Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 148
Chapter 11 - Perfidious Albion

      "You say, this wasn't meant to be an attack, but a provocation," I said calmly. "In this case you need our government alive to respond to your provocation in the way you want them to respond. In other words, you need your stooges on Capital Hill that you have spent years to set up. So why would you want to blow them out of the water? That's probably the only reason why Washington DC still stands, and why it will never be hit with a big nuclear bomb. That also means that all the mumbo jumbo that you just gave me is a lye."

      Antonio and Palmerston looked at each other in silence and nodded.

      "You don't really want to blow up Washington, not even the Pentagon," I added after moments of silence. "You need those people to fight your dirty wars for you. You need them, just like you say you need me to help you. Isn't that so? And for the government to be able to do what you want them to do, you must provide a provocation. Anything big will do. That's why you also own the press and the entertainment media in our country, to get the public hyped up. You need the press and the TV networks to whip up hatred and hysteria against some imagined enemy in order that your provocation will be bearing the desired fruit. For this you wouldn't really need to hit the Pentagon, unless you're aiming to stage a nuclear end game, for which the Pentagon isn't needed or ever will be needed again. The Pentagon isn't a part of the nuclear war machine that you are aiming to use. It becomes expendable when you are aiming to bully America into nuclear war scenarios that have so far been resisted. The nuclear war games are controlled out of Omaha and the White House, and possibly also out of some NORAD locations with command capabilities. One single word from the White House or any one of those other locations and the world will be set on fire at your will. I am certain that you hadn't something like that in mind."

      "Not just yet," interrupted Palmerston. "The coming watchword will be preemption, nuclear preemption. When this happens watch out!"

      "That's why you didn't really want to blow up Washington or only the Pentagon just yet," I cut him off. "Your aim was terrorism. Destroying a small city with your nuclear cruise missile would have served your real purpose far better. Isn't that so? Maybe you were aiming at Baltimore that has no strategic value. Your cruise missile getting unhindered past Washington would have multiplied America's perceived vulnerability. Psychological warfare is your real game, isn't it? With it, you can disable a nation overnight and turn it into a compliant vegetable that will do anything you ask."

      Palmerston nodded again and smiled.

      "I just wanted to have this part confirmed by you," I said to him. "That is the reason why I brought up the Capital Hill as a target for you to comment on, just to get your reaction."

      "You have passed the test," said Antonio as calmly as I had spoken to him. "You should realize something, and this is the reason why you will want to work with us, that the sooner we are in total control of the world, the sooner will the world become free of war. Except, we can't do this alone. We must have help from reliable people on the inside. As you know, nuclear war is a delicate and dangerous game. One slip-up could end civilization. As I think I know you, I mean as a person, you'd give your life for the chance to prevent a major holocaust. I am offering you this chance, and I'm asking much less in return."

      "You didn't say this correctly," I interrupted Antonio. "You are telling me that you can't break a great industrious and compassionate nation like ours, unless we do the destruction ourselves from within. You can only achieve your goal with a lot of help from rogue elements in high places, so that our own people destroy our nation. Divide from within, and conquer, right? That's the game, isn't it?"

      "You are perceptive," Antonio smiled. "That's how things are done in the empire. We devise the plans...." He started to laugh in mid sentence. "You have the best professionals in the business. That's why we need help from you to get our plans to work. That's why we own most of the rogue elements of your government's covert strategic operations divisions, and top level people in the CIA, the FBI, and the Justice Department. Without America's help, we wouldn't stand a chance, but that's not a problem since we own all the relevant people. We get all the help that we want. We can do anything, just like we will get your help on the diplomatic front when that becomes necessary."

      "No, no, I won't be a traitor against my own country as you want me to be," I answered in protest.

      I almost forgot that the two men were still standing behind us.

      "I won't do it, even if you threaten to kill me right now," I said to Palmerston. "I won't help you to provoke my own country into destroying the world for you."

      "Don't be a fool, you can't stop this," said Palmerston. "The whole world is destroying itself on its own accord. We merely set up the direction. The game then proceeds on its own as if it was on autopilot. "

      I shook my head in disbelief.

      "Prove it to him," said Antonio to Palmerston.

      Palmerston just laughed. "No doubt you have heard of nuclear fusion power, the great promise for a world with infinite energy becoming available for mankind as soon as the scientific and technological breakthroughs are made. This is a lye," he said. "The entire promise is a lye, because it is fundamentally not possible, and even if it was, it's economically not feasible. It isn't possible because nuclear fusion is basically an energy consuming process. Consequently, there is no nuclear fusion power being produced anywhere in the Universe. This blocking factor is bypassed with another lye. In this case a specific fusion fuel is chosen that consists of two types of highly energized isotopes of hydrogen, which are comparable to charged batteries. Fusion is achieved by whacking the two types of batteries together till one breaks apart. A portion of the breaking up isotope is absorbed by the other isotope, that thereby becomes a helium atom, and the remaining energy of the fissioned isotope becomes free energy. The problem is that it takes presently ten times more energy to activate the process than the process gives back. Another show stopper is caused by the high energy of the neutron that is released by the fissioning isotope. The energy carried by the fissioning neutron is 100-times greater than anything encountered in normal nuclear reactors. The energy is so great that it destroys the metals the reactors are made of. Another showstopper is the fuel itself. The isotopes that are the charged batteries are plentiful on Earth, but are so highly diluted in water that it takes the processing of half a million tons of water to extract enough of one of the fusion isotopes for a single ton of fusion fuel. The other isotope doesn't exist naturally at all, but needs to be bred from lithium in a nuclear reactor, with lithium itself being plentiful in sea water, but at the low concentration of only one parts per million. The production logistics for the fuel cycle adds a third showstopper. All of this was known at the very beginning when the nuclear fusion power proposal was put on the table. It was known that the entire project was basically a fraud. And the purpose behind the fraud was two-fold. One fraudulent objective was to create a technological project that doesn't produce anything and never will, but is extremely large in scope so that it drain society's scientific talents and science-related resources into a dead-end pursuit that is by its very nature self-escalating. This project has worked so well that now, decades later, the costs in talents, men, and materials are going through the roof for the development efforts. The entire world is now working on this project and is draining its resources into this dead-end pursuit. The second fraud from the beginning, was to latch the hopes of mankind for an energy rich future onto an empty dream, which thereby actively prevents the development of the real resources at hand. That's why nothing is being said in the world about thorium nuclear fission power that is clean, inexpensive, and has a near infinite fuel supply for it, some 900,000 tons of it in the USA alone, readily available sitting on the ground unused. Nor is anything being said that the thorium fuel, per ton, has the same energy content than what the fusion fuel promises but cannot deliver. We've been so successful with this double fraud that mankind continues to dream of nuclear fusion power and drains its resources into it, while its truly immense energy resource remains untouched, for which the technologies have already been developed in the 1950s, and have been tested and then put on the shelf. This insane diversion is all our doing, as society is literally destroying itself at our bidding. Nor does it take a great deal of effort to keep the project on track. This is easily done, because we own the sciences, the media, and with it the thinking of society. Nor can you do anything to change that."

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