Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 11 - Perfidious Albion

      "And that's how it really works?" I said.

      "On average things work out exactly as we have planned," he said, "even with everybody thinking that they are playing their own game and doing their own thing. We have a word for this kind of multi-level game. We call it 'synchronized-anarchy.' The French are more elegant. They simply call it synarchism."

      "It appears that a whole lot of different projects come together under this name," I replied.

       "We are getting more efficient in using people," said Palmerston. "We have come a long ways since the days of feudalism, even since the days of colonialism. Now we are in the age of synarchism. With too many empires competing with each other, as we had it in the colonial days, things became too inefficient. The world has become too small for that. There is only enough room for a single empire in the world. When we get it set up the world will be at peace. The world will be a giant Roman Pantheon, with all having a little autonomy to do their thing, but not too much of it, and we will be the master of everything. All the big nations will be broken up into tiny fragments that we will control. Don't you think that this is a far better arrangement than everybody fighting each other? So you see, we are really peace-loving people at heart on the higher level. Unfortunately, this higher goal has not yet been fully reached. Until then, there is still a lot of joggling to be done on the everyday level, to break down the resistance, to eliminate the nation states as functional entities. Stuff like that. Unfortunately, in order for this end game to be won, things need to get nasty for a while. How else can we be effective and reach our goal quickly? Surely, you can see the need for this, can't you?"

     "I suppose you regard this as something that can't be avoided," I commented.

      "That's just the way things are," he said. "Sometimes some of the countless groups that we support also fight each other. This can get nasty too, but it adds a little spice to the game, which is good. It helps to obscure the master plan still further. It makes the game interesting and incredibly non-transparent. So the spice is good my friend."

      "This means you are fallible after all," I said and smiled.

      "We don't expect everything to work out all the time," said the man. "Stupid people make stupid moves. They start wars that backfire, or they can't get the wars going that we want, even with our support behind them."

      "I suppose you can turn even that to your advantage," I egged him on.

      "At times this is more amusing than irritating," Palmerston replied. "It can get embarrassing at times when one of our groups gets cheeky and tries to imitate us. These are usually fascist groups. Those people are stupid. They play grossly executed single level games that are so transparent that it is actually embarrassing to watch. Usually we get the conspiracy hunters to go after them and expose them."

      "That adds some spice for the news media too, which you also control," I commented. "This keeps the public's eyes off the real thing, right?"

      "I see you are getting the drift," said the man.

      "I suppose, you don't organize all the minor details anyway, those that don't really matter in the overall context. Am I aright?" I asked.

      "The spice obscures the central issue. That's not a trivial matter. We value that," answered Palmerston. "Otherwise, you are quite correct. That is also the reason why I can say with certainty that you can't possibly know what the cruise missile incidence was all about. You don't even know if it was a part of our strategy. Should you be lucky enough to figure this out, you still don't know what level of strategy it was a part of and which group was behind the game."

      "No one in the world can figure this out," I agreed.

      "And that makes us invincible," said the man. "That is also what I am offering you to become a part of."

      "Let me get this straight," I said. "You are telling me that if you launch a terrorist incidence that kills, say, 10,000 people, that this horror show might be just a cover-up for other games lurking in the background. Are you saying that the same hand that killed those people might also set up a relief fund to aid the survivors and pledge massive contributions to that fund, publicly, while at the same time the other hand is busy orchestrating the real game for the ultimate destruction of the entire country? In other words, you can meet your objective without anyone even suspecting that it was you who did it. But you say you won't stop there. You'll use the worldwide public outrage as another cover to launch a nuclear terror attack against China, Russia, and India, to soften the ground. These are the levels of strategy that you are talking about, aren't they? And you expect me to join that?"

      The man nodded.

      "Ultimately, you can't escape joining us," he said moments later and began to grin, "because your own country will become contractually obliged to serve us contrary to its own interest and whatever is left of its humanity. This is easily done. As soon as the Soviet Union falls - for which we have the traitors already vetted, educated, and financed - a strong Europe is no longer needed as a counter pole. At this point we begin the looting of Europe with one hand, while with the other hand we guide the nations to join in a bond for their common protection against us, which our agents of course will control. Once this bond is formed it serves as a noose around the neck of all the nations. As soon as this is done we will tighten the noose, and tighten it, and tighten it, until the nations squirm and can no longer escape. As the noose gets tightened, we will add treaty after treaty to the legally binding bond by which the nations give up their sovereignty in every respect. With these treaties we will force the nations to loot their populations evermore viciously and hand over the loot to our banks, supposedly to bail them out, so that the countries won't collapse any further than we will have collapsed them by then. From this point on we will have achieved total governance by treaty obligations, which means total dictatorship over them. In other words, the national governments will then no longer govern anything, but exists merely as collection agencies in our service, which we will then demand to impose absolute fascist austerity on their population to the point that mass starvation and mass death will occur. We will than have a systemic control over all of Europe that will be similar to Hitler's concentration camp system, except that the camps in this case will be the former nations."

      I just shook my head in disbelief.

      "We don't intent to stop there, Peter," Palmerston continued. "One of the treaty obligations will commit the nations to the principle of their common defense. If one nation is attacked, all must come to its defense. That's an easy commitment to get, right? As soon as we have this treaty commitment in the bag, we'll stage a terrorist attack. Terrorism is one of our well-perfected specialties. Of course, in fighting terrorism the logic dictates that you must eradicate the source. Under this, thereby expanded treaty commitment, out-of-area deployment of any military capability of any nation can be mandated and mobilized to attack any nation anywhere in the world that is deemed to support or harbor terrorism. And since the USA is a part of NATO, which becomes integrated into the treaty commitment, every small country in the world can be eradicated with the combined forces that we thereby control. We can literally dictate thereby, Peter, which people in the world your soldiers must hate and must murder on command. That's the New World Governance by treaty obligations that we control, Peter, and I can guarantee you that there won't be an escape possible for you from this world. This means that you would be wise to join us while you still have a chance to have a place on the inside under favorite terms. You might even have a chance to soften the tragedy."

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