America lost World War One for the whole of humanity at Christmastime in 1913, when we surrendered to the imperial oligarchy, when we scrapped our Federal Credit System that our nation had been founded on, and replaced it with the imperial's private monetary system. We gave them our national currency as a Christmas present and put the credit creation into the hands of their private central bankers whose system is designed as a profit engine to nurture their greed and empower their fascism. That's what the old man said happened at Christmas in 1913. That's heavy stuff, isn't it? He said that America was founded as a Federal Credit Society for its self-development. That was totally wrecked at Christmastime in 1913. He said that the imperial moneybags have been fighting a relentless war against us to wreck our nation. They started scoring with the assassination of Hamilton. The old man said that they succeeded in 1913 when we surrendered on the 23rd of December. He said that World War One was lost that day, and that America lost it for the whole world. He said that the shooting war in Europe that started half a year later, which is mistakenly called World War I, was but the aftershock of America loosing the war for the world at Christmas in 1913. That's quite a revolutionary rewriting of the history books that the old man has done, don't you think?"

      "He has been correcting the history books, Peter!" said Fred. "It is about time that somebody set the record straight. World War One began on July the 4th 1776 when 13 colonies in North America announced their separation from the British Empire and founded the United States of America. That was a declaration of war against the Empire. The resulting war changed the world, but the peace without empire in the world has not yet been won. The war is still ongoing. When the peace is won, the world will be free. We fought for our freedom when we started this war. And with it we also fought for the freedom of the world, from imperial tyranny. We brought hope to the world with an example of what can be achieved when a nation devotes its resources and its strength as a people to its own self-development instead of acting as slaves to an imperial financier oligarchy and its voracious living. The imperials fought this war against us that we started in an effort to uplift civilization on this planet. Nor did we fight this war alone. We were supported in this war to uplift civilization, by many of the great nations in Europe, by Germany, France, Spain, and also by Russia. We had their support when the support was most needed. So it was a world war that we started, and which is still ongoing. Our war to uplift civilization truly started as a genuine world war. But this soon changed. Europe became devastated in the empire's rage, and towards us, the imperials did never relent. They kept fighting to destroy us by all means possible. At first they fought us on the battlefield. They lost the battle there. Then they fought us with free trade. Hamilton won this battle for us, by stopping free trade. But Hamilton was killed in 1804. That's when the imperials scored their first success against us. That's also when the takedown of the Federal Credit Principle started within our country. But it was revived soon enough. Abraham Lincoln revived it big time. The American Civil War must be seen as but a battle within the Imperial World War against civilization. The Civil War Battle was aimed to destroy the American republic from within, by means of mobilizing the slaveholder society in the South. Nobody in the imperial world expected us to win. But we did it. We won the Civil War Battle with industrial logistics by developing the northern industrial base, and we won it with the industrialization of agriculture. It was all made possible by the Federal Credit System. The war-fighting itself was a tragic scene of heroic and extraordinary battles, fought on both sides, with horrendous casualties. The rate of casualties in this war was greater than in any other war in history, nor were the stakes ever higher in any war prior to this time. Nevertheless, the heroics alone wouldn't have won the war without the logistics created by the industrial development of the North on the basis of the Federal Credit System. That's what Abraham Lincoln was assassinated for in 1865. In their unyielding determination, the imperials 'stole' another score in their World War, with their assassination of Lincoln, in their effort to bring down the Federal Credit System. The success that they scored in their World War against civilization appears to have emboldened the imperial camp towards 'stealing' their third score a decade later in 1875 with the Specie Resumption Act being passed in Congress. Their winning of this battle closed the door on the Lincoln style Federal Credit System and replaced it with a monetarist gold system that is an essentially imperial system. Still, the imperials fought on. They were aiming for total victory in their World War against civilization. They won another key battle in 1913 when Congress surrendered and handed over to the private imperial banks our currency and our credit creation. After that we had nothing left to loose. The USA that had been founded on the 4th of July in 1776, essentially existed no more. We had started the World War against Empire, and we lost battle after battle as the imperial camp turned our war for the freedom of mankind into its own World War against civilization. The imperials fought us for 138 years until we finally caved in during the most decisive battle. Yes, Peter, the shooting rampage in Europe that began half a year later was but an aftershock set off. It was secondary, designed to erase the last vestiges of the American System's echo in Europe. The so-called World War II, which was still another battle in the Imperial World War against civilization, was essentially just another aftershock by which the fascist nature of the imperial monetarist system became ever clearer to the forefront. World War II was the equivalent of the murder of Carmen. Mankind had lost its humanity in the rage of imperial greed. The murdering of Carmen is still going on, and keeps going on until we rewrite history in the context of our own War For The Freedom Of The World, by reversing our own failing that gradually destroyed the Principle of Universal Love in our heart, and increasingly around the world. We can only save 'Carmen' by resurrecting this principle that became lost in the heat of all of these battles."

       "That's like pouring in flood tides of love into the empty shell that society has become," I interjected. "That's what Steve and Ushi and I had talked about and explored all night on the very first day that we met. Steve had likened it to us filling our glasses with love, up to the brim, and overflowing them to flood the world. It seems almost impossible to cause such a shift universally, doesn't it? But we didn't see this challenge in the context of a world war when we explored the challenge in Leipzig."

      Fred nodded. "It's like everything else, Pete, that is gradually eroding by constant nagging. In fact, the war to destroy America has been going on for so long now that even you don't remember it anymore as but a battle in a larger world war," said Fred. "Who is even aware these days that there exist two fundamentally opposite economic systems in world history? Who remembers the Federal Credit System that built our country? The only thing that people know now is the Imperial Private Money System. Some people say that the day of the Federal Reserve Act being passed was the blackest day in American history, but usually people don't know why, and they don't know that it was also the blackest event for the world, and the most decisive loss in the only true world war that has been raging throughout the last 250 years. It made the Imperial Private Money System king and set the stage for the imperial takeover of the world that is still progressing."

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