Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 13 - Lord of the Rings

      Steve sighed. "It must be our chosen task therefore, together with everything else that we must do, to make this 'ring,' which combines all the corrupting evils that were ever developed throughout history, irrelevant in the world in which we live. They all boil down to various types of fascism and greed, which are empty in themselves. If we fail in the necessary task to cast these evils into the fire, we will all be destroyed in the fires of Mt. Doom, the fires of poverty, perpetual war, nuclear terror, and nuclear war. The final stage of evil in the form of nuclear terror had already been a threat for close to a decade by the time Tolkien completed the Lord of the Rings. It appears that he would sooner doom the ring however, the fascism and greed that is but fire and emptiness, than doom all of humanity. Still, it appears that Tolkien isn't certain of the eventual outcome. He keeps both options open to the very last moment, and even then the scale isn't tipped by a victory of sanity but by an accidental slipup."

      "History has so far proven him right," I interrupted Steve. "Mankind continues insanely to 'nurture' its vast nuclear arsenal, singing 'my precious,' while the rule of fascism and greed is becoming evermore prominent in the arrogance of its claiming power."

     "That's why the ring saga ends the way it does," said Steve. "Tolkien laid before us critical choices, but we are not listening. The battle of the Helm's Deep is still in progress. We are still boxed in into the 'fortress' of Mutually Assured Destruction, besieged by tens of thousands of nuclear bombs. Sauron, the ravishing ghost of fascism and greed is still on the throne of Empire. The Sarumans that rule society in his name still put people to sleep, even while their house is on fire. A few sublime people have dared to intervene to awaken the sleeping society, people like Lyndon LaRouche, but he too has been put out of the way, together with his SDI proposal for the universal defense of mankind. The doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction that the world has been lured into is a vertically imposed nuclear weapons trap that society cannot survive in for the long run. LaRouche offered a way out by suggesting that society build for itself a strategic defense that protects all nations. He suggested a lateral system for defense, both in physical form to protect the whole of humanity, and in the form of a lateral unity in society by cooperatively developing and building the global system. The Saruman that still rule, the Palmerston's fondi,  said nay. Then LaRouche offered another way out by suggesting that society commit itself to the economic development of the whole of mankind. That was a plea for Love-Based Economics. And again, the Saruman crowd said nay. So, society remains boxed in under the thumb of fascism and greed, awaiting its certain doom. But I ask you, Peter, is this the kind of world that mothers and fathers desire for their children, or the young people of today for themselves as their future, the kind of future in which they have no hope? That is where we are today, Peter. That's mankind's present situation. An explosive awakening should be on the agenda. The required tectonic movement should be happening all across the world right now to bury the imperial plate of fascism and greed, which isn't a continental plate really, but is merely a tiny ring, a circumference without a center. Palmerston was lying. The imperial tectonic plate doesn't exist except in the land of his dreams. Tolkien's saga is more profoundly reflecting the truth. His ring is but a symbol that should be cast into the volcanic fires that erupt from the real tectonic action that overlay ignorance with the ever brighter faces of humanity."

      Steve suggested that the day of society's certain doom might come if society doesn't devote itself to continue its historic tectonic movement, to overlay ignorance with the growing brightness that is native to our humanity. "Our boxed in condition is not a physical prison imposed by the universe, but is nothing more than a self-impose mental blockage that leads to doom, which must be broken. Love-Based Economics must be put back onto the table even if Palmerston's synarchists won't be happy, and will attempt to prevent it. They must be overruled, like Grima Wormtongue is overruled in Tolkien's saga. Palmerston's synarchists have surrounded us across the world, besieged us in every nation, and infiltrated us in every institution."

      "Their reach extends especially deep in the United States," I added. "They've put our society to sleep with open eyes. The evidence is plain. The destruction of society has already reached dangerous levels, down to its very roots. The beast-men have been unleashed to destroy our industries, our places of work, and our means for production that once met our needs. They have begun to destroy our transportation infrastructures. They have begun to destroy our energy infrastructures, and our farming as well. And they have begun to destroy our health care system, our social security system, our education system, and most of all our financial system. Even our reputation as a moral and cultured nation has been destroyed. Their destruction isn't complete yet, Steve, but as Palmerston pointed out with glee, it soon will be complete, and when it is, there will be nothing left of our civilization, and of society itself as human beings. The whole world is doomed thereby. Then our nuclear weapons will be dragged out to finish us off, and mankind alongside of us."

