Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 164
Chapter 11 - Perfidious Albion

      "You talk like you are owning the world already," I interjected.

      "We will soon own the world, but even now, nobody can stop us. That's one of the hardest things for you new people to understand," said Palmerston. "Society is just as naive. People look at the Great Depression of the 1930s and say to themselves, we got out of that, the economy recovered, we survived this little glitch and came out stronger. Indeed, the American society did come out stronger, but this won't happen again. Roosevelt took over the government and overturned what we had set up. He took control of the Federal Reserve and gave the nation its money back and its credit. After that he started a huge program of infrastructure building and rebuilding. America has built vast water management projects, electric power projects, industrial projects, and transportation projects. Everybody was working and had a good and secure life to look forward to. The American people had universal health care, social security, and the best education. The farmers got equitable prices for their products that they could live with and prosper. That's what got America out of the Great Depression. Roosevelt's policy did this. And even before Roosevelt, America survived the Depression in the thirties because the family farm was still a viable entity to deliver the needed food. None of that still exists. Nothing will happen to save society during the next crash, which is coming soon. This crash will not cause just another depression. The coming collapse will cause a Dark Age such as you have never seen before, which most people cannot survive unless their survival is deemed useful to us, for which we implement exceptions."

      "America will survive. We have survived the worst," I countered him, almost inaudibly now. "When the chips are down America will find the new leaders that can get it out of its mess. This may happen again with policies like Roosevelt's."

      "You are dreaming," said Palmerston. "This will never happen again. Roosevelt was a traitor from our midst, working against us. We will make sure that there will never be another Roosevelt on the political horizon. If anyone as much as speaks the name Roosevelt, he will be stomped into the ground politically. He will be wiped out so fast that his name will be mud instantly and remain mud for decades to come. Look at LaRouche, what an example we made of him. We vilified him. We put him in jail. And when he ever gets out, we'll vilify him some more. Just talk to anyone on the street and mention the name LaRouche, and people will call him a nut-cake. That's how powerful and efficient our Illuminati have become. Even your Presidents, should one ever be as foolish enough to speak the big 'R' word, or to even think it, will be stomped into dust. We didn't have this capability in the 1930s. That's why Roosevelt slipped by our guard and defeated us and saved the nation. That won't happen again. World War II became our training ground where psychological warfare was put on the map. Our Illuminati now own the process. They made it their task to assure that Delanor Roosevelt was the last of his kind. There won't be another Roosevelt ever. Naturally, without him America will not survive except on our terms. That's the point. And our terms will be harsh, as harsh as Hitler's terms were for the useless eaters. Why do you think we are promoting Islamic and Christian fundamentalism as we do? We do it to lower the platform of civilization around the world, to prepare the world for our One World Rule without elected governments, a rule that reverts back to the old bankers dictates that Shakespeare had laughed at with his play, the Merchant of Venice. We are getting back to that. We are going back to primitive rule, but on the whole front. We own the food production. We own the production of everything that people need. We'll be rationing things out to whoever we want. Most of all, we own the money. I can assure you that soon people will be lining up at our door, begging us to be allowed to join. They'll be willing to give their life for the opportunity that I am offering you right now. I am offering you a wonderful chance to make a name for yourself in one of our many Illuminati organizations, which form the leading edge, while few people even know they exist."

      I nodded slightly and most hesitantly, with a sickening feeling in my gut.

      He seemed pleased with this reaction, until I spoke about Kennedy.

      "You can't be so sure, as you boast you are. You failed in the past, and you'll fail again. You allowed Kennedy to slip by your guard, didn't you? He spoke the 'R' word and got elected. He didn't speak the 'R' word directly, but he spoke about universal economic development. He became President on this platform. He rearranged the financial system to some degree for this development. He created the Space Program. He made it possible for America to develop the technologies and the infrastructures to usher in a New Era. Not only did he inspire America to put a man on the moon, which was a hard goal, but he also inspired them to over-achieve. The American people put two men on the moon, and not only once, but repeatedly, and they brought a car along to drive around in it. That venture made America rich. For every dollar that America spent on this technological frontier, it ended up fourteen dollars richer in economic benefits. Those riches were derived from the various types of fallout from the science driver programs. All of America was glowing with optimism in those days. The country was rich in innovations. It must have been immensely painful for your fondi to watch us in America coming out of the shell of impotence that your Illuminati had created during the McCarthy and Truman era."

      Palmerston's smile faded.

      "Kennedy was an exception. He was a brilliant man," Palmerston said moments later. "Of course, his family was on the wrong side, as you would see it. But he had an idea, a right idea, and it wasn't even his idea. The idea that he toyed with was to implement the General Welfare Principle that the USA is founded on, and to implement it with scientific and technological progress. His second idea was to spread the implementation of this principle across the world. You cannot imagine what this would have meant, had he succeeded. It would have created a renaissance for America and a deathblow for every empire on the planet. Kennedy had to be executed for his intended crime against the Empire. In this respect he was a stupid man. As you may recognize now, his legacy had to be destroyed with him. The Vietnam War became absolutely necessary to achieve that end, and in order to get the war going we had to kill Kennedy. He had already ordered the US withdrawal from Vietnam. We were sweating until one of our best insiders managed to find a way to countermand Kennedy's withdrawal order, and to keep the withdrawal order hidden until the President was dead. Once he was dead, the war was quickly ramped up. Of course, once the war was successfully raging and killing people, we organized the peace movement in America as a cultural warfare element that was designed to destroy the USA culturally from within in order to preempt every chance that might unfold for the USA to recover itself from that war. The bottom line is, we weren't at war with Kennedy at all, not personally. His family was on our side. But we were at war with the principle that he represented, and I must say we were quite successful in shutting this principle down. The Vietnam War was a splendid success story."

      "No, it wasn't a success story. Why don't you admit your defeat?" I interjected. "You have screwed up with Kennedy. The assassination was almost impossible to cover up. It is not unknown in the world that you somehow countermanded the Presidential order to withdraw from Vietnam, and then kept the war going and made a mess of it. People are also aware that you created the peace movement to exploit the momentum of the war for an even deeper destruction in America. That was done in the old Venetian style, a replay of the Venetians staging both the Reformation and the Counterreformation, which once unleashed eighty years of war. But this old trick didn't work for you in America either. America wasn't torn by internal cultural war. The peace movement and its focus on love elected Nixon for his promise to stop the war, and it held him to it until the last American soldier was back home, whereby the war ended. You had failed on every front. America recovered perfectly after the war. You failed big time Mr. Palmerston. This means that you can fail again."

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