Winning Without Victory
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Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 13 - Lord of the Rings

      "Palmerston is wrong about also another ratio," Steve continued. "His comparison with the Nazi holocaust is way off. The Nazi holocaust murdered six million people over a span of six years, or a million people a year. In comparison, the biofuels holocaust is slated to be 150 times more murderous from 2010 onward. It is slated to become the most murderous holocaust of all times. And yes, Peter, we are participating in the process. We are abetting it with our inaction. We are all involved in this. Palmerston is totally correct about this, Peter. He is fully justified in calling us hypocrites. We are engaged in genocide already that is slated to become the biggest the world has ever seen. If we don't get ourselves out of this deep sub-moral trap, we won't have a leg to stand on in fighting for an Ice Age Renaissance with which to protect the word's food resources. By not healing society of its current commitment to taking vast amounts of food resources out of the mouths of the hungry and burning their food in our cars, we are promoting the near total elimination of mankind from this planet in the upcoming Ice Age that we would thereby enter unprepared. Palmerston is totally correct about this too. And as I said, he spoke too softly.

      "The ever-greater quantities of grains that become diverted from food to be burned as motor fuel, makes a number of the current basic food resources increasingly unaffordable to the poor and unemployed who are dependent on low cost food," Steve continued. "We will see the price of chicken and pork that are typically raised in feed lots with various grains, go sky high in comparison with people's income, whereby society is loosing its essential animal protein input and is thereby starving itself, even in the so-called rich countries. Every time that you pull up to the gas pump, Peter, and fill up your tank, you abet the commitment to take the last chicken out of the pot of the poor, whereby you commit them to a slow and tragic death."

      "Aren't we doing the same thing right now by flying on this airplane?" I interjected.

      Steve shook his head. "No we aren't," he said. "Airplanes don't use ethanol. By flying airplanes we only abet terrorism that is financed by the oil price differential, and to some degree also by dope money. Airplanes have so far been unaffected by the biofuel hoax, and will likely remain so for some time. Ethanol is far too corrosive to the metals of the engines, and to the fuel system, to be used on airplanes. It would destroy the engines too rapidly, and also reduce their power output. Ethanol is only mandated for the gullible public that thereby has to replace its cars more often. And this boosts car sales. Also, ethanol produces only 60% of the energy output of gasoline, which is too inefficient for airplanes. The military doesn't use biofuels either, for this reason. This is the reason why the public is taught to love the biofuels. Of course, there is nothing lovable about biofuels at all. The biofuel is not an alternate fuel. It takes a greater amount of energy input to produce the fuel, if one considers all of the inputs, than the fuel gives back. The energy input, of course, comes from petroleum resources, so that no pollution reduction is achieved with the highly expensive biofuels. To the contrary, instead of reducing pollution, the ethanol fuel creates additional, and potentially dangerous, alcohol related pollution. The only arena that the biofuels are extremely effective in, is the arena of genocide. No disease or war or poison has to date been a more effective killer of human beings than the biofuel hoax - none, and by a long shot. Nothing comes even close. The killing efficiency is so great, that when the ratio exceeds the 15% mark, the resulting genocide effect will even exceed the natural old age death toll for a six billion world-population with a sixty years average life expectancy. So you see, Peter, we have all become murderers by intention on a grand scale, and remain to be this until we get this chip off our shoulders that has locked us into this murderous game. Palmerston was right in rubbing your nose into this mess, because it won't be easy to get out of this mess. We have a long road ahead of us before we can stand before a mirror again and look us into the face, honestly. It appears that Palmerston found this out about himself, and he suddenly realized that he can't just walk away from that."

      "In this case I see a lot of honesty in what Palmerston said to me," I said to Steve. "If this is so, then maybe everything else he said was a cry for help too."

      "Yes, and this makes it more scary for us," said Steve. "I find it scary to be associated with a dissident element within the empire that may be the biggest real empire on the planet. The imperials may well hit us if they get wind of this, and use us as a lever to get at him, when push comes to shove."

      Steve paused. "I guess I'll have to pry open some doors of the fondi to find out where we really stand," said Steve in a quiet voice.

      "Do it discreetly please," I urged him. "This may not have been a deception. It may be like the man had said, that nothing is ever the way it appears on the surface. His forthrightness might have been designed to test us, to see what our next moves would be. We must never forget that he is living in a world of playing games. So, be careful!"

      Steve just nodded and smiled. "I know that," he said. "This means that you shouldn't expect any quick answers either. It may take years to sneak a look inside the Empire, discreetly. In the meantime, we must assume that his threats, and his warnings, were real, and that they are every bit as scary as they were made out to be. This also means that you have to stay low and stop fighting them. Since you cannot really do that, you must shift your fighting onto a level that they cannot comprehend, which is the level of the Principle of Universal Love. We all must work at this level. The universality of love, the lateral model as you call it, may be the one thing that the fondi know absolutely nothing about. Besides, that is where the real breakthrough needs to be made. We need this breakthrough to be able to defeat the fondi's plan. We have to win this game before they even know that anything is happening."

      "That's easier said than done," I reminded Steve.

      Steve shook his head. "It's easy," he said, "and you, Peter, have already discovered that. I would even say that this is the only worthwhile thing to do."

      "What did I do to deserve this fine comment?" I asked, surprised.

      "Don't you remember, Peter? You joined me in helping those elderly folks with their luggage. As far as I can see," said Steve," this little human act may have been the only incidence that happened in Venice, while we were there, that is useful towards the elimination of nuclear weapons. That's the best that came out of the three days of the conference."

      "And the glass sculptures, too," I added.

      Steve nodded. "But the rest, and I mean all of our joggling acts of diplomatic game playing, really didn't accomplish anything, did they? Playing those games made matters worse. Compared to that, our little act of helping those people with their luggage had a lot of substance behind it, a lot of humanity, a lot of love. It's like the woman in the green dress had said, quoting John, that God is Love, and that without love in our heart we cannot see God. Here begins the real diplomacy. And that, Pete, is how peace is won. It is the only platform on which peace can be won. Consider our little act of love today as a coin. With each new coin like that, that is laid into account in this manner, one at a time, little by little, the world can be transformed. If that happens enough, love becomes infectious like a positive, life-giving 'virus' that spreads like wildfire across the Earth and disables the organs of evil. Then nuclear war will be become unthinkable. Even war in general will become unthinkable and therefore obsolete, including economic and cultural warfare and things like that."

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