Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 16 - The Supreme Being

      The fisherman said that he recognized a Supreme Being of a different kind, a Supreme Being that he said was present in the hall at the very moment. He said solemnly, "humanity is the Supreme Being. We, as human beings, are the tallest expression of life in the known universe. The human being is the Supreme Being. If you ask for proof, the proof is right here. We are sentient and intelligent beings, we are discoverers and creators, and builders of civilizations. We can understand complex issues. No other form of life is able to do that. We are able to create music, art, drama, and technologies that generate energy and materials that transform the planet, which in due course will enable us to spread life throughout the universe. And yes, the human being, the Supreme Being on this planet, is all-powerful. We are able to end the ages-long cycles of war that have plagued us for centuries. We also have with our creation of technologies the means to free ourselves from the scourge of the next Ice Age and all future ice ages. We have the power within us to do that. The only reason why we have not done this to date, is that we have allowed our own divinity to fall asleep by 'selling' it to a mythical entity high up in the sky. This is the kind of distortion of reality that the perverted churches have accomplished that are modeled after the Roman and Byzantine empire-ideology."

      As requested, the fisherman explained what all of this has to do with morality. "Morality unfolds," he said, "as we begin to love and honor one-another, and especially ourselves for our humanity and for the humanity that we all share. That is where we find our power, our strength, wisdom, honor, and beauty. Christ Jesus called himself both the Son of God and the son of man, thereby uniting divinity and humanity as one. He described God and man as one in being. In this reality, the reality of our being, the very notion of fearing God, which is synonymous with being ashamed of ourselves, comes to light as an invalid concept. I think this is what the beach people encourage us to learn."

      The Man of The Cloth stood up to begin his rebuttal, but he made no attempt to meet the challenge that the fisherman had posed. It appeared to me that he wasn't allowed to deviate from his script, especially to accept the validity of unauthorized thinking or any form of scientific perception. Thus he repeated word for word what he had said before. What else could he do?

      Actually, I had a mind of asking him whether he was paid by the fondi to deliver this attack on humanity, since Palmerston had suggested that most fundamentalists are a part of the fondi's network of Illuminati. Steve suggested, however, that he might not be paid by the fondi directly, since it was the institution that he worked for that was likely on the fondi's support list as it fulfilled its assigned tasks by nurturing the kind of people as we were facing as our opponent. In this case we weren't dealing with a human being as an opponent, but a trained agent of a political machine with a history of thousands of years standing. Obviously he wasn't free to deviate from the script, as an agent of the script, or respond to reason and constructive dialog.

      In any case, what did this false priest know in his stone cold heart, which his job required, about Helen's lattice of the lateral unity of all mankind? What did he know about the universal marriage of mankind as human beings, as children of a common Soul? What did he know about the sexual attraction that reflects the universal unity of human beings bound to one-another by the threads of love for our humanity that we all share? Indeed, what did he know about unity at all? And what did he know about sex, which stands like a star in the heavens above the physical world, a star that illumines the night of division and replaces its darkness with a new joy? Sex is a thing shared by emperors and poppers, priests and slaves, scientists and idiots, and the whole of humanity. It's a fire of passion for life that we all share. But no doubt he saw sex with different eyes. He saw it with Adam Smith's eyes, with greedy eyes, and not with the eyes of one whose life is defined by the universal kiss, or as Ushi had put in her speech about the Royal Dance, as a life clothed with the sun.

      Indeed, what did the churchman know about Christianity which had been so utterly denounced in this hall, even by himself, without knowing it in his senility as an old man in old cloth, a wanderer in the universe of spirit with a sworn commitment to keep his eyes closed?

      What could such a man teach the people living in daylight, about the virtues of darkness? What could he teach them that would elevate them further in the light of day, that he himself hides from? What science could he inspire in their heart that would elevate Christianity itself into an exploration of the spiritual world, a world of universal love, invariable truth, universal principles, and the divinity of man that uplifts and supports civilization? What did he know about the universal embrace of human beings of one-another, the human embrace that can only be universal across a humanity that is defined as the very image of God? What did he know about man as the Supreme Being in this universe? What did he know about anything spiritual that is real and knowable and demonstrable like the universal kiss that unfolds the element of our peace?

      What also did he know about the real world that lies outside his grim world of dark shadows that he thunders about with threats of hell and damnation? What did he know about the human world of universal economic development, the element of our joy? His thunderous sermon appeared like a pointless quest to drag a person away from knowing life, into a world that can only exist by the force of blind belief, like the world of Adam Smith's fairy tales, a world of mythologies that bind society not with love to one-another, but with shackles into a 'boxed in' isolation from one-another, enshrouded with impotence, poverty, diseases, war, enforced by and ending in death?

      What did he know about anything that pertains to our real and wondrous, boundless humanity? What did he know about our sciences and our capacity for scientific and spiritual development? What could he possibly know about humanity's freedom while he sets himself up to be humanity's king?

      I was tempted to ask the Man of The Old Cloth every one of those questions, with a demand that he answer them one by one. Of course I also knew that this could never be done. The demand would destroy him physically. Someone who was so carefully taught in emotions that the slightest touch of truth produces an outrage of the kind that we had been witnessing, would explode into a fit that could destroy him if those questions would be brought up. He would explode in a rage like shallow politicians tend to explode when the 'wrong' issues are probed and the truth is demanded.

      While I pondered what to do next, the girl from New England stood up again. She presented a poem that incorporated the Lord's Prayer. She presented it without an introduction.

Oh Love, our Father, Soul of heaven;

Truth infinite, the giver of the incorporeal bread;

Life's kingdom of Spirit, unbounded in loving;

No temptation in freedom, no lack, pain, isolation.

Oh Father-Mother, Mind, all-harmonious;

Oh Grace, where nothing is famished; where

Loving is living grace, Love is ever present;

No emptiness there, no disease, death, and indifference.

Oh Love, hallowed is Thy name - the name of Life;

Love holds no debts, we loose our debtors;

Love's purpose is rich, earth a manifest of heaven;

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