Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 216
Chapter 15 - Clothed with the Sun.

      "So, the self-denial that eliminates any sense of truth deepens the human division further and further. As a result, the man and the woman are both expelled from the garden of creation, condemned to scrape a living from the dust of the ground. What else can this totally denounced man and woman do, that have been forcibly denied access to knowledge and understanding, and whose sense of discovery and self-discovery, the very nature and capacity of the human mind that makes us human, has been trashed and ridiculed at the very outset? This is how the rulers of empires wanted humanity to see itself: divided, impoverished, and ashamed of itself, with no legitimate need for intellectual development, a mindless mass of toiling slaves, easy to rule and to exploit.

      "But when we danced our native dance," I continued, "all this became overruled. Everyone felt closer to one-another. There was a sense of joy and unity, and honesty. We really touched on something that was rooted in the sublime. One could see it in people's faces. This means we need to recognize that the scripts for mental terrorism in the scriptures were written by the servants of empires rather than by honest theologians and historians, since the ruling imperials are still playing this tune, especially the tune of small-minded thinking interlaced with terrorism. If one looks at today's world with an open mind, it becomes immediately apparent that the imperials of the world demand absolute obedience to the politically created farce that inspires people to feel small and ashamed of themselves and thereby shun their scientific and spiritual potential and block their self-development, even their nature as spiritual beings. Thus we bow to deindustrialization, to poverty, to smallness, to impotence, and even to the notion that man is a cancer on the earth. The imperials continue to demand that people become obedient to the farcical rules that they have designed to isolate and degrade humanity into being ashamed of itself, and thereby to accept the divisions of mankind as the norm."

      "We have always known that in countless different ways, haven't we?" Ushi replied. "That's why we have danced for our humanity. That's why we have all danced together in the desert. It only took a spark to ignite the fire."

      I suggested that this confirms that there is but one single truth threaded through all aspects of human existence, a thread that unites us all as one.

      Unknown to us, our flight northwards from Alabama, occurred in the shadow of another stock market crash. The papers were full of it, while the SDI cancellation didn't cause any headlines as if it never happened, and Steve's Ice Age Renaissance proposal that would have exposed the whole stock market mythology as self-defeating, never got a single mention in any of the papers that were handed out in the plane. Fears about a recession became the front-page-center stuff that everybody talked about, fears about loss of profits and so forth. It appeared that we stepped back into the 'real' world coming back from our holiday in the desert. It appeared that this 'real' world wasn't likely to change for a long time to come. On the other hand, it seemed that we did set off some tremors.

      I found it odd at first that in the midst of all that, practically on the day we arrived back at the beach, that were we handed a notice by the local sheriff that a public inquiry would be held in three days to consider our application for the nudist beach project. I could hardly believe it. Why now? The beach project seemed so totally out of place for us now. There had been more movement on that front unfolding in the desert than we had dared to hope for with our beach project, and in the desert it had all unfolded so easily with no one driving anything. Ushi said that it had come as easily as the rain that falls by its own movements and refreshes the Earth. But why did the fondi suddenly focus on our spiritual development project for advancing the royalty of the human being that our beach project had been designed to become? Why did this happen now in the middle of an unfolding financial breakdown crisis? Was there a connection? Or was there a connection with what happened in the desert? If there was, I couldn't see it. Or was there a connection between all of that and what we had started in Venice?

      Steve just laughed at my question. "Their sudden interest happened not in spite of the breakdown crisis, but because of the crisis," he said. "It appears that what happened in the desert shifted people's attention away from the fondi's royal lies and onto something real and human that opened up the inner substance of their lives and of their humanity. Somebody must have found out about this and became alarmed by it. That is what you had planned to do here with the beach-project, only in a bigger way. So, the relevant fondi illuminati reacted we due haste, and they aim to preempt you. As I had told you, the fondi won't allow your project to unfold as you had envisioned it. Whenever the imperials are in trouble, when the foundation of their power crumbles, which includes their looting financial system, they resort to staging wars and whatever else they can think of to knock down a people's humanity. In the present breakdown situation, that is still relatively minuscule, they'll be contend with little wars. You have been chosen as a convenient target for one of those little wars. Congratulations Peter, you've got their attention. So be prepared, this is going to be a scathing attack. That's how their little wars are designed to unfold. They will be bringing in one of their big guns."

      I told him that he didn't make much sense, especially considering what we did in Venice.

      Steve laughed at me as if this was a joke. "Forget Venice," he said. "The little war that is happening here has nothing to do with Venice. This beach thing is too trivial for them to be concerned with at the higher levels. The war against the beach project is a local operation by one of their local stooges that look after the trivial things for the fondi. They'll do their job and get their reward. Sometimes they even loose their little wars and nobody really cares. Palmerston certainly wouldn't care about your beach project, even if he knew about it. He might care only if he was actually on our side, provided that he knew of it, which is highly unlikely. So, cheer up, Pete! The upcoming little war might be fun. Let's face the music and dance, and as we do, let's change the choreography so that people will wake up. Let's turn their war dance into a satire. Let's have a little fun with this, just as you had in the desert. We might even make a Royal Dance out of it for them, if we can, which would get people to look at their own humanity. With a little help from us the little stooges will actually expose themselves, and show their real nakedness. They always do this if they are properly 'invited' to. They tend to turn their own dance against them. That's a weak flank in their armor."

      "Doesn't that violate our own principles, the Principle of Universal Love?" I asked.

      Steve shook his head. "Our goal is to wake a few people up in the local community, to their own humanity, which the fondi's dance is designed to ridicule, belittle, terrorize, and ban. That's how the fondi run their games. We can uplift this game to higher ground. They aim to assassinate us with their terror or slander. We aim to block this, and then uplift their real target, the community, to a level where the community can defend itself. Remember that we will not be fighting against the fondi. We can never win fighting against something. We can only win by fighting for something, like fighting to uplift our common humanity. The fondi's stooges will do their best to defeat themselves with their own dance. We will be fighting for the people of the community and uplift their humanity. We will be fighting for this until the people will join us with their own Royal Dance and carry forward their own fight. This kind of fighting doesn't violate our principles. Nor will we ever have to violate our principles. In fact we can't win without them. We require the light of these principles with which to uplift our common humanity that exposes the emptiness of the fondi's game. By this exposure of the truth the fondi's game typically falls apart on its own. Of course, we can also screw up and make a mess of things. This may happen if we are not alert, but I have a feeling that we won't screw things up, but succeed in some fashion."

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