Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 233
Chapter 16 - The Supreme Being

      Here Fred began to laugh. "Nothing has changed in the world, has it?" he said. "Guess who Adam Smith was logically modeled after, as the self-proclaimed so-called first man of modern economics? He was modeled after the biblical Adam, of course. Except in his modeling, Smith has out-Adamed the biblical satire and then imagined the satire to be real. Didn't Adam Smith say that the naked fact is that mankind is inherently evil? He advised mankind, don't try to hide that emptiness, that nakedness, that greed! Accept it and make the best of it, be greedy! Steal to your heart's contend. Be immoral, rotten, scheming, even violent if you must be. Your vice is society's gain. Except Adam Smith dealt with a different kind of nakedness. He didn't rip people's hypocrisy off. He ripped their humanity off. He ripped their soul out.

      "If the biblical Adam had blushed at the very thought of nakedness, as he evidently did, he surely would have blushed at Adam Smith's interpretation of it, who took the image of man far deeper into the sewer of slander than the worst religiosity had taken it in its creation mythology that defines the image of God as dust, unredeemable, and basically rotten."

      Fred pointed out that the other creation story in the Bible, the spiritual creation story of the Christian religion, is a story of intelligent spiritual development. It defines humanity as the image of God, the grandest outcome on this planet of the Intelligence of the Universe, being complete in all aspects, even being sexually complete as male and female, with both being reflected complementary in one humanity. "The same completeness is reflected in our intellect," said Fred, "and in all of our other spiritual qualities. What else would one expect the image of God to be like, if not complete and all-inclusive? Therefore, who would presume to tell the image of God how it must think, what it must feel, how it must act, and what it must regard as the truth? No one is qualified to stand above another. All that we are qualified to justly do, is open our eyes and see the truth for ourselves, and thereby discover the truth of our humanity in which we stand side by side with one-another. And what do we see? We see that we are not naked by any means. We see that we are embellished with all the stars in heaven and clothed with the sun as Ushi told the people in the desert. And that's the native truth with which we are born. Our spiritual life-journey in this material world exists in discovering the riches that we have in our humanity, with which to enrich the Earth. And this we do by taking hold of our humanity, its strength, its beauty, its intellect, for building and uplifting our civilization with it."

      Fred suggested that it is illogical that we should cover up our humanity and have other people authorize what we may see as the truth about it. But that's what we all so often do. He said that as a society we create universities for ourselves that hand out diplomas to students for having acquired "authorized" knowledge, and we call the process "education." We should call it "indoctrination." He said that we need the universities of course, but these should be designed to share the science of the discoveries of fundamental principles, and to encourage the budding mind to learn the principle of discovery itself by replicating in the individual mind the processes underlying all of the great discoveries of humanity throughout history. "We must never teach doctrines, as Adam Smith did and still does, though he is dead. We simply can't authorize what is truth. We can only form a hypothesis, and prove the hypothesis, and live by the discovered principles until a higher hypothesis takes us a step further with higher proves of advanced principles. We must always encourage the self-authorization of scientific thinking, of discovering, of verifying, of sharing those discoveries, or else we shut civilization down by making it lifeless. The principle of the Federal Credit Society that defines America was no ones doctrine. It was an advanced hypothesis, discovered by a pioneering spirit, applied intelligently, and has proven its worth so powerfully that a whole nation was subsequently founded on it. Thereby civilization was advanced. Sure, the imperial powers of private monetarism coerced some traitors in our midst to capitulate, which we did at Christmas in 1913. The old man at the hearing suggested that we lost World War One in 1913 when we surrendered to private monetarism and became an imperial society. He should have also suggested that we can reopen World War One and restart the battle and win. It's all possible if we care to do it. The principle that was discovered, that was proven, and that our nation was founded on as a Federal Credit Society reflecting the Principle of Universal Love, is still valid. We can say good bye to private imperial monetarism, repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and embrace one-another once again in acknowledging our original identity."

      With these last words Fred suggested that the beach project has been officially opened and has been placed on the right footing at last, both as an acknowledgment of the unity of humanity, and of the essential mental platform of self-authorized thinking and discovery. "Anyone who is self-authorized is free to come to this beach and share it with us," said Fred. "And whoever will take this step will be delighted, because we have discovered through this focus the principle of unity enriched with individuality, a unity of principle, a unity reflecting the Principle of Universal Love."

      Here Fred hesitated. "Now what Peter has done with the help of many people is profound," said Fred in a quieter tone. "Peter has turned the whole world upside down in his relentless pursuit of the Principle of Universal Love, and has thereby put the world back to its native state. If that isn't profound, what is? That is what this beach signifies. It started with an idea based on a principle and it became something profound that superseded the original idea. Truth tends to do this to us every time we give it a chance. It tends to be greater than what we expect it to be."

      Fred concluded by saying that with this platform established, we have a chance at last to create peace in the world, and prosperity, and security. "Let's call our project an infrastructure for peace," he said.

      At the end of his speech Fred made an announcement, saying that he had a request to fulfill.

      Fred told everybody that I had suggested that our beach should be given an official name, and that it should be called the "Royal Beach." He said that in this context the usage of the term 'royal' refers to an infinitely higher concept than the sham image that the term royal has come to represent over the centuries. "As Ushi tells her story," he said, "the new concept of the royalty of man has elevated even the royalty of kings and princes and princesses to the point that they recognize themselves as human beings and are proud of it. But I would like to take this idea of royalty one step further that raises the concept itself to a higher level, the highest level that I can think of. Let's call our beach project the 'Sun Beach' project, acknowledging mankind universally as being clothed with the sun."

      At this point Fred broke out the champagne and suggested that all of our lives should be as sparkling as that.

      Once the ceremony was completed, we all went swimming. Fred stayed with us for supper and for the rest of the night.

      So it was that what started as a failed hearing became a milestone for the project's further development, which not one of us had expected to unfold in the manner it did.

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