Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 13 - Lord of the Rings

      "Yes, but the beast-men didn't win their battle at Helm's Deep," Steve reminded me. "Help arrived. However the help did not arrive until literally the last moments when everything seemed to be lost. By the narrowest of margins was the battle decided for victory for mankind. That may be Tolkien's hope, but it may not happen in the real world. It can only happen if a profound new idea changes the entire dimension of the battle."

      "Recognizing the need for an Ice Age Renaissance might do this," I interjected. "The return of the Ice Age might awaken us to the inner power we have as a society to stop the biofuels hoax that has enlisted mankind into becoming murderers of their own kind in the largest and most silent holocaust of all times. The recognition of the Ice Age Challenge might yet inspire us to change the human dimension, one way or another, before all is lost. Society has presently boxed itself in at Helms Deep, with the beastmen at the gate."

      Steve nodded. He pointed out that Tolkien utilized a principle for the victory at Helms Deep that we have almost forgotten, which is the principle of the common defense. He reminded me that the principle of the common defense stands prominently in the Preamble of our nation's Federal Constitution, which people seemed to have ripped up. "There are no common efforts made anymore by society to defend itself against the financial looters, the money hungry private banking profiteers, the international currency vultures, the energy pirates, not to mention today's insane leaders that threaten preemptive nuclear war. Universal love is not just a nice option for society to choose. It becomes a necessary element for its self-defense and the common defense of a nation. Society once regarded it as its individual duty to stand for the common defense against all foes, internally and externally."

      "This is no longer happening," I reminded Steve. "The attackers of society are not countered in America, or anywhere around the world, but are instead supported to the point that society has actively joined their ranks against itself."

      "Tolkien brings together a large force to rescue the people that have trapped themselves in Helms Deep. The force was evidently drawn together on the platform of the principle of the common defense, which itself is rooted in the Principle of Universal Love. Without his building on the principle of the common defense, the world of men would have come to an end at Helms Deep," said Steve.

      "One might even say that help came from a distant and almost forgotten source," I interjected. "Perhaps it was the same source that Roosevelt had once mobilized, which he called the forgotten man, the overlooked element of society that suddenly rediscovered its humanity and its duty to itself, its nation, its civilization, its posterity, and mankind as a whole. Are these some of the 'coins' that your piggybank idea is about, to bring out to the forefront that forgotten element?"

      Steve nodded quietly. "But I don't see any evidence that such a thing is happening in the real world," said Steve to me and sighed. Suddenly he laughed. "Do you know what has been proposed in Britain to help the homeless, since homelessness has become a disgrace for the country? You'll never guess, so I tell you. The proposal was made to give them cardboard boxes to live in, so that they won't get wet. They treat their dogs better than that."

      "That's not an aspect of common defense," I interrupted Steve. "That doesn't fix anything, but hides the mess and perpetuates it. Common defense against homelessness that can hit anyone nowadays, would be to shut down the imperial looting of society so that people can live."

      "The difference that I see," said Steve, "between Tolkien's tale and the real world, is that Tolkien saw the end of doom arising from the substance of the humanity of men in all its countless faces. He put the principle of the common defense into action. I don't see such a thing happening in our world. I see the opposite. In our world society hails the imperial Saruman, the destroyer of civilization. Society supports its destroyer's cause. I am afraid that our world will soon fall as Palmerston had boasted, and all will be lost. I see no movement on the front of society's common defense."

      "The doom may happen sooner than anyone suspects," I interrupted.

      "Sure, the walls have already been breached!" Steve replied.

      "I think Tolkien understood that this would happen," I replied. "In his epic tale the overriding evil is not Saruman, the corrupted wizard, who is represented in today's world by the fondi. Nor is the overriding evil in the story, Saruman's army of beast-men, represented by the synarchists in today's world that derive their pleasure from the pain of their victims, as Tolkien points out. The core evil that I see in Tolkien's tale is Sauron, the Dark Lord that is but a ghost that corrupts all. His face in the real world is fascism and greed. Seduced by the promises of fascism and greed, promises of power where no real power exists, the once noble wizard Saruman fell under the spell of Sauron's corrupting evil. Consequently Saruman becomes evil and conspires with the hand of Sauron to rule Middle-Earth. It appears to me that the world is full of such corrupted creatures that were once men, like Saruman."

      "Yes," said Steve and nodded. He didn't smile this time. "You are getting close," said Steve. "You find them in the world of science, in the world of ideologies, culture, religion, business, politics, and even in society's social world down to the grass roots. Sauron's power, the power to corrupt, is the key element of what needs to be defeated for the common defense of mankind. That's the master ring. The ring must not be worn, or be hidden, but be destroyed if the world of men is ever to be truly free. The master ring symbolizes both fascism as an empty center, and the band of gold that symbolizes greed, which are both really one in effect, and are designed to rule and destroy all the institutions of society that are essential for a humanist renaissance and the survival of civilization. In Tolkien's tale the all-corrupting master ring must be destroyed in the fires of Mt. Doom where it had been forged in ancient times."

      Steve explained that in the real world, Sauron is Aristotle. "Aristotle created the corrupting theory of the natural slavery of men," said Steve. "That theory states that mankind is not human, but is an animal let loose in a world of competing animals. In this competing world a person's vice is deemed to be the virtue of society, and the enslavement of people is for the good of society, and for the good of the slave as well who becomes thereby 'ennobled' as he profits from the 'higher virtue' of the enslaving master. That's what Aristotle proclaims. That's what Sauron represents. Aristotle lies; and his big lie is his denial of the human genius as a creator. Every human being had a built-in profound creative potential. This potential can make a slave a genius, and humanity a creator of new worlds. That's what Plato represents and Aristotle denies. Aristotle denies the creative potential of mankind. That's what globalized fascist slavery is. It's a universal denial of that creative potential. The denial drags us back into slavery. You can go to any slavery products store, and if you really look at what's for sale there, what you see will tare your heart out, when you consider how little the producing person gets for the labor that went into a product, which is typically a minuscule portion of the cheap price. This slavery process that you are tempted to buy into once the slavery products are offered, is about as distant from the Principle of Universal Love as is the most distant star in the most distant galaxy. The fact is, slavery kills the creative potential, It disables technological development, and it kills the slave with poverty. While Aristotle, the infamous philosopher of imperialism in defense of slavery was only one man, he had many willing disciples through the ages, corrupted philosophers like Thomas Hobbes, Hugo Grotius, Adam Smith, Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, Leo Strauss, and others. Tolkien's Sauron represents them all. He represents all that deny the creative potential of mankind, and argue for slavery. Sauron's master ring binds them all together into one religion of denial of humanity, called fascism. Tolkien speaks of nine rings of power that were given to the rulers of men, by which they were deceived. But Sauron forged in secret a master ring that rules them all, that combines all deceptions and brings them all alive. Sauron represents them all, from Hobbes to Heidegger, a collection of empty heads. When the creative potential of the human being is denied, what remains is an empty shell, a slave with an empty head clinging to his master Aristotle."

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