Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 155
Chapter 11 - Perfidious Albion

     "Of course if America was honest enough to acknowledge its deep defeat and reflect this in its memorial wall, where it lists the casualties of this war," Palmerston continued, "then your people would have had to built another thousand more of such memorial walls, in order to inscribe on them the names of all the 'soft' casualties incurred in America from that war. In fact, if you had been even remotely honest with yourself about that war, you would have never used black marble for the memorial wall. You would have cut it out of white marble to indicate that you intended to white wash the whole affair."

      The man laughed. "Of course, you couldn't do that, because the American people really didn't know how our people within the American government had arranged this war to be played. Indeed, they may never know. Obviously even you didn't know what this war was all about. So I must repeat what I already said, that you and your friends in government are nothing but a bunch of amateurs when it comes to the big geopolitical games. And with those credentials you come to me and say that you want to defeat us. Don't make me laugh."

      "I will make you laugh, because we will defeat you," I answered. "No, not I, or we ourselves, but humanity will defeat you. We will defeat you, because you don't own the game. You didn't create Hitler. You merely financed Hitler into power. You may have also financed the architects of fascism to gain them the artificial esteem that they have been given, but you don't own the process. No one owns the process. You kill today, and you cause a rift in the fabric of society's humanity, and from that point on the process becomes its own master and corrupts you further. The bottom line is, you don't even own yourself. You are riding this avalanche that you have started. You are riding it together with the countless children in the Third World Countries to whom you have handed your guns with which they'll destroy their future. Some of them become masters in their own right. And so, over the years, your empire has created many masters, and masters of masters. What you say that you control is not really under your control at all. Once you start an avalanche in the mountains, you are no longer in control of its movement. The avalanche is in control of its own momentum and will take you down with it to rock bottom, just as it took down every empire that ever was. However, once the avalanche reaches the valley floor, its power is spent. The killing stops. The rift in the fabric in society's humanity begins to heal. Rome didn't fall as a victim of competing empires. It fell as a victim of itself. So, why don't you take a shortcut and bypass all the intervening tragedies and join my friends and me in rebuilding humanity. When the avalanche has run its course there will always be peace in the valley again. Peace and humanity are inevitable. The Principle of Universal Love is primary and is forever unfolding. Every war is followed by peace. Peace is inevitable. War is optional. Empire is optional. Both are ultimately suicidal. Only the renaissance of our humanity is life giving. I would suggest that you join us."

      Palmerston didn't answer. He paused just long enough to let this shock wear off.

      "You don't see the real picture," he said finally. "Your Sunday school fairy tales don't hold water anymore. They are dated. We can do what we aim to do and have done so. It is not a matter of whether we can do it? It's a matter of choice and timing. And you my good man have a choice to make, too. You should consider that a lot of things may become a bit unpleasant for you when those larger processes begin to unfold that you know we are capable of. They will hit you big time, they will! And they will probably kill you, unless of course you should choose to be on the surviving side, with us."

      The man laughed in a cruel and arrogant manner after he said this.

      The only thing that I could do in response was to shake my head. I might have cried had I not been so shocked. The entire experience seemed so utterly unreal.

      "Why should we be interested in America's survival?" added Palmerston moments later in response to my evident anguish. "America has no resources to crow about. To the contrary, they are pilfering what they use, from the rest of the world. So tell me, why should we let America use up the resources of the world that rightfully belong to us? America has nothing to offer us that would interest us, compared to the resources that are available in China, Russia, the Middle East, and in Africa. As I said, America is a huge liability in that respect. So, can you blame us if we want to turn this liability into an asset to advance our goal? That's basic economics, is it not? Every American can understand this. That's your way of life, isn't it?

      "Your only problem is that you're not yet used to think about these things in the larger context," he said moments later. "Once you see the global picture you will realize that the process that I've been talking about is exactly the same as your own that you are already pursuing. It's just bigger; that's all. Name me one American, who, if he had a loosing business anywhere in the world, and could sell that business for a really steep price, wouldn't jump at the chance and sell it. It's only simple business sense, isn't it? If you can turn a liability into a profit, I am sure that even you would do it. That's really what I'm saying that we are about. Historically, America has been a liability for the fondi. Today it is a useful fool. Tomorrow it may be let go for a profit in a firestorm that advances our objectives. Then it's good bye America. It's nothing more than common business practice to do this. Surely, you can understand such a simple thing."

      I stood up. I had had enough of it. I was tempted to just leave this place, this company, and to walk away. "This is getting more and more disgusting," I said to Palmerston, or whatever his real name was. He probably picked the name because it wouldn't be hard to remember. The name had been big in the headlines in the golfing world.

      "Sit down," Palmerston demanded. "I know this is all new to you. In fact it must be unbelievable to you, because you aren't accustomed to know the truth. The entire global society has been smothered with lies. We spend a great deal of effort on that, and anyone who questions our lies is immediately branded a conspiracy theorist. Society doesn't like to believe in conspiracies. We made sure of that too. We have convinced everybody that the world is far too simple and transparent to have room for conspiracies. We told everybody that conspiracies are fairy tales. We had no choice in this. If you are as intelligent as I think you are, you will understand that empires aren't build with armies and weapons, but with conspiracies. We conspire to achieve our objective. Naturally, we utilize every resource we can get our hands on to reach our goal. Wouldn't you? The empire has no need for a military power. It never had. We simply induce other nations to fight the wars for us that our goals require to be fought. It is easy to do that. And that is how the fondi operate, as an empire. It is clean, safe, and effective. That's the nature of conspiracies. Venice invented the process. How else could a tiny water-bound city-state rule all of Europe and beyond? Venice did what Rome with all its might had failed to do. It was all done cleanly, with conspiracies."

      He looked at me to observe my reaction. "The empires have done this for many hundreds of years, Peter, all the way back to the time when the Venetian Empire destroyed the Renaissance. Conspiracies aren't theory, my friend. They are the stuff that empires are made of. Every tycoon who runs a commercial empire knows that. It works! You just proved to yourself that we are highly effective in that, because you wouldn't believe a word of what I told you, though I told you the truth. Conspiracies are not designed to be transparent. This is one of the hardest things for you new people to recognize. Conspiracies are covered up with professionally crafted lies that nobody can see through, behind which we can change the world to our liking. It's as easy as that, and virtually impossible for anyone to defeat."

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