Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 145
Chapter 11 - Perfidious Albion

      "Unfortunately it didn't work this time," he said. "It failed not because the weather was so bad that they had to launch the cruise missile from a closer distance to shore, nor did it fail because the launch had been observed." He said that there were other reasons involved why it failed. He also conceded some things don't always turn out the first time around, but he added that they always do turn out in the end.

      He explained that usually it doesn't cost very much to try, so why shouldn't they take a few risks? He pointed out that somebody else always supplies the material resources anyway, as well as the men that become sacrificed in the process.

      "This makes terrorism extremely cheap in comparison to what it can accomplish," he said. He even said that it was right for his empire to employ terrorism for such a noble goal as 'protecting' humanity. He said that I would agree with him some day on this point, including that a strong and iron-fisted imperial rule is the only platform on which humanity will be able to survive in the long run. He said that without imperial rule and its determination to reign in technological progress to a sustainable level, humanity would wipe itself out by the force of its technologies. "The technologies have already enabled mankind to increase its numbers way beyond what the Earth can support," he said. "When this happens both the Earth and mankind are in danger together and everyone may die," he concluded. "That is why a strong empire is needed to 'manage' the world. Depopulation by force may be distasteful to you, but really high-minded people, like you have the potential to become, can understand the necessity for it. Surely, something deep inside you tells you that this is so. Someone has to make the hard choices, even if the outcome 'stinks.'"


      It took me a long time before I could respond to the man. I was too stunned by his arrogance and his brutality, and his total lack of humanity. Still, I needed this dialog. I needed it to continue. I had a golden opportunity presented to me to talk some sense into someone in high places, to reason with him about truth, about the value of humanity and about the dignity of human life. I had no idea if this would be possible. I felt that if I could get one idea across to him, one single aspect of a single universal principle by way of a constructive dialog, I might win a great victory, greater than anything that has been achieved at the conference.

      I told him that I perceived that he wanted to create global poverty by which he expects humanity to become corrupted into becoming his empire's slaves as it had been during the darkest ages of unbridled feudalism. I told him that this would drive humanity back to a life of misery and starvation, by which half of humanity would die. I suggested that this is what the world would be like without technological progress and cultural development.

      He asked me with some obvious surprise, why I must always insist on defending humanity. Didn't I realize that humanity is only a tiny part of the living system of the Earth, and that we cannot sacrifice the Earth for humanity, that it must be the other way around? He said that humanity must be kept in chains, be divided, conquered, and be ruled over, or else it will make the world its playground, as it has already done to some extent, and will take from the Earth whatever it wants to in order to support its prosperous living.


      God, what could I say to counter this argument of insanity in a way that would make sense to him? I suggested to him that he was a hypocrite and for good reasons, because when humanity were to achieve its prosperous living, then it would not have to take its living from the Earth at all, but would create with the resources of its intelligence as human beings what the Earth itself can never provide. I suggested to him that if this were prevented, as he aims to do, then the Earth would indeed be too small. I told him that by itself the Earth could support no more than 10% of the present population. The rest is supported by technologies derived from scientific and technological development.

      I stopped and laughed at the emerging thought. It seemed that I finally figured him out. I told him that if scientific and technological progress were to be fully allowed and actively promoted, they would create a richer world for humanity than we can yet imagine, with vastly larger populations in every part of the world. It suggested to him that the Earth would indeed become too small when this happens, as he keeps saying. Except it wouldn't be too small for mankind. It would be too small for the fondi. It would leave no room for the fondi to have an empire. I pointed out that mankind would find its world infinitely richer and more spacious, and more beautiful, so much so that the imperials wouldn't find the smallest niche to exist and have the slightest chance for their empires to continue looting society as they do today.

      "Is this what you really mean with the world becoming too small? Is that what you are terrified of?" I asked. "That's what you really mean when you say that the world is becoming too small, isn't it? Human progress would leave you no room for your looting insanity to flourish. That's what you are afraid of. That's why human progress terrifies you so much that you try to stomp it into the ground at every opportunity you get. Isn't that so? Your fondi and all the world's would-be imperials would become an extinct species."

      I asked him if this is what he is really scared of. I suggested that he be honest in answering, at least to himself. I pointed out to him that it appears to me that he is prepared to destroy every nation in the world with the weight of his empire, through divisions and wars, for no other reason than to protect an imperial machine that has no right to exist since the destruction of humanity has been made the foundation for its existence.

      I pointed out to the man that his perception is all upside down when he insists that Indonesia has no natural foundation, simply because it was born out of the death of an empire. I pointed out to him that it is really HIS Empire that has no right to exist, because the policies that are necessary for its existence impose the death sentence on humanity. I pointed out that his empire is a disease that humanity must cure itself of, in order to bring light to the world.

      He just laughed and laughed. "Ah, so you understand us a tiny bit," he said in a mocking tone of voice. "I had expected that much of you. That is why I invited you here. You stand way above 99.9% of society in that regard, which doesn't know anything."

      "So you want me to join you in order to prevent me from educating society. You want to prevent me from opening my eyes further, until I figure you out completely, isn't that so?"

      Palmerston, or whatever his name was, laughed more intensely now. "This is really getting funny," he said. "You are far too na´ve to ever figure us out. The whole of humanity hasn't figured us out. It puzzled over us for half a millennium without getting anywhere, and you want to do this in a single lifetime? That's getting funny. I could tell you exactly what we are about, and you still wouldn't understand it, because you are not accustomed to thinking in broad historic terms. You wouldn't understand, because it would be unbelievable to you."

      "Try me!" I interrupted him.

      "Ok, tell me then, what has been the focus of all the wars in the world since the Golden Renaissance in the 15th Century, and even before that? What sets us apart from the rest of the world? What are we fighting against to maintain our existence?"

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