Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 160
Chapter 11 - Perfidious Albion

       Palmerston stopped, waiting for my reaction.

      "Your own people are doing these ugly things, Peter," said Palmerston. "And the reason why they are doing this is astonishingly simple. They are doing it, because we created a movement with our Illuminati that demands this to be done. As I said earlier, you are killing more than ten million people a year for us. You are doing this on our orders. We demand that these people won't have a chance to develop themselves and use up their country's resources, which belong to us, as I have said before. Our Environmental Illuminati is one of the most powerful groups that we have. It exists to assure that the mass-killing operations are expanding. Unfortunately it still falls far short of its potential. It could be immensely more effective than it is. In time it probably will be. There is talk about developing a whole new disease vector that effects the food supply and is transmitted by protected natural processes. Apparently the killing potential is endless in the biological arena."

      I just shook my head in disbelief over his arrogance.

      "You are right," he said. "You wouldn't fit in with them. The people who are in this group have no humanity left in them, not the slightest shred of it. The horrors they instigate cause quiet and deep insanity in them that is slowly destroying them as a people. It's a kind of occupational hazard," he said and laughed. "It's destroying them as human beings, because they know that the killing could be stopped with a change in policy, which of course we won't allow. We turned them into beastmen, and now they find themselves trapped, and in a rage.

      "Our Beastmen, oops, Environmental Illuminati, have also banned the CFC refrigerants, which had once made refrigeration affordable around the world, including in poor countries," he said. "The rich in the rich countries can afford the large price increases for the new systems that utilize expensive and inefficient refrigeration, but the poor countries can't afford this nonsense. That is how we are depopulating the poor countries without anyone in the world even raising an objection. With refrigeration fast breaking down, the poor people's already scarce food resources will invariably spoil. We'll be seeing more and more of this in the near future. People will quietly die in large numbers once the cold-chain begins to disintegrate. In this manner our Environmental Illuminati might soon be killing more people per year than the historic Master-Beastman Adolf Hitler had killed in his entire reign.

      "Of course, as you may already know," Palmerston continued, "our gentle Beastmen Illuminati have already got a process launched for banning 80% of mankind's fossil fuel use under the guise of global warming. Without large-scale energy use the global industries will collapse, farming will collapse, transportation will collapse, and civilization will end. If our gentle Beastmen Illuminati can pull this off, which is not certain at this stage, the resulting killing, oops, depopulation, will be phenomenal. It will be on a scale that is unimaginable in today's terms. All of this, of course, will happen one way or another. Nobody can really stop us, least of all, you. As I said, you and your few friends are nothing but a bunch of amateurs."

      I raised my hand to stop him.

      He just smiled. "Of course you have to object," he said. "Your humanity won't allow anything else, but it won't stop the depopulation that we have already started to set into motion. You can't stop it, working from the outside. The multifaceted assault by our Environmental Illuminati will so collapse the populations in the darker skinned regions of the world that their populations will dwindle and fizz out. This is our goal. As I said, the Third World people do exert undue pressure onto the natural resources of the world, which should be conserved for our future requirements. Conservatism is mankind's future. Conservatism means poverty and starvation. It stands opposed to universal development that would enable mankind to live, but would endanger every empire in existence. Consequently, we'll let the Third World go to hell, to start with. You know what I mean with that. We'll give them their freedom."

      "You mean the freedom of the grave yard," I interjected.

      "Our people call this population management," he said and smiled.

      "Artificial population collapse is genocide!" I replied.

      "Why do you use such harsh words?" said the man. "We call it population management. A rancher would call it, culling the herd. Population collapse and genocide are harsh terms, Peter. Sure, that's what it adds up to in the end. It's easily arranged by taking away what people need to live. However, we prefer to call it population management, because people love it that way. They help us to do this. Management is something noble. It appears to be intelligent. We simply tell society that the world is overpopulated and offer a few pennies to whichever scientist can proof it. I actually couldn't believe how many scientists came stampeding to our door to 'prostitute' their conscience for the few pennies we offered to get their valued support for our gentle Beastmen Illuminati's doctrines. The DDT and CFC bans have killed countless millions of people, and the global warming fossil fuels ban will cause far more damage still. It is really amazing, Peter, how many 'prostitute' scientists support us on the global warming front already, for just a few pennies. Naturally, there exists no scientific imperative for any of these bans. The 'prostitute' scientists provide us with the imperatives. It is amazing to watch how readily, and for how little, some scientist are willing to stand before society and betray its trust with lies of the foulest sort, like insisting that the grass is red and the sky green. Of course we also have active environmental programs in progress, like the one that created abject poverty in Africa that turned much of Africa into a disease-breeding caldron, which for example produced AIDS for the world. Environmentalism has become the new name of antidevelopment activism and the destruction of humanity and humanist culture.

      "So, what do you think," Palmerston added finally and sat down again. "Which program would you like to join? As you see, we own all the cards in every game. You can't possibly challenge us on this vast front, which we control. To attempt such a foolish thing would be like hitting your head against a wall. Wouldn't you rather be joining us? In fact, our Illuminati network is so vast and diverse that most people and organizations that are a part of it are not even aware that they are primarily serving us."

      "And that's how you work?" I said in a normal tone of voice with a faint smile, almost giving the man a compliment.

      "That's the only way an empire can work these days," he said smiling. "The religious groups want to do things their way. So we let them. We know how they react. We know for instance how a castle has to move in a chess game. So, we use our 'castles', as we need them. And the other groups want to do things their own way, too, usually some other way. The chess game has many types of pieces that all move their own way. An expert player loves them all for what they can do. He uses them like so many different tradesmen that offer their services for hire. That's how we look at the Illuminati. We just plug them in as needed. The bankers for instance, they know that their looting operations are collapsing the economies, and so do we. And this is precisely what we want them to do. So we encourage them to do their thing. Sometimes they come to us and demand that we rearrange the world for them. They demand a big war now and then, the bigger the better, behind which they always manage to reshuffle the deck and find some new ways to get their feudal financier system working again. It appears they have their eyes set on totally stealing the world's physical resources, this time around, rather than merely stealing the world's money that is fast becoming worthless. So we help the bankers to get what they need? After all, they are a big part of the Fondi Empire. So, in order to help them, we go to the war boys. We give the war boys a few hints and the usual 'support' and they will cook something up on the scale that serves our empire's purpose. We might even involve the bestiality freaks of the Hitler types. We can trust them to make the whole operation effective. That's all we do. Then we stand back and let things happen. Occasionally a little adjustment may be needed, or a few countermeasures need to be put in place in order to make the whole thing look acceptable to the world. It's great fun playing both sides of the coin. We've become rather good at it."

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