Winning Without Victory
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Chapter 13 - Lord of the Rings

      Steve paused and took a zip of the orange juice that was provided for free on the airplane on a self-help basis. "Yes, Peter, we have to become more hobbit-like," Steve continued. "Frodo's love was rich in golden coins on the universal scale. We are not up this level yet. Right now our coins are rather tinny and hollow in that respect. Somebody said to me once that we cry all over the world, 'God bless America,' and the British cry, 'God save the Queen,' or 'God save the Empire.' And the Germans cry, 'Germany, Germany, above everything!' That's the sentiment that all the anthems in the world proclaim. That has got to stop, Peter! No one even whispers today, 'God bless humanity.' No one even thinks in terms of protecting mankind, much less developing and enriching one another on the universal scale with the substance of our humanity. There are no gold coins forged as yet, at least not many. Is there anyone in the world who proclaims that the principle of common defense, which we have in the Preamble of our Constitution, is really a universal principle that applies to the whole of humanity, individually and collectively? Who recognizes that? Who is absolutely committed to that in an utterly sublime manner? Not many, I'm sure. When we see a new Hitler rise to the helm in America, or Germany, or anywhere, that rising should trigger immediate defensive responses on a universal scale, because the rise of the beastmen should be considered an attack on humanity. It is so seen in Frodo's environment where it causes an immediate response in defense of all humanity. But do we see this happening in our current world, Peter? Nothing is happening. Society says nay to its self-defense, if it says anything at all. And so its road to victory is blocked. That's where we're at, Peter."

      Steve took a deep breath. "It is the business of China, Peter, to provide for the common defense against the agents of the Fondi Empire, as well as the business of India and Norway, and every single nation on the planet," Steve continued and sighed. The sigh was obviously caused by frustration. "We shouldn't let ourselves become discouraged, though, "he continued. "There should be no cause for discouragement when the solution is so simple. This whole problem wouldn't be a problem if the people of the world could draw from their piggybank of human values in rich measure. But we are not there yet, Peter. The principle of the common defense is not even on the agenda right now, because society is bankrupt. Still, it can be made the agenda. Society can set up for itself a piggy bank for its love coins. Sauron's ring of beast-men values has clogged up almost the entire human system and put us in a rut, but we can work ourselves out of that rut if we utilize the resources that we have as human beings. Sauron's ring isn't a ring of power, Peter. As I said, it is a ring of impotence, caused by the corruption of lies. Everyone of the beast-men philosophers that the ring combines, from Aristotle to Nietzsche and beyond, are philosophers of human impotence, and they all employ the process of inducing corruption with lies, centered on impotence. Tolkien evidently knew this. He is telling us that this Sauron threat is the greatest threat that humanity is facing, because it puts us asleep as human beings. That's where Palmerston's power is rooted. Tolkien had no choice but to outline a universal defense against this threat. And this is what he did. When his leader of the men of Rohan became ensnared with Sauron's deadly impotence, Tolkien sent the wisest of the wise, the most sublime consciousness, the white wizard Gandalf, to awake him from his dream. And later, when this same leader of the people of men became again by a lingering sense of smallness in the face of Empire, he became ensnared with a sense of impotence again. In the shadow of this pathetic sense of impotence he led his entire kingdom into the trap of the fortress of Helms Deep that would subsequently become besieged by the beast-men that left the people no escape open. Tolkien had to bring in the combined forces of the whole of humanity, to crush the beast-men's siege, and to block their invasion of the fortress, who stood poised for the final reach for the throat of mankind. So let's not belittle Palmerston's power built on the corruption of humanity. Tolkien gave himself no choice at this stage in the saga, but to decisively deal with the destruction of the ring that Saruman and his forces represented. Tolkien illustrates that only a decisive awakening of humanity can save the day at this stage. Nothing less would have been sufficient, or is so now. That is where're are at. We're stuck in our own Helms Deep, facing a hundred million Hiroshimas. In the saga Tolkien marshaled the widest range of good that humanity represents, from dwarf to king, from wizard to the elf, to protect the world of men, and thereby the bearer of the ring, which is humanity itself on its epic journey to invalidate the ring that represents our impasse. Thus, Tolkien brings the strength of the whole of humanity, collectively as one, all coming together laterally from across the world, into the battle at Helms Deep to save the day."

      Steve suggested that Frodo the hobbit represents individually the wide sea of humanity as a model for a humanity of human beings. "He represents society," said Steve. "He represents all of us. He challenges us all to be sublime, as did Franklin Roosevelt, as does Lyndon LaRouche who has become a long-standing 'American institution' in this fight to advance the development of mankind economically, scientifically, culturally, and socially."

      "Frodo's fight was positive. He was fighting FOR something, not AGAINST something," Ushi repeated. "He wasn't fighting against a corrupting force, even a paper tiger, but was fighting FOR his humanity, and our humanity, and its power to be free from corruption, and to lift itself above it, and thereby disable the corruption in the flow of it. That's something that only a human being can do."

     "This appears to be not quite enough," Steve replied. "Tolkien takes the process one step further and introduces the principle which is absolutely essential if the ring of fascism and greed is ever to be invalidated. He takes it to a higher level, to the level of the sublime, to the level of the Principle of Universal Love. Jeanne d'Arc illustrated what is sublime. She would sooner die by being burnt alive at the stake than denounce the Principle of Universal Love that has become her life."

      "That takes her one step beyond the principle of the common defense of humanity and the common good," said Ushi. "The common defense is necessary for mankind to deal with the consequences of its collective failure in eradicating the ring of fascism and greed. Those consequences will always be with us for as long as the ring of fascism and greed exists in the world. There will always be another war and another greater calamity until the underlying failure is overcome. Mankind will remain trapped into its submission to imperial, vertical power for as long as the sophistry of fascism and greed holds society spellbound. But Jeanne d'Arc was aiming for a higher level defense. She cut through this crap of responding in endless submission or mere defense. She took steps to change the world with her sublimity that came to light as a new kind of power, the lateral power that elevates human beings to a higher sense of humanity, giving one power over oneself to shed the garments of apathy, impotence, fear, and self-denial. She took away society's 'black' garments, the garment's of Sauron's Nazguls, and replaced them with the 'sun.' She honored the precious humanity of mankind by paving the way to the founding of the first nation-state on the planet, mankind's first political step away from imperial slavery.

       "Tolkien required the same devotion to the sublime of us," Steve continued, "and he required it as much from the noblest wizard as he did from the smallest of humanity, represented by Frodo. And still, he demanded more. Tolkien understood something that few people seem to want to understand today, that we all live in this world together. If we don't built this world together into a richly human place where we can live productively and securely in support of one-another, we will all go to hell together, the hell that we let unfold by default. Tolkien seems to have understood that fascism and greed are not aspects of humanity that are substantial in themselves in their gory brutality, but are nothing more than the resulting emptiness that one finds when there is a void of humanity. Tolkien illustrates the void with his Nazgul creatures, black-glad and without a face, which he said were once men but were 'corrupted' by the ring and doomed to serve its purpose. Tolkien lived in a time when great swarms of Nazgul extended their death across Europe in the uniforms of the black clad Nazi Ghouls."

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