Winning Without Victory
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Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 13 - Lord of the Rings

      I shook my head in a kind of disbelief. "You are dreaming," I said to Steve.

      "Pray that I'm not," said Steve. "In any case, just try it, Pete. No, Peter, do it! As soon as we get back, go to the nearest souvenir shop and buy yourself a nice big ceramic piggybank. Set it up on your bathroom counter. Then, when you come in, three times a day, or whatever, ask yourself how many new coins you have put into that bank since you saw it last. That may be a hard question to answer at first, but you will learn."

      "Oh, do you have one of these in your bathroom?" I asked Steve. "I don't remember seeing a piggybank in you bathroom."

      Steve shook his head. "No Pete, there isn't one there. But this will change. I just realized today that what is in this piggybank, and that alone, are our only true riches. What we have in there constitutes our only real contribution that we can give to make our world and our civilization more secure. Everything else appears to be self-deception. Your meeting with Palmerston made this clear, Pete. Anything else is of no consequence if we fail in the department of love. The woman in green said in essence that love is the face of God and that we must do what is necessary to see this face shining through, all around us, and in all of us without exception. How else can we experience what God is, and prove to ourselves that we are not impotent? That's what Palmerston was really saying, as far as I can tell. He was saying to you and to all of us, that if mankind fails to become human beings in its highest sense, we will all die."

      "Helen would have said, there really is no such possibility as operating outside of the sphere of love. That would be like living outside the lateral lattice where love combines all and fulfills all needs, that defines the reality of our being, beyond which there is nothing," said Ushi. "This truth invalidates all of this nonsense about operating inside or outside of the fondi. All of this in and out is irrelevant. The fondi are irrelevant. There is no place in the universe in which universal principles do not apply, such as the principle of universal gravity or the principle of universal love."

      "The fondi only have power by getting people to believe in their fictitious relevance. That's their first level of deception," I replied and nodded to Ushi.

      "What Palmerston might have been saying to us is simply this: If you put yourself outside of the fight to defeat the fondi, which is really a fight of love, you will die with absolute certainty. Only when you decide to join the fight and let your love of humanity defeat the fondi, do you have a chance to live," said Steve. "He was saying to you in no uncertain terms that the fondi's empire is like a constantly growing wave of evil operating in secret that is gathering momentum daily, and will destroy civilization and much of the Earth with it, if it remains unchecked."

     "Not to fight to save civilization would be like putting oneself outside the lateral lattice, which is really not possible," Ushi interrupted Steve.

     Steve cautioned me to beware therefore that the driving force behind this hidden wave of evil are the oligarchic financier bankers that have been looting and pillaging humanity since before the Renaissance. "Their palaces are far removed from the few little men that you have met."

     He turned to Ushi. "In the olden days the fondi were called the Lombards and the Venetians, and so forth," he said. "In modern days they have many names, and many of these names have been sanitized. They are now known as the central banking institutions of the world, including the US Federal Reserve. The name, Federal Reserve, suggests that this is a federal institution, which is far from being the case. The naming is a deception. The fondi even 'censored' the knowledge that the central bank of the USA is privately owned and is operating for private profit and private power. There is nothing essentially federal about the Federal Reserve. It is a privately run institution like the Bank of England and the Bank of International Settlement, which are all private institutions. The bottom line is that their functioning in society, their looting it, remains the same as it had been in ancient times when the banks were owned by the Lombards and everyone knew it. The largely hidden current evil, which remains the imperial goal, is the same as it had always been, and so is the basic mode for reaching that goal. All the wars in modern history were fought for reaching that goal.

     "Palmerston was right," Steve continued. "We will see nuclear wars unfolding at their bidding. America and much of mankind will be destroyed unless we fight for our existence and deny the fondi's empire its existence. Palmerston was also right when he said that no one could fight this fight against them alone and hope to win. This must be everyone's fight, in every country, on every continent, at every level, or else the age of humanity will be overlaid with the fondi's new age of the imperial beastmen, and the world of mankind will come to an end. That defines our battle."

      "Didn't Tolkien describe that very same kind of battle in his saga, The Lord of the Rings?" I said to Steve. "Tolkien seems to have understood our battle perfectly, maybe even better than we do in today's age. He wrapped it up in a tale that is highly symbolic and right on the mark. He presents an epic tale of an imaginary land called Middle Earth, populated by elves, dwarves, men, wizards, and hobbits. In the tale each group represents a unique aspect of our humanity. With them he wins the great battles that must be fought. The elves represent science, art, beauty, and immortality. The dwarves are the little people, like we often are in our small-minded way of thinking. In the story they are the miners of the Earth who know from bitter experience what it means to be 'boxed in.' The wizards represent the human intellect and its power. Some use it for good, and some, like the fondi, for evil. And over all of that looms a ring, a ring of power, so we are made to believe, but which is really a ring that corrupts - a ring forged as a master ring, the corrupting myth of empire - that rules all the lesser rings given to the kings of humanity. A dark lord had forged this master ring in ancient times, but it became lost. From the moment on when it was rediscovered in the saga, it posed a great danger to whoever would be tempted to wear it. It spells doom for society as a whole should it ever be reunited with its master who exists as but a ghost. Tolkien proposes that the ring that corrupts must be destroyed to protect civilization, and to protect humanity.

      "Does that sound familiar?" I asked Steve. "This kind of fight is our fight too, isn't it? Corruption is small-minded thinking that endangers the whole of humanity, just as it has throughout all the ages. Tolkien dealt with that in many different ways. He set up two wizards, one good, and one who has been corrupted. He also sets up a society of men whose ruler became corrupted by the influence of a corrupted wizard, but who becomes rescued from this 'spell.' Except the process of rescuing him does not make him wise. Thus, he fails to rouse himself to fight when he faces an oncoming aggressor. Instead of fighting for his survival, he boxes himself in, into an ancient fortress that becomes a trap for him and for his people. Here, the tale becomes a tale of battles fought by men and beast-men, in which, by a hair, a terrible defeat for the world of men is narrowly avoided. The tale is a saga in which the corrupting empire becomes destroyed, which almost didn't happen because of small-minded thinking. We have seen a lot of that, Steve, haven't we? The tale is also a saga of a sublime commitment to save the world of men at all cost, which eventually succeeds. Of this, we have seen far too little. But doesn't that reflect our story, Steve, and our commitment?"

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