Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 14 - Drilling Holes into Sophistry

      "The fondi's sophistry is a fantasy construction of lies, based on the foundational lie that there is no truth," said Ushi to Steve. "Nevertheless, the truth is greater than the sophistry that is designed to deny its existence. By its sophistry Rome was doomed. It seems to me that it should have been fairly obvious even then that Rome was doomed. Rome stank. Behind the glittering fašade of its circuses stood the rotting corpses and the depleted world that had been plundered by its armies. Rome stank increasingly as it slowly died over a span of 600 years and nearly destroyed civilization. But no one had overturned its sophistry, the sophistry of empire. The entire society went down with the sinking ship. It is amazing that no one in 600 years managed to stand up and speak the truth, as if the truth truly didn't exist. America may be doomed in a similar manner, and the hole world with it. So how do we change that? How do we rescue America and the world? How do we stop society from riding those countless trains to hell that come from the station of sophistry?"

      "We have to learn to punch holes into its sophistry and keep on doing that until there is nothing left of it," I suggested. "Shouldn't we be able to punch holes into the fabric of lies with the truth? Punching holes should be easy. The sophistry is fast becoming paper-thin," I said.

      "But the people are fooled too easily," Steve replied. "Look at free trade. Shelburne commissioned it as a process with which to destroy the economy of the USA. The American colonies couldn't be recaptured on the battlefield, but this defeat didn't cause the Empire to throw the towel in and walk away. Adam Smith's free-trade sophistry was used for the second attempt to overpower America. It was so artfully crafted into the Paris Peace Treaty that 'granted' America's independence that no one recognized in America the free-trade sophistry for what it was, which was woven into the fabric of the treaty. Only after it had bankrupted America, did the Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton recognize the treachery and shut it down. But now America is back on the free-trade train again, suffering the same effect under the same sophistry. How can we even hope to succeed?"

      "We can succeed in the same way we succeeded before," said Ushi, "by speaking the truth. And the truth is that the culture of humanity is built on love. Fair trade should replace 'free' trade. When trade is fair it flows freely. That tells me that the free-trade law forces something else on the agenda. It forces trade that is free from fairness. It enables stealing. Mankind has always traded goods with each other whenever it was for the parties mutual benefit. The political construct of free trade, in contrast, forces trade that isn't intended to be fair. It forces trade that is 'free' from fairness. Fair trade happens naturally without a political imposition. It doesn't need to be forced. It shouldn't be hard for society to understand this and thereby to rescue itself from the destructive effect of forced unfair trade. But it's not happening, isn't it? No efforts are made to get off the train to hell. The reason is that the Principle of Universal Love that would enable such efforts has been trashed. The idea of love and the general welfare for the universal good is no longer on the agenda. Unrestrained stealing is now on the agenda. Solon of Athens introduced but a faint spark of the General Welfare Principle. As soon as Solon was in the grave Pericles was brought into power for his commitment to the sophistry that glorified the opposite, that glorified empire. The goal behind the empire-sophistry was to pave the way to pillaging the Peloponnesian region. That's what they did. Pericles' sophistry wasn't broken, because it was constantly protected and promoted by those who profited from it. The same happened in Rome and is happening again today. The Principle of Universal Love wasn't on the agenda in Rome, but pillaging was. The Principle of Universal Love wasn't on the agenda in Hitler's world either, nor is it on the agenda in our modern world under the spell of the continuing sophistry of fascism and greed that are intensively orchestrated now under the mantle of globalism, and under the dictum of free trade, and under the imposition of cultural freedom, and of course under the terrorism of overwhelming force. And so the horror show continues. But we can stop it. Since sophistry is itself a void, a void of reason, a void of the universal humanity and love, then the universal solution has to be to fill this void by pouring in it what is missing." Ushi paused and laughed. "It all comes down to the Principle of Universal Love in every case, doesn't it?" she added. "So, there's our solution."

      "I had said the same thing to Palmerston," I said to Ushi, "but he laughed at me. He told me that the Principle of Universal Love died long ago. He cited as proof the DDT ban and the CFC ban that are killing people in great masses as a matter of policy, our policy, while no one lifts a finger to even protest, much less to stop it. 'And you want to change that?' he said to me. 'Don't make me laugh.' Yes, that's what he said, Ushi. He didn't even bother to mention that this reversal of sophistry has never been achieved in history."

      "Of course he couldn't mention that," said Steve. "That would have be an admission that the entire pyramid of his horror show is built on sophistry and has not a single element of truth to stand on. The moment he admits sophistry as his game, the game is over and lost. No liar in the world can maintain his lying while admitting openly that he is lying. Palmerston stopped short of that. He laughed at you, in order to hide the fact that his house of cards is precarious. A single idea might bring it down, like the realization across the world that a new Ice Age is close at hand, so that we have to upgrade the world for it. Against the requirement that this realization brings with it, the folly of the past will come to light for what it is, whether Palmerston calls it by its name, sophistry, or not. That's the weak flank of the Fondi Empire. It will be the empire's doom. I just can't figure out whether Palmerston believes his own crap as did Pericles, or whether he is more intelligent and sees the impending doom of his empire and is afraid to face it. He may already have a faint sense that some day he will need us to rescue him from the trap that he finds himself already in."

      "This might be happening one day," I said to Steve. "But that's not enough. We have to drive the process ahead on every front."

      Steve nodded. "In order to advance this future we have to look to the truth," said Steve. "If sophistry is the queen of lies then we'll have to look at the truth that the queen of lies has been designed to cover up. That truth is our all-embracing lateral unity as human beings. Take away religion, social status, social organization, color, race, and even sex and so on, then, when the dust settles, all that remains is the simple truth that we are human beings, all of us together across the entire world. Whatever appears different is a form of sophistry that has overlaid the truth, like Palmerston's tectonic plate of empire overlays the sovereignty of the human being and of nations. The truth that becomes hidden in this process should be uplifted back into the sunlight. It should be brought to the forefront. The universal lateral unity of man is the reality of our being. Sophistry smothers this truth. It overlays it. It hides it. Still, it cannot eradicate it, or defeat it. This means that the truth can be brought back into the sunlight. All we have to do is rip away the veil that hides it."

      "Can this really be done, Steve?" I asked. "Can we say with absolute certainty that all the divisions that have been created in the world have all been built on sophistry? We don't want to be stepping into another form of sophistry and become slaves to a new illusion. How do we know that what we embrace is the truth?"

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