Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 16 - The Supreme Being

      Steve and the others thought that Ushi's concept was totally valid. Sylvia suggested that our decision to withdraw the application was a progressive decision. Even Tony agreed that there was something down to earth good about it, and about the way it developed, and he suggested further that we should celebrate our little victory over our previous silliness.

      So it was that before Steve and Ushi returned to their home behind the Iron Curtain, that we took advantage of the still warm weather and declared our private beach project officially launched. We even celebrated the grand opening of it with a complete formal ceremony that Fred became invited to attend.

      I had suggested that Fred should be invited to participate in such a victory ceremony since he had been a silent patron of the project from the beginning. In hindsight, inviting Fred turned out to be a great idea.

      The next morning I called Fred up in Washington. I explained the situation with the invitation attached for him to come 'up' for a day and participate.

      When Fred arrived he played being puzzled. He pretended that he didn't understand what 'up' meant, since we were located in the South from where he was.

      "Up, means that we are living on the top of the world," I said to him.

      "Oh do you now?" he answered. "If that is so, then explain to me why you have walked away from your dream of the nudist beach project as you had envisioned it?" He spoke with a smile and then grinned. "You allowed yourself to be defeated by a single person's twisted religiosity. I had expected more of a fight from you. How could you give up so readily, virtually without a fight at all?"

      "What was there to fight over?" I asked. "Who needs to fight when one has already won? We don't fight to injure an opponent. We fight to win the peace. We have achieved that. Everyone knows where we are located and what we stand for. What is there to hinder each one of them from coming privately and enjoy our beach with us, and to do it in the nude if they wish? We have opened the door. Do the people need to be authorized by anyone to accept our invitation? We even brought them face to face with the religiosity that would prevent them from accepting our offer. Mostly, they have dealt with that question themselves. So, what's there to fight for? We won! The real fight lies in defeating the Byzantine concept of Christianity, the vertical, hierarchical concept in which God and man are infinitely separated, and where man is separated from man, and God is cast in the role of an overlord that authorizes and condemns. Humanity must grow out of this concept by dancing the Royal Dance. Did you hear about what happened earlier in the desert?"

      "That's when Ushi and you turned the world upside down," said Fred and laughed. "One hears a lot on the grapevine."

      "What happened there was nothing less than a profound self-acknowledgement of one as a human being. That's the kind of battle that everyone has to fight individually. No one can fight this battle for another. The same happened at the hearing. So, I haven't walked away from my dream, have I? I have opened the door for everyone to embrace it. Isn't that what leadership is?"

      Fred seemed happy  with my answer.

      I had invited Fred because he was so much a part of our team now, even though he was the boss of it. In honoring his capacity as the boss I extended to him the invitation to cut the ribbon at our little ceremony and to make the opening speech, which he did. Indeed, I was glad he had come. He had so much fun with it that he himself, the boss, poured the champagne afterwards for everybody.

      Fred made a fine speech. "I have asked Pete why he gave up so easily during the hearing," Fred opened his speech. "But Pete assured me that he hadn't given up. He had assured me that we had won the battle. Pete told me that everyone in the community now knows that they have the option to become a part of a leading edge team of thinkers where honesty with oneself is a key focal point, and if they wish, to dance the Royal Dance."

      Fred pointed out in his speech that honesty with oneself isn't something that another person, institution, or agency can authorize for one, or forbid. When one stands at the leading edge, the authority for one's action comes from oneself. Self-authorization is the keyword. It is really the key to the whole issue of recognizing ourselves as human beings, as a people clothed with the sun, which is a reality that has become increasingly drawn into focus in the background to recent events. Fred suggested that this, all by itself, is a new frontier and has become our frontier. This new issue defines the beach project in a way that nothing else can.

      "Isn't that what Jason had told us right in the beginning?" said Tony and explained to Fred the story behind it.

      Fred agreed with what Jason had told us, that we had initially precluded the possibility for society to become self-authorized to the extend that it would join us in powering the project and driving the project forward, since we had thought we had to power the project ourselves by financing the whole thing out of our own pocket without anybody's help. "We had literally assumed the we were the only human beings in the world and that we had to drag the rest of society along by raising it up as if we were educating little children. How arrogant we were. Now, this hurdle has been crossed, hasn't it?" he added. "Of course, what your friend Jason didn't know, or could not have known since you didn't know this yourself, that you had massive help with your project from me and from the entire nation. Without that help nothing at all would have happened. Whenever we fail to help each other as a people for our common good, society becomes small and imperial and disintegrates into poverty and fascism. So let's recognize that the process that needs to be happening is already happening. It is happening in a small way perhaps, but it is happening. We know that the principle is functioning, since the entire world has already benefited from the unfolding project. If it wasn't for this project bringing the leading edge people together, the cruise missile might not have been stopped that has been stopped, because everybody stood at the leading edge and acted like a self-authorized general would act."

      Fred pointed out that the evidence is plain. "Any human being can recognize the existence of universal principles when one becomes honest with oneself about the truth. To some people this comes naturally. Other people struggle with it. We had ample evidence at the hearing. I read the transcript. Also, there are some people who are not allowed to open their mind and discover the world around them. The church forbids this self-authorization, this freedom to discover. It forbids the very notion of it. Religion is doctrinal, not scientific. Greed is worse. Both close the door to the mind's searching for principles and the process of discovering and understanding the truth, including the discovering of our humanity. The church authorizes only its own view. Greed authorizes nothing but stealing. The church overlays reality with the facade of its doctrine of human poverty and denial. Greed in turn says that humanity is naked unless it is clothed with profit, stolen profit, rather than the riches of creativity. Fortunately I had been able to help Peter in a meaningful way. In my world there was still enough light left to do this. Naturally, in the distorted creation mythology of old religion, the biblical Adam dream of the so-called first man, agrees perfectly with the mythology of greed that requires society to see itself as empty, impotent, and cowering in shame for its emptiness. The Adam story begins with, 'yes, I am naked'." Fred looked around. "Fortunately for us, that mythology is a lye. No one is naked. We are clothed with the sun. That's our native state."

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