Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 11 - Perfidious Albion

      I reached my hand out to him as he did earlier, for a handshake, but there was no response from him, not the slightest motion. The man simply walked away without a reply or even an attempt to insult or threaten me further. He merely walked away. However, he turned back after he had taken a few steps towards the nearest side street.

      He stopped. "You forgot to mention the coming Ice Age," he said in a calm manner. "The Ice Age proves everything."

      "It proves nothing," I replied.

      "It proves that you are impotent," said Palmerston. "The Ice Age is coming soon. It comes with a cold spell that civilization and nine-tenth of mankind will not survive, because we won't let the necessary development happen. If we were to allow civilization to survive, then the Fondi Empire wouldn't survive. But we will survive, and we will survive in the Ice Age World as in the olden days with a few million people for us to rule over. The Ice Age World will become a nice, small, feudal world that we will rule over for a hundred millennia."

      "You are not just arrogant, but also stupid when you are dreaming that this will work." I countered him.

      Palmerston just laughed. "Who would stop us? You are the dreamer when you think that anything can stop us, especially you. You are also a hypocrite. You have been telling me all night how holy and noble you are as the champion of the cause of humanity. That's just talk, isn't it? In reality you shit on mankind and ram the knife deeper into its heart. You have no moral commitment, none at all. That's why you will join us by your own free will. In fact, by your own action, you have already joined us in your heart. You are actively aiding our cause every day. That's the fact. I had hoped it wouldn't be necessary to rub your nose in the shit that comes from your own soul."

      "What shit?" I interjected. "I meant every word that I said."

      "Words are cheap," said Palmerston. "Look at your deeds. Every time you pull up to the gas pump with your car, you actively support genocide in the dark places on earth, and support terrorism, and that's just for starters. And you do this knowingly. You are perfectly aware that 10% of what comes out of the gas pump isn't gasoline, but is ethanol that was brewed from corn and other food products. It is not possible that you cannot be aware of this, because it's advertised on the gas pump itself. The label E5 means that 5% of the fuel you buy is ethanol. You are literally taking food out of the mouths of a starving humanity and burn it in your car. While this process is still small and not 15% yet as it is slated for, you are supporting it. By 2010, the agricultural acreage devoted to growing the feedstock for ethanol would normally be able to feed 100 million people. In an already starving world that adds up to genocide. The worldwide genocide that you personally support by your own continuing involvement in the biofuels holocaust, is set up to be 30 times as large in 2010, on an annual basis, than Hitler's holocaust has been of the entire Nazi period, combined. In other words, every time that you pull up to the gas pump and fill up your tank, you shit onto the starving of mankind and commit them to an agonizing death with a disdain and indifference that has never before been seen on this planet on such a vast scale. And you also support terrorism. Of every dollar that you pay for gasoline, a portion goes to paying taxes, and a portion is devoted to financing terrorism via the Saudi's al-Yamamah deal that serves a multibillion dollar slush fund for financing terrorism to destabilize the nations of the world. And this is what you are actively supporting every day, at least you should know this, as it is not really a secret, isn't it. It's plain to see. But oh now, this won't even enter your mind when you look into the mirror each night. You look into the mirror with closed eyes and a closed mind."

      "That's not fair!" I interjected. "I have no control over these processes that are linked to the gas that I need for my car."

      "Oh, sure, Peter, tell this to the victims of the terror that you help finance. Look them into the eye as they squirm. And tell this to the starving whose food you burn in your car, whom you condemn to death. Their blood is on your hands too. Of course you don't control the processes that cause these tragedies, but neither do you raise a finger to stop them. By your own action, you are already on our side. You behave like one of us, completely high minded, and totally indifferent to the human condition. The difference is that you lye to yourself about it. At least we are honest. We admit to the genocide that we cause, and even tell you why. For decades our agents have openly proclaimed that we want 80% of mankind eliminated from the planet, and instead of complaining and whining as you do, society didn't raise a finger to stop us, but said in essence, ok, do it. Society said, ok, do what you must, the world is too full, you are right, we need to cull the herd. In fact, the entire world is saying this. As I said to you, the proof lies in the Ice Age. We are in an Ice Age World already. The transition may have begun, or is near. Mankind is facing the greatest crisis in its entire history, as its food resource is about to disappear when agriculture becomes disabled. Now look around you. Do you see anyone demanding the governments to react to protect the world's endangered food resources in indoor facilities? Nobody is standing in the hustings. You were the only one so far, and the little ripple you made won't go far. We have successfully blinded the entire world to the fact that the Ice Age transition is near. At the present time it would still be possible for humanity to rescue itself by creating large-scale projects for indoor agriculture, with which to assure its food supply in an Ice Age world. It would take a hundred years to build the infrastructures, should you decide to build them. I am certain those vast infrastructures could be built if we were to allow that. Humanity is extremely resourceful, but we won't allow it to happen, when it is so easily prevented. People will sneer at you when you tell them that they must help prepare the world for the coming Ice Age. Consequently nothing will happen. No Ice Age Renaissance will ever be seen on this planet. We've closed the door to that already. And it isn't primarily about money. The global warming hoax isn't ultimately about money. As I told you, our policies aren't primarily about money. We own all the money. Our key policy is the survival of the Empire. Nor are the steps towards that goal focused on power. We have all the power that matters to us. The prime policy-imperative is the survival of the system of empire, the survival of our elite 'civilization,' the imperial 'civilization.' An imperial 'civilization' cannot survive in a highly developed humanist renaissance civilization. The two are mutually exclusive. That is why an Ice Age Renaissance will never be allowed, even if this denial leads to the death of nine-tenth of mankind. And so, as you know, the Ice Age Renaissance is not even on the agenda, or anything close to it. This will never be happening. It simply isn't on anybody's mind; and will remain that way." He laughed as he said this. "The Ice Age glaciation will come as it always has for the last two million years, and it will decimate mankind as it has in all the previous glaciation cycles. You want to rescue mankind from that. That's like rescuing it from itself. That's laughable. It won't happen. You can't even rescue yourself from your own gross immorality."

      "The Ice Age Renaissance is needed. Consequently it will happen," I answered him.

      Palmerston laughed again. "You are so naive, you would make a great comedian. Just answer me this: Who in the world is even talking about an Ice Age? No one is! We've put them all asleep dreaming about global warming. Mankind is living in an Ice Age World right now. In order to survive it would need to respond to the Ice-Age-imposed schedule now, and I do mean right now. Mankind would have to be actively engaged right now in creating the technologies and building the industries for creating the infrastructures. That should have already been started. But it hasn't even been talked about yet, has it? Do you see any evidence of anyone even wanting to create an Ice Age Renaissance in order to save 99% of humanity from starvation 100 years from now? There is nothing happening on this front, because we haven't allowed it. We've promoted deindustrialization instead. We also promoted the idea of global warming. With society being tied into knots over global warming, it won't be looking at the approaching Ice Age. Everybody is talking about the postindustrial utopia of narrow-minded poverty, because we've promoted it. We created that greenhouse gas global warming fantasy in order to get your idiots to destroy your own industries to comply with it. It will cost America ten times the original cost to recreate the industries that are being destroyed right now at our bidding. America is on the fast train going backwards. When your people have fully complied with our demands and destroyed all your industries, then we'll quietly announce that global warming was after all just a sad mistake, oops! Of course you'll never get your industries back. You'll launch into massive crash-programs out of sheer desperation, and we'll watch you wreck yourself in the process of trying. That's how the Soviet Union is presently wrecking its economy and killing its population on that mad notion of creating the SDI system on their own, as we have suggested they should."

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