Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 144
Chapter 11 - Perfidious Albion

      He leaned back and made himself comfortable like a parent might before reading a bedtime story to the children. He sighed somewhat as if he despised telling stories to children, even though it was a task that had to be performed.

      Searching for words he began quietly and slowly, and with a less than respectful tone of voice. "The current global political situation," he said, "can be likened to the movements of continental plates. We are experiencing tectonic changes. We are now seeing the final denouement of the processes unleashed in 1914. We are seeing processes involving the break-up of huge empires. Russia is breaking up, and we see the dying gasps of the old Czarist control over Central Asia, with the sudden emergence of nationalities that no one heard of for centuries."

      He suggested of course that this wasn't happening on its own, but emphasized that it was happening, and would continue to be happening as the result of a chain of events unleashed by "the Empire." He said "the main thrust of British Foreign Policy is, without question, aimed at breaking up Russia, Indonesia, and "other empires." He cited Indonesia as an example, which he said is a natural fault line in the tectonic shifting, in which entire empires simply disappear.

      He explained that the political tectonic shifts are actually occurring backward from the way they are commonly understood in geologic terms. Geologically, it is understood that the tectonic plates of the Earth are in motion, and where they meet one plate is pushed under the other. He said that in the political tectonic process the reverse happens. He explained that his empire was in the process of overlaying all the other empire plates, which are then pushed into the ground by the sheer weight of the overriding imperial tectonic plate.

      "In Indonesia," he said, "East Timor is a fault line. If East Timor goes, then Aceh will go the same way, and then, what about the other islands? The fact is that Indonesia has no logic for existence. It is an empire that was formed in the process of combat against another empire. We are seeing the collapse of large empires, like the Soviet Empire, that were formed in fights against other empires."

      He said that as a consequence of this, new small nations were emerging. "Don't only look at the growing autonomy of Scotland and Wales as the sign of the times, look also at Central Asia where you can see the assertion of tiny little Khanates, like the Khanate of Khokand, that have not been heard of for 500 years. For that matter, look at Daghestan, or at the sub-sections emerging in Georgia. The huge old tectonic plates of empires are shifting and fracturing and are breaking up."

      He advised a careful study of the centuries of battle between the Roman and Byzantine Empire, and the Persian Empire, in order to get a better grasp of what is going on today, because, as he said, this is "absolutely fundamental to British policy," which he said is designed by the fondi behind the scene to encourage the process of the "break-up of empires."

      He spoke about nations as empires, and those nations standing in the way of his empire. He spoke about the Soviet Union as the Russian Empire, and the People's Republic of China, as the Chinese Empire. He said: "British foreign policy, for the last 200 years, has been based on one central idea, the break-up of other empires. The idea of sowing divisions among the Arab states is therefore axiomatic to the British Foreign Office. The Foreign Office is obsessed for example with breaking up the hold that Russia has on Central Asia, which of course the Empire requires to have done.

      "Look at the popularity of the books of Peter Hopkirk," he continued. "There is a deep fascination with these matters in Britain, which we have developed ages ago. Any encroachment toward India or Turkey is therefore regarded as antithetical to British interests, just as we wish it to be."

      Then he leaned back some more and chuckled: "Perfidious Albion is alive and kicking," he said. "The British Foreign Office has a certain agenda. It's an old agenda still continued. It's, divide and rule." He repeated the last words twice, "divide and rule, divide, and rule!"

      I didn't answer him. I was stunned. He spoke of nations as empires, which his empire was determined to exterminate by breaking them up into tiny regions that would then be incorporated into his empire, so that there would remain but one all-embracing World-Empire in the end; his grand Empire supported by globalized feudal looting.

      I understood well what this meant. It meant that many more wars would be required by the fondi to achieve their coveted goal to extinguish the nations. It meant that their intended series of killing wouldn't be over until China, India, Russia, Indonesia, Iran, the USA, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, even Canada, no longer existed in their present form as sovereign nation states.

      He had suggested that every major nation on the planet is already slated to be eliminated from off the face of it, and set up to be fractured to pieces. He stated bluntly that no one in the world could stop the fondi's empire from doing its thing, especially not us. He made us look hopelessly small.

      I asked him why he was so freely telling me of his empire's most secret plans. I could understand his reasons for wanting his empire to be the only ruling empire on the planet. But why was he telling me about it?

      His answer again, was totally stunning. He laughed and said that he wanted me to come to his side.

      Me, supporting his side? This sounded like a bad joke, an insult even. I told him that this would never happen. He insisted that it would. Then he laughed again. He said that it would happen in time. He predicted that I would never forget this night's meeting for as long as I lived. I would certainly remember it when the genocide operations begin, which will be initiated with horrible wars for tribal or ethnic "liberation" around the world; or wars for clashes of civilizations that would soften the ground; or wars that would destroy the USA directly and preferably by its own hands.

      He told me that I would most certainly remember his words then, because I would know what kind of forces are moving behind the scenes, forces of political tectonics, forces of empires grinding over other empires, as he referred to the nations, by which millions would perish. He also predicted that I would then recall his telling me that there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do to stop the tectonic movements, that our only option was to surrender to its force. He predicted that I would come begging to him one day in order to be able to do something to spare the lives of humanity, or at least some of them. He suggested that my coming to him wouldn't be an act of surrendering in real terms, but would merely be a recommitment of myself to the democratization of humanity, as he called the process of turning nations into a fractured world of isolated tribes or environmentally defined enclaves. He said that I would always remember that his empire doesn't fundamentally want any wars, that it merely wants humanity's compliance, and that it will get it one way or another, with or without "torture," and with or without me.

      He said that he was sure though that someone like me would want to help his empire to minimize the torture. He said that I might even be able to fulfill my most cherished goal this way, that of preventing a global nuclear war. He reminded me that I already had done so once, by spoiling his empire's cruise missile surprise that was designed to put the whole USA into a state of crisis, and paralyze it. Paralyzing a nation always opens its doors for a deep penetration. He said that this is what terrorism is designed to do.

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