      Here I began to laugh. "The Palmerston fondi are following Tolkien's script quite closely. They have managed to get society to box itself in into Helm's Deep. And they've 'trained' society to say nay to whoever would suggest that it should get itself out of its boxed-in condition. I told Palmerston that we would rescue them all, but he just laughed and called us amateurs."

      Steve began to laugh too. "People are so blind," he said, "and so is he. The battle of Helms Deep is not an ancient war, nor does it represent World War II that was still raging when the writing of the ring saga was begun. Tolkien's Helms Deep represents today's battle. It represents our war, the as yet unfinished war. Yes, we are amateurs. Mankind has never faced such an immense challenge before. Tolkien was an amateur too in that respect. In the ring saga Tolkien puts up a force of ten thousand Uruk-hai beasts created by the corrupted wizard Saruman. He puts the Uruk-hai into a huge battle to besiege the fortress of Helms Deep, the refuge of humanity, and to destroy it. It appears that he is taking Palmerston at his word. Tolkien may have been subjected to a similar indoctrination session by the fondi, of the type that you have experienced, Peter. He may have answered them in the same fashion. The battle of Helms Deep may represent his battle and our battle, for gaining freedom from the being besieging fondi. The Helms Deep battle certainly doesn't represent World War II. As we all know in World War II fifty million men fought each other in a battle that lasted for years, not days, and was fought on a continental scale. The Helms Deep battle in the saga doesn't come even close to represent that. But it does represent our battle. I can also assure you that we will break ourselves and mankind out of this trap just as Tolkien has scripted the future, because we are not amateurs, as Palmerston would want us to regard ourselves. We are geniuses with a limitless scientific potential."

      "That's something that Palmerston doesn't know anything about," I said to Steve in agreement.

      Ross evidently overheard us speaking. He was sitting in the seat in front of mine. His head popped up. He addressed Steve, shaking his head. "That is where you are wrong," he said to Steve. "World War II was puny in comparison with what we face today. The ten thousand Uruk-hai in the saga that besiege Helms Deep represent not soldiers, but today's force of ten thousand hydrogen bombs. This awesome force was already on the horizon when the ring-saga was written. The ten thousand Uruk-hai also represent another dimension of this force that is presently besieging humanity. The factor, ten thousand, also seems to represent the scale of the threat in terms of the destructive power of the bombs. Each Uruk-hai represents the awesome power of the hydrogen bomb that carries a theoretical maximum of up to ten thousand Hiroshima type bombs. This gives us the factor of ten thousand squared. But we also live in a world of immensely far-reaching economic, cultural, and scientific destruction that is already claiming upwards to 30,000 lives each day. That's ten million a year and growing, with no end in sight. We are besieged today by this gross inhumanity that threatens to destroy civilization and us all. All of this was already on the horizon when the ring saga was written, and it's unfolding now. It certainly makes World War II look puny by comparison. Saruman's army represents a hundred million Hiroshimas, standing against the background of hundreds of millions of silent casualties. That's today's world. Against this background stands Saruman's command to his forces, 'Kill them all!'. The background gives a new meaning to the battle cry of the chief of the beastmen in modern times, against the world of men; 'Kill them all!' That's what Saruman had commanded; 'leave none alive!' Palmerston is saying nearly the same thing on his tape, isn't he? No one had the resources during World War II to carry out such a command, but the resources exist today. Not even Hitler had those kinds of resources that the fondi's Illuminati now have them at their fingertips. Today, Tolkien's ocrs, the well-financed terrorist bands are everywhere. Soon we'll see the Davy-Crockett-type mini-nukes popping up everywhere, with the punch of fifty tones of dynamite unleashed from a coke bottle, enough to take down any size building, any size bridge, and any stadium-sized gathering. We are entering an era that is making World War II appear like paradise. The battle of Helms Deep is still in progress, Steve, and we are on the loosing end." Ross stopped and sighed."

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