Winning Without Victory
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Chapter 13 - Lord of the Rings

      Steve stopped as if he just realized something.

      "I love Tolkien's choice of names," Steve added moments later. "The name of Sauron is a gem. In the German language the word, sau, is the term for the mother of pigs. That's what Sauron, the Empire, signifies in humanist terms, the mother of pigs - the mother of all those pigs that soiled the image of man. That's a perfect description of Aristotle too, the master of a long line of empty-head pigs."

      "You said there were nine rings given to men in Tolkien's saga," I interrupted Steve. "You named six. Who, do you suppose are the others?"

      "I named the most obvious," said Steve. "I named a few of what might be called a beginning group. There exists also an ending group that Tolkien might have seen at the end of World War II," added Steve. "A third group of names fits somewhere into the middle. This middle group might include Ortes, Malthus, Darwin, and Galton. Giammaria Ortes started this group. He was a Venetian monk who likened mankind to animals that need to be culled by the hand of rulers in order that they won't overpopulate the Earth. This was Ortes speaking. Scientifically speaking it was most likely a fraud, which is a lye by intent. Thomas Malthus stole the fraud for the British Empire. He plagiarized Ortes to get it. This fraudulent image of mankind as a worthless 'cow' was rapidly promoted by Malthus until the concept became law in England, giving rise to the Poor Laws under which the poor were worked to death in the workhouses. Charles Darwin took the Ortes-Malthus fraud into the scientific sphere where he turned it into his own rather crude concept of the 'evolution' of man, arguing that some human beings are therefore sub-human, having failed in development, and others have become, super-human, who are more fully developed. This modern Aristotelian view of mankind represents not a universal principle. It would attribute intelligence to accidental accretion 'oozing' out of the animal world, thereby denying intelligence itself. Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton, extended the same beast-like fraud-image of humanity further, which became his Eugenics ideology for population management that enabled Hitler in later years to declare entire groups of people as 'useless eaters,' which he promptly killed.

      "The beast-men philosophers had many 'children' of their own along the way," said Steve, "like Thomas Torquemada the Grand Inquisitor, the man that lit the fires of the Spanish Inquisition that burnt more than 30,000 human beings at the stake alive, one at a time. Other such 'children' are typified by Count Joseph de Maistre, the man who idealized the terror of brutality as a basis for social order, which simply means the maintenance of imperial control. In Maistre's 'ideal' society, the executioner smashes the bones of the limbs of a victim and threads them into a wheel where the victim is left to die. That's the terror that has become the foundation on which empires are maintained, which Nietzsche and Heidegger built their own subhuman image of mankind on. But in the larger sense, Peter, the whole breed of these pigs came from the same pigsty. Tolkien saw the end product in 'living color,' the beast-like murderers in Hitler's SS that stained the soils of Europe with blood, not in wars, but in their ruthless rampage of a superpower against a defenseless humanity. In this sense Sauron represents Aristotle. He represents the mother sau that had nurtured all those numerous pigs throughout history. They should be called pigs. Just look at Hobbes and Grotius and their kind, who had caused eighty years of war that destroyed half of the population of Europe. Shouldn't they be called pigs? This is how they described humanity in their philosophies. Shouldn't they be called themselves that way? They certainly shouldn't be called honorable men. The tragedy is that these pigs were highly honored and still are as their poison is still being taught in the universities. Tolkien might have seen this tragedy too, and might have asked himself, 'how can we stop that?' For that he invented Frodo's mission. The mission was to take the ring of Sauron back to where it came from. In order to make sure in his tale that the conveyor of the ring to its destruction wouldn't be tempted to wear the ring, because it destroys whoever wears it, Tolkien assigned the task to an exceedingly human person, a hobbit named Frodo. Thus the future of mankind wasn't laid into the hands of the 'wizardry' of science, or the might of institutions and their force, but in the hands of one small person that understood the Principle of Universal Love and thus took on the challenge to defend all that is good and beautiful."

      "That's how it has to be, Steve," I interjected. "How else is it possible for one to defeat a corrupting ghost like fascism and greed that has no form, no substance, and no center, but which is everywhere and like a great fire is seen by everyone, and everyone is drawn to look at it? The ring is the symbol, the swastika and its countless modern derivatives that keep the ghost of Sauron and his pigs alive. That's where the devastating consequences come from. I could see that 'swastika' everywhere shining through during Palmerston's ranting last night. The only thing that saved my sanity afterwards was the face of love that began shining through all of that in the gloom. I remembered what the woman in the green dress had said during the conference. She had likened the face of love to the face of God. It began to break Palmerston's spell, but I had to resort to this image several times more. Palmerston's 'spell' isn't something that one can easily step away from."

      "As you may recall," said Steve, "the force of Sauron's corruption is portrayed in the saga as being so powerful that it corrupted not only the once noble wizard Saruman, but through Saruman, it also corrupted the king of men, Theoden, the king of Rohan, and thereby incapacitated him, and through this disabling of the leaders of society endangered the entire society of men."

      I interrupted Steve. "Would you say that it might have been for this purpose that Tolkien transformed Gandalf into the White Wizard that he became, as the result of a sublime act. When Gandalf the good wizard courageously protected Frodo's mission in the caves of Moria, not fearing for his own life as he stood up against a monstrous demon of an ancient world, he raised himself up to the level of a sublime being. He knew that to fail in this critical moment would precipitate the end of the mission and the destruction of humanity. 'You cannot pass!' he shouted at the monster, and he fought the monster until it ceased to be. Shouldn't that be our response to Palmerston? On the foundation of Gandalf's sublime victory, Tolkien staged the rescuing of Theoden from his entrapment by Saruman's devices, in this case from his servant Grima Wormtongue. Of course that was easy to do in the saga. Tolkien simply freed the entrapped prisoner and banished the lying Wormtongue from the land. That's almost impossible in the real world. Palmerston has a vast imperial machine standing behind him that has already captured and imprisoned almost all of the governments on earth."

      Steve just laughed. "Helen would say, what have the difficulties got to do with anything? Do they change the principle involved?"

      I told Steve that I could appreciate Tolkien's idea that it would take a sublime person, like Gandalf had become by his deeds, to reverse the corruption that had smothered the mind of the king of Rohan with impotence, which had incapacitated his entire society. "But where are the sublime persons today? No one except a person with a sublime spirit like that of Gandalf would be able to perform such a task. No such persons existed in Tolkien's time, nor do I find them in our time. That's why the Palmerstons of this world are still threatening even the smallest of mankind's pioneers."

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