Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 16 - The Supreme Being

      I am certain that I understood more clearly that day that a cultural renaissance paradigm can never be imposed on a person, nation, or society. It can only be inspired to unfold out of one's own embrace of the truth to the highest degree that our science enables this embrace to happen, based on the most profound breakthroughs that we can find in mankind's history of scientific development. With this thought in mind I mentally bowed before the man. I bowed to him as a human being. The human element of him, however hidden, was true. It was honorable, and therefore needed to be honored. On this basis I was able to honor the Man of The Cloth by making no demands on him that he evidently could not fulfill.

      I realized also that this was the very platform that Christianity's Master had always operated from. He had opened the doors to the heavens, but he never forced anyone to step through the open door. He only said to humanity: This is the truth, and the truth shall make you free. He opened the scene to dialog, which is always a two-way street. He said, I have laid before you a fire. You can use it that it may become a light in the world, or you can let it diminish to near extinction, whereby you will collapse yourself into hate, bigotry, hypocrisy, bestiality, conceit, even self-destruction and self-murder. Isn't that what he had said in essence, so long ago?

      One can tend this fire, develop it, develop its science, develop its resources, enrich the world with it, celebrating our all-embracing humanity until one discovers oneself and all mankind as the supreme manifest of life in the universe, even the very image of God, whatever that implies. As Christ Jesus gave himself the dual title of the son of man, and the Son of God, he ennobled the human name above anything that we have yet been able to identify ourselves with. He became the champion of the universal kiss, and of the universal marriage of humanity with itself.

      I remembered someone telling me of an ancient Hebrew expression that defined a calendar month as "the son of a year." I reasoned that this is the manner in which we should see ourselves; as 'sons' of a universal humanity; not on a path to injure; but on a path to fulfill the whole and to enrich it. It is this power within us, the power to enrich and fulfill, that makes us human.

      With this thought in mind I was able to stand up in the assembly hall and leave the horrid scene of battle in which a man was struggling to destroy his dignity. What happened at the hearing had appeared more and more like a dream narrative that has nothing to do with the reality of our being as people of a common humanity. I suddenly noticed that I wasn't alone in standing up. Other people were quietly leaving. Ushi stood up with me, to follow them.

      "Let's go," Ushi urged everyone, "we are not needed here. The people have won themselves a victory tonight."

      Steve agreed. "No sermon has been grander than this praise for truth that these common folks have shared with each other."

      "At least some of them have," Ross agreed and stood up also. "Theirs was a sermon of science!"

      We sneaked out of the hall with the others while the Man of The Cloth droned on. He couldn't see us leaving since he wasn't talking to the assembly any longer. He had turned his back to the people and was addressing himself to the representatives of the regional councils on the panel.

      Ushi stopped us. "It isn't right to just walk away," she said. "I'll go to the man and tell him that the war has ended, that we are withdrawing our application."

      Steve held her back. "I'll go," said Steve. "It wouldn't be fair to him for you to do this."

      Ushi nodded.

      "What do you mean with that?" I asked. "Why wouldn't it be fair for Ushi to tell him that we withdraw the application?"

      "It would tare the man apart," said Steve. "At some point down the road he would recognize that we didn't really surrender with our withdrawal, but that we acknowledged our victory instead. We have acknowledged that he has no power over us, like Prometheus did when he laughed at the gods of Olympus and told them that they had no legitimate claim to call themselves gods. As soon as the Man of The Cloth begins to see us that way, he will realize that he was defeated. That will be hard on him. But what will really tare him apart is the pain that he will feel when the idea enters his mind that he was defeated by a woman. Women don't count for anything in his hierarchical world."

      "We'll have to spare him this pain," said Ushi and grinned. "The pain will be real until he realizes that he wasn't defeated by a woman at all, but by a principle, and that he was defeated by this principle before he ever set foot in the hall. But before this happens we'll have to extend our hand to him and invite him to join the Royal Dance. Since he doesn't know what this dance is, we'll have to teach him a few basic steps by example."

      "I'll go," said Steve. "We owe it to the man. We owe him a gift of peace, even if we can't give him the victory. Victory is unimportant anyway. Indeed, the whole beach project is unimportant. The principle alone is important. The principle will assure that what needs to happen will happen when the principle is upheld. The Ice Age Renaissance is what needs to happen in the near future. Everything else is secondary. And it is assured to happen by its principle once we stop playing our little wars and cease to tie each other into knots."

      Steve left us with those words to ponder. He went to the man and tapped him on the shoulder. "The war has ended," he said in a loud voice. "We have taken counsel together and decided to withdraw our application. The subject is closed." He reached his hand out to the man for a handshake and thanked him for coming. Steve bowed to him as to an honored person and shook his hand. Then he proceeded to each person on the panel and did the same. He thanked each one for coming. That, thank you, was evidently honestly spoken. His gesture was that of an apology.

      As I witnessed his gesture, I realized than an apology was indeed in order. I realized that the approval we sought was no longer required or ever had been required. We had summoned the people under the pretence of a delusion. We had failed to realize that no approval had been needed from anyone, for anyone to dance the Royal Dance.

      I realized that the idea of the nudist beach project was still valid, but for the moment it had been superceded. It seemed more important now to focus on the next step ahead. This didn't mean that the footsteps of the past had been unimportant. We all agreed that these footsteps had been vitally important. That's when I also suggested that I saw no reason why we shouldn't use our beach privately in the way we had intended, and in this flow still keep it open to anyone who valued what the project was designed to stand for and still stood for as a kind of home base for the Royal Dance.

      Against this background I suggested that nothing had really changed by our withdrawing the application for a permission that wasn't needed.

      "Did Prometheus ask the gods of Olympus for permission to love mankind and bestow upon his beloved the technology of fire?" said Ushi. "He didn't ask for permission, and neither should we. "Love needs no permission. The beach may now be off limits to the public, officially, but the idea of nurturing the fire and passion, and the honesty with ourselves in loving our humanity that is native in each person, still stands. The idea behind the project has not been invalidated. The only thing that has happened is that the public had blocked itself the right to experience the power of the idea. But this doesn't mean that the people can't regain this right individually in their own sight and act accordingly by coming for a visit. Can anyone stop the Royal Dance from happening?" said Ushi.

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