Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 14 - Drilling Holes into Sophistry

      "Unfortunately society is still asleep," said Steve, "as if lulled into perpetual slumber by the Cashi-Illuminati, riding on their coat tails, paying homage to Adam Smith as they are demanded by the lies of the Illuminati's sophistry."

      "The tune has changed slightly," I suggested. "My Precious has become My Money, My Profit, My Property, My Empire. The sophistry has become more veiled, and society has become more deeply asleep. I wonder if it is actually still possible to awaken society?"

      "To awaken the dead?" said Steve and laughed. "Maybe it's no longer enough to merely rip off the mask of sophistry that has ensnared society. On the other hand, those who are still alive will respond and become human beings again. But for this to happen our leadership has to come from a higher level, the lateral level that we discovered as our true relationship in Leipzig as a matter of principle. We are not out to manipulate public opinion. That's a vertical process and is off limits. Besides, there's no such thing left in the world that might be called genuine public opinion. What goes for public opinion is merely the intended end product of imperial sophistry. The consciousness of society has been privatized into the hands of its imperial controllers in a carefully maintained vertical process of cultural warfare. We fell into this trap, Peter, when we responded to the cruise missile attack by shutting down the SDI rather than resurrecting its original idea. We should have utilized the opportunity that the cruise missile incident had opened up and then fought like hell to have the original SDI principle accepted throughout the world for the advanced universal principle that it represented. We should have called for the participation of all nations with the original project that is designed for the universal defense of the whole of humanity and then have used this already established principle as a readymade starting point for the next step, the just as urgently needed Ice Age Renaissance to carry forward the self-defense of mankind."

      Tony, who had been sleeping up front, joined us, together with Ross. They had been looking for us. Tony was eager to get into the act. "We should have done this universal defense thing a long time ago," he said when he found an opening in the discussion. "We should have done this long before the SDI was even an issue. We had plenty of opportunities to do this, and still do. I hear it costs us close to 30 million to build a single F15 fighter aircraft. We plan to build 750 of them. For the cost of a single aircraft, using the same modern mass-production methods, we could have produced homes for 30,000 homeless people. For the price of ten aircraft we could have eradicated homelessness in the entire country. We would have created a whole new industry for mass-produced housing had we devoted ourselves to this task, utilizing our advanced machine tool capability. With this little bit of effort we might have helped eradicate homelessness around the world. Doing that would have been a real effort for the universal defense of mankind. Instead, we waste our resources on mass-producing killing machines. Of course the F15 is an amazing aircraft, but it comes at a high price. And even at this high price it is a relatively cheap aircraft in the world of military aviation. The C5-Galaxy transport aircraft costs over 170 million each. We have built 120 of them. The new B1-B intercontinental supersonic bomber costs us a whopping 280 million for each single plane. We expect to have 65 in service soon. And our latest on the wish list, the B2 stealth bomber, which is already in prototype production, will be costing us over a billion dollars each. We expect to have 20 of them. The tab for just those four aircraft runs up to 80,000 million. That's what we spent to increase our killing potential, while we don't care enough to spend a dime on protecting human life, aiding the victims of our disintegrating culture. We let them rot and die in the streets. Why then are we talking about the universal defense of mankind if we don't even care to defend the most disenfranchised of our own people, the most vulnerable, for which very little would be needed? In fact the world would be better off we cared enough to help those people and built a few less killing machines instead," said Tony.

      "We are talking about sophistry, Tony," said Steve, "the kind that prevents us from doing what we should be doing, instead of building killing machines. We failed to do this with the SDI, because we fell for the sophistry of the world's public opinion. We are exploring what is required for breaking the sophistry."

      "Good luck!" said Tony. "That's like beating your head against a wall. It's like standing in front of Congress and suggesting that for the price of a single B1-B bomber would could eradicate homelessness in America forever, and that we should do this instead of building bombers. The Congressmen would boo you and ridicule you, because Congress represents the rich, rather than the people of America. If it doesn't profit the rich that finance their campaign, they don't want to hear of it. Of course, if you were to further suggest that spending the equivalent of a single B2 bomber would eradicate all slum living in America by providing decent brand new low cost housing, the Congressmen would boo you out of the hall, because what you propose would topple the entire real estate pyramid of high priced, gold plated, tarpaper shacks. It simply wouldn't be done, even if we would achieve with it for once, something that we can be really proud of as Americans. The Congressmen would ask you why anyone would then pay 600,000 for a house if they can get the same for 2,000? Of course I'm exaggerating, but in principle I think I'm right."

      "You are not exaggerating," said Steve. "You may be closer to the mark than you think. The $2,000 house is achievable. And you are right on another count. What stands between the realization of what is necessary to liberate society and what we have today in the world of high-priced living, if it can still be called living, is nothing more than a thick layer of sophistry that is designed to enrich the rich. You are right, Tony, Congress would explode with rage if you were to oppose the structure that enriches the rich, and you would do this in order to uplift society out of its poverty. Still, you ought to try it, because it can be done. And I also agree that America would then achieve something that any American would be proud of, except the rich, perhaps, that would loose their revenue from stealing." Steve began to laugh as if he was joking.

      "Can this really be done?" said Ross.

      "With ease and hands down," Steve replied and became serious by saying it. "The $2,000 house is achievable."

      "I was just dreaming when I made the proposal," said Tony.

      "You were right on the money," said Steve and smiled. "Of course I'm  not talking about cutting down trees and sawing them into planks to be nailed together laboriously. I am talking about high energy-intensive automated production. I am talking about highly modularized houses, constructed in completely automated assembly lines."

      Tony shook his head. "What you propose sounds wonderful, but it can't be done in practice, Steve. The moment that you announce that you are going to build 50,000 new houses for the homeless of America, the building materials prices will be going through the roof. It would cost you ten times for materials than what you expect to pay now. The price for every stick of wood would instantly increase ten-fold."

      "Who said anything about building with wood?" said Steve. "Didn't you hear what I just said? Building with wood is archaic. I'm thinking of building with new materials, the kind that no one owns. I am thinking about utilizing a national resource that America has in abundance. I am talking about building houses of basalt and glass. Basalt has a ten times higher tensile strength than steel. I'm talking about the new houses being made up of basically extruded modules of glass-fiber reinforced basalt. All the modules would be fully insulated with basalt micro fibers. Did you know that basalt fibers are a three-times-better thermal insulator than asbestos? Nor am I talking about building just 50,000 new houses. A single one-gigawatt automated production facility would be able to produce 17 million new houses per year. I'm talking about building hundreds of new cities, together with completely new industries, new power, water, and transportation infrastructures, and indoor agriculture to supply them with food. Once society get its empire chip off its shoulder and its monetarism, this renaissance development would not only be possible, it would be impossible to hold it back."

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