Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 146
Chapter 11 - Perfidious Albion

      "The Principle of Universal Love," I interrupted him.

      The man burst into laughter again. "The Principle of Universal Love," he repeated mockingly. "That wasn't even on the agenda during the Golden Renaissance. It wasn't more than just a faint idea then, wrapped up so deeply in Christian doctrine that it was barely seen. I believe they tried to bring the sacrament of Agape back during the Renaissance, but only in a superficial and ceremonial sense. Universal love was never seen as a universal principle, and still isn't. Only the people who ran the Venetian Empire at the time of the Renaissance were smart enough to see the potential of this principle for uplifting society. That's why they went out of their way to destroy the Renaissance before this principle would become recognized and be made known. Our Venetian founders unleashed eighty years of religious warfare to destroy the very notion of love down to the innermost core. They did it so that the very notion of universal love as a principle would be lost forever, just like the knowledge had been lost for a millennium that the Earth is a sphere, which had been totally lost during the dark ages. That physical reality that should have been obvious to any thinking person with an open mind, which the Pythagorean had recognized 3000 years ago, was no longer seen. This knowledge had been overlaid with the imperial plate of perceptional insanity. Religion served us well on that score, and it served us well also to bury the Principle of Universal Love before it would be recognized even to some degree by humanity for its profound potential."

      "But the Principle of Universal Love came back, didn't it?" I interrupted him. "It came back with the second Renaissance in Europe that gave humanity a new foundation for civilization with the Treaty of Westphalia. That treaty ended your precious eighty years of war. This treaty was built on the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. The Principle of the Advantage of the Other was the first major expression of the Principle of Universal Love. It became the foundation for modern civilization."

      "Very good," said Palmerston. "You are right on the mark. Still, you don't know what divides the world today. We have successfully buried the idea of the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. Sure, the Treaty of Westphalia that was built on this principle became the first international constitution, the key for modern international relations. But we buried it. We buried it deep. The idea is dead now, never to rise again. But there is another element of the that principle that you should have mentioned, that reflects the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. You should know what it is, but you don't. So let me give it to you straight. It is the General Welfare Principle. The General Welfare Principle is the most dangerous principle for any empire to overlook. It came right out of the Peace of Westphalia. Germany was built up out of a patchwork of division into a nation by this principle. America made the General Welfare Principle the keystone of its Constitution. Every war that was fought on our behalf from this time on was fought to destroy this principle. You must understand why we create war. Wars aren't fought anymore for territory. Wars are fought to destroy the principle of the general welfare, to destroy the core principle of civilization. We set up wars is such a way that they last for a very long time. We are not interesting in winning wars. We are interested in keeping them smoldering until they have destroyed civilization sufficiently that the General Welfare Principle will never endanger the slavery processes that enable the existence of empires. That is why we created and guided the French Revolution. This single revolution of ours destroyed the Renaissance culture of Europe more deeply than anything else ever had. After the French Revolution, Napoleon was fighting our wars on an even wider platform, without even being aware that he did this for us. We are so highly successful in this process of staging wars, because the intent for our wars never comes fully to light, nor would anyone believe us if we told them."

      "People will believe me, and I will tell them," I interrupted him.

      "Don't make me laugh again," he replied. "People won't believe you, because it is unbelievable what you would tell. We have already destroyed China and India, did you know that?"

      "China and India haven't been destroyed," I countered him. "What are you talking about? China and India are on track of becoming each an economic superpower."

      The man just laughed again. "Your answer proves that you know nothing. We destroyed the potential for them to become an economic power. We destroyed it in both countries. Asia has one fundamental problem, and China has almost recognized that problem and might have fixed it had we not turned their ship around. The Achilles Heel of Asia is that it doesn't understand the power of the General Welfare Principle. Their destruction is assured by this single fundamental weakness. We inspired China and India to become a slavery power for America and Western Europe. In this way we hit all bases at once. China produces goods with a slave labor policy, and sells their product below the cost of production. China can sell its products to you cheaply, because it doesn't have to pay for the social and physical infrastructures that are necessary for maintaining a population. China is simply using its people up. It is grinding them into the dust on our command. China thereby prevents its own economic development even though it desperately needs this development to deal with its massive poverty. More than 70% of the people of China and India live in absolute poverty. China and India aren't on the way of becoming an economic superpower at all. They are on the fast track of becoming a super-disaster on an unimaginable scale that has the potential of taking the entire world down into a New Dark Age. That's how highly successful we have become in Asia, and you didn't even recognize it. And with Asia as our secret weapon, we are on the fast track of destroying America and Western Europe. From the moment on that America has trashed its constitution at our bidding, and turned its back onto the General Welfare Principle, America was doomed, and Western Europe, which follows America, was doomed with it. With the General Welfare Principle relegated to the ash can of history, America became the importer of slave-labor products. No one in America can compete with slave-labor products, because the pricing structure in America includes the cost of maintaining the social and physical infrastructures that are necessary for maintaining a productive society. With the importation of slave-labor products, which became possible once the General Welfare Principle was scrapped, we assured the destruction of America's industries, and the industries of Western Europe. We are on the fast track of getting America and Western Europe Asianized, which when it is complete, ends civilization."

      "That will never happen!" I interrupted the man.

      "You may be right," he conceded. "The whole system will likely collapse before this happens. That's what we ultimately want. Then we will simply mop up the pieces. That is how we will own the whole world."

      "You are crazy!" I interjected.

      The man shook his head. "Just consider this," he said. "Imagine that America becomes destroyed economically to the point that next to nothing remains standing of its once proud industries. Imagine that the dollar also collapses so that America has nothing left of value so that it is forced to stop importing slave-labor products from India and China, and other slave-labor nations. This means that suddenly most of China's economic structures, and India's too, which are largely geared to producing slave-labor products, will shut down. The word chaos is too mild a term to describe the outcome when this happens. What we are setting up is staged to become a global super-catastrophe. That's what I meant by us overlaying ancient tectonic plates."

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