Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 207
Chapter 14 - Drilling Holes into Sophistry

      "I am only telling you what I see," said Tony, countering me. "Obviously Palmerston was right in what he said to you," said Tony. "You are a dreamer, an amateur. The practical world is totally different than you think. It's a tiny, small world today. And you want to change that? Don't make me laugh."

      "That's precisely what Palmerston had said repeatedly," I replied to Tony. "And we'll prove him wrong, or else we won't survive."

      "Who is this Palmerston anyway?" said Steve.

      I shrugged my shoulders. "He didn't say. He suggested that my friends would fill me in. Fred might know."

      "Maybe Ross does," said Steve quietly after some moments of silence.

      I gave Steve the man's full name as "William Palmerston," according to what I remembered.

      There was a moment of silence. Then Ross' head shot up. "I recall a Palmerston having been 'employed' in one of the great royal houses of Europe. That was some time ago. He may still be a part of the crowd. Obviously he serves the fondi. They all do. Even the Sovereign is no longer sovereign in his own land. Palmerston may be a part of the high echelon, the inner circle. I believe he is the chief policy advisor in spiritual matters in high places."

      "Spiritual perversion is evidently still a valued method for grabbing the conscience of society," Steve replied to Ross. "It may be the modern equivalent of the political perversion of the Decalogue by some ancient priests that turned the law of God into the world's most powerful sophistry. That sophistry is still ruling society today. It was enforced with terror in ancient days. They brutally stoned people to death for none-compliance. Apparently terror is still the spiritual ruler today, only the method has been modernized. Palmerston certainly did his utmost to terrorize Pete into accepting impotence has his only option. Of course the religions have always been terrorizing society into compliance with their demands under the threat of present and eternal damnation. This threat is designed to destroy people as human beings, so that they can then become 'born' again as puppets."

      "The name of the man that I am referring to is William," Ross added. "I believe he is also known in those circles as the Rock. Maybe that's him on the tape. I have heard him being referred to as Willie the Rock - the rock on whom the empire is anchored. Except, why would he be in Venice? I believe he resides in the UK."

      "Where else would you be if you were Willie the Rock?" Steve asked. "If you knew that the SDI would be scrapped in Venice at the scientist's conference, you would want to be there to monitor the tone of the speeches."

      Ross requested the tape from me again and listened to the beginning of it once more. Eventually his head popped up again. His hand appeared with a finger pointing at me while the hand was trembling. "You really did talk to Willie the Rock. You have talked to the highest policy officer of the largest private empire that has ever been created on the face of the planet, and you have told that man to go to hell! This can have repercussions."

      Then he pointed the finger at Steve. "And you have dared to pull the rug out from under him by suggesting that mankind needs to create an Ice Age Renaissance in which his empire would have no place."

      I told Ross that I hoped that our efforts in Venice would have extremely serious repercussions; but not for us; for the Empire. Then I reminded him that even Tony had suggested, even while it was just a dream for him, that we kick the empire into the butt by eradicating slum living and homelessness in America, and then do the same around the world. I reminded Ross that we should indeed do this by creating free housing in brand new cities and a whole lot of other things to promote the self-development of society. Then I suggested to Ross that he listen to the entire tape and determine for himself whether Steve's suggestion of jumpstarting the universal welfare of society with free housing is really the only possible answer for breaking the sophistry of the empire that is strangling the world to death.

      "I have dreamed that we give the truth of the royalty of the human being a physical dimension," said Tony to Ross. "Maybe Steve is right that we can actually do this."

      "I propose that we use this proof of the truth to drill holes through every piece of sophistry that Palmerston stands on," said Steve. "And we must keep at it until the whole thing disintegrates, empire and all, and mankind can live again."

      With having said this, I allowed myself to fall asleep, finally. I felt that it was somebody else's task now, to shoulder that burden of exposing Palmerston's crap.

      Before I fell asleep I could hear Steve explain to Ross that none of his fears really mattered in the end. "Ultimately, the fondi, or the imperials, or whoever they may be, have no power. They don't have the power to circumvent the principles of economy. They have to obey these principles that they cannot avoid. Right now, they think they cannot acknowledge reality, thus they cannot avoid the consequences that will eventually destroy their empire. The only question that remains is how many people the imperials are going to take into the grave with them?" Steve also suggested that this question needs to be answered by humanity itself. Steve told him that Tony had proposed that not a single person would need to be dragged into this grave, and therefore shouldn't be, that we can create for all a richly human world.


      In Miami our luxurious flight ended. We transferred to an old, worn out junk pile that the Air Force used for local transportation. The junk pile took us to a military airfield near Alamogordo, New Mexico. There, we boarded an equally worn out bus to the White Sands Missile Range to witness the shutting down of an SDI related lab. It was at the 'range' that we had the great pleasure of spending four days scrutinizing the desert. Tony, though, went directly to Washington to deliver the tape and the letter to Fred. Somehow, getting rid of these had made the atmosphere seem lighter.


      Beautiful sunsets and cool temperatures marked the evenings at the missile range. After the sunsets, Ushi usually conveyed her findings to Berlin and to Moscow, and after this; we all relaxed at the 'hotel' pool, since there was nothing else to do.

      The dismantling of the labs didn't really get started until the second day after we arrived. There was a final demonstration of the lasers arranged, for a select group of journalists from all over the world. Each operational model was powered for one last burn. Some of them were melting rock over a forty-mile distance. The Eximer laser experiment was powered, as advertised, by its array of car batteries, just as we had seen this on film in Venice. The Eximer burn was the most exciting. It caused a missile nose cone to virtually explode.

      We stayed at the site until the conversion of the labs to none-military research was well under way. Actually, there wasn't much to see in fundamental changes. Basic research is basic research, only the funding for it suddenly became an open question. The military offices were cleared out. The researchers were put on the open market for private companies to snatch up their remaining contract time for the price of a song. Their expertise was evidently valuable to the machine building industry. The application of high powered lasers for industrial processing, molecular conversion, mining, metallurgy, was a wide open field with an untapped potential for benefits that promised to be as exciting and beneficial as the SDI Space Program had been that had been sabotaged into virtual non-existence.

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