Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 13 - Lord of the Rings

      "I'm quite aware of this," I interrupted Steve. "The little hobbits would rather swing a jug of ale and light a pipe than swing a sword. Still they take up the responsibility for the common defense of all that is good and beautiful in the world."

      "And so should we," said Steve, "and do it vigorously." He explained that in this sense, Tolkien's hobbits represent the nature of humanity, a community of people supporting one-another universally for a better life for all. "They move on the platform of the Principle of Universal Love," said Steve. "Tolkien has their idyllic living interrupted by a task so great that anyone else would fail. The 'hobbits' alone would shoulder that burden, powered by the riches of their humanity. Maybe the term 'hobbits' represents in metaphor our universal humanity, a kind of 'homo-universalis.' The hobbits take on the task that it must be fulfilled or else all life becomes lost. The task turns a humble people into humble heroes who are able to bear the corrupting burden to its final doom, without becoming corrupted themselves."

      I interrupted Steve again. "I think the key to the hobbits' success lies not in their final victory, but in their daily victory along the way as they face the perilous world virtually alone, as indeed every human being is alone when facing the never ending lies of corrupting ideologies of empires.

      "I think the final destruction of the ring in the fires of Mt. Doom is also symbolic," I said to Steve. "The destruction of the ring appears to be symbolic of winning the battle against the force of corruption in the mind of the bearers along the way, and in the mind of the protectors of the bearers. The process of winning this battle appears to have gone on daily and hourly throughout the entire time during which the saga of the ring unfolds. The long and perilous journey to the chasms of Mt. Doom appears to have been necessary for the ring-bearer's self-development to come to fruition."

      Steve nodded again. "The ring bearer and his protectors, represented by the dwarfs, elves, kings, princes, and all the noble wizards and friends and what they stand for, were assigned by Tolkien a long and seemingly impossible journey," said Steve. He spoke thoughtfully. "They were assigned a journey beset by great dangers and trials. Anything less than this demanding journey through great trials might not have been sufficient to cause their individual self-development to the point that was required. In this sense their combined difficult journey represents the journey of mankind itself - a difficult two-million-year journey through twenty ice ages, a journey that forced us to develop ourselves into what we became. Tolkien may well have realized that mankind's final battle, to cast away corruption, has been avoided by the whole of humanity for at least three thousand years, if not longer, and that this final battle isn't easily won, though it can and must be won. It's almost like Tolkien looked at humanity and its wars, and shook his head and said oops, we screwed up, lets step back to the stage where we were when we came out of the last Ice Age and do this again. I think that is where the hobbits come in, the uncorrupted that can save humanity, the giants in the land of universal love that we must learn from."

      Here Steve paused. "Did you realize that the entire ring saga might have been written to explore the essential aspects of the Principle of Universal Love and its expression in Love-Based Economics?" said Steve.

      "The way I read it," I said, "Tolkien's whole project was designed to put on record the processes of Love-Based Economics on which the survival of civilization depends, as opposed to Greed-Based Fascism and its vertical forces that destroy humanity and civilization."

      "That's the key issue," said Steve. "Love-Based Economics is the issue. It is deeply imbedded in the principle that has illumined mankind throughout all ages. That takes us back to Homer, Pythagoras, and Solon, and maybe even further back to Hammurabi and beyond, to the very dawn of civilization. Only in our modern world, where we put ourselves on the imperial fast track to hell, is the Principle of Universal Love totally shunned. In this respect the fondi have overlaid the humanity of mankind with its imperial plate. That is why the ancient issue of Love-Based Economics has become of critical importance for us as our only remaining hope to reestablish a human world. We need a complete sea change. Nothing less will do. Actually we need even more. We need a fundamental tectonic change to off-load the imperial plate that is arrogantly strangling mankind. All the human tectonic layers, whether they are politically, ideologically, religiously, or socially defined, need to be upgraded to reflect the Principle of Universal Love made manifest in Love-Based Economics."

      Steve suggested that Tolkien might have been aware of the fact that if we fail to accomplish this tectonic change that brings the Principle of Universal Love back to the surface on its lateral model for human relationships, that buries the vertical model, the human journey may come to an end. "That's what is symbolized by the burial of the ring of corruption - the burial of the vertical model, the imperial model of top down control, in the all-consuming fires of Mt. Doom," said Steve.

      "Since the dawn of the atomic bomb, we have gained the capacity to end the human journey," I said to Steve quietly. "Palmerston's Fondi Empire intends to hasten this end and control it, rather than prevent it. We have been extremely lucky for the last fifty years, considering how comfortable we have become living with those 65,000 nuclear bombs hanging over our head. They are held in place by the vertical strings of the empire that are fast wearing thin. We have locked ourselves into a box beneath that threat, which keeps us there and virtually assures our extinction; and we've thrown the key away. This key has got to be Love-Based Economics on a global scale, based on the Principle of Universal Love."

      "Nothing short of a complete tectonic-change is required, and it can only result from implementing the natural universal principles that civilization is founded on," said Steve. "How else can we get rid of the imperial plate that overlaid our humanity with its vertical control, its indoctrination, its looting, and its constant wars, and get back to the lateral world, the love-based world?"

      Steve suggested that when the ring is finally returned to the fires from whence it came, which is symbolic to saying good bye to Palmerston and the Fondi Empire, the outcome of the modern Peloponnesian War would at last be overturned, and so would be everything that came from it. "The Peloponnesian War had caused the first huge tectonic change in thinking deep below the surface in the ancient world, in the direction towards the fondi. It had overlaid the old Greek classical culture that had been built up by Homer, Pythagoras, Solon, and others. Plato and Socrates had emerged from out of the cultural ashes of that war with a determination to reclaim and rebuild the lost civilization. Except, out of those same ashes also arose Aristotle. With this 'the ring' was born. And so, the eye of Sauron, the eye of the ring's power, still hangs over the lives of humanity," Steve cautioned me. "Sauron's great all-seeing eye, as Tolkien described it as a symbol of Empire, is a Ring of Fire surrounding an empty center. The center is black. It is devoid of any real substance. That's Aristotle. Aristotle isn't fascism or greed. He merely lend his name to it, to the mother of a long line of empty philosophies that drag the image of mankind into the sewer. Palmerston's fondi are but the latest brood of them. But there is no substance in them. The center is an empty void,"

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