Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The Venice Project

      Steve said that the Schiller Institute's pamphlet had carried a picture of Hitler positioned next to the UN emblem, with both being positioned under the headline, "Never Again!" A subtitle urged the delegates not to comply with the UN's demand for depopulation. "Stop the United Nations' Genocide Conference," read the subtitle."

      Steve laughed again. "I should have been angry in those days, because the pamphlet carried scientific data that I had personally contributed to," said Steve. "We had delivered proof that the whole carrying capacity hoax, which the depopulation demands were based on, was a fraud. But I didn't feel angry when security officers confiscated all of the pamphlets that had been handed out in Cairo. I suspected that this silly act would backfire. As I saw it, it made the organizers of the conference look so pitifully small that I felt compassion for them rather than anger. I noticed that some people had managed to rescue some of the literature from their grabbing hands. They held them up for a victory sign when they came out of the auditorium. One might say that the Schiller Institute got somebody's attention that day with those pamphlets. Of course outside the hall were dozens of people standing in the street handing out thousands more copies. As a result, the whole conference 'consensus' that was supposed to be enforced by the U.N. Organization under the threat of sanctions was quietly shut down in one fell swoop. Our illustrious American President simply said that the 'depopulation' demands of the conference should merely be regarded as guidelines, rather than being enforced with sanctions. The President's daring response took the wind out of the sails of the depopulation project. He may have saved the life of a few billion people with his response. I am sure that those people's pamphlet gave the President the political means to fight back with a firm stand, rather than to be fighting alone."

      Steve laughed after he said this and said that the same now happened in Venice once more. "My scientific notes on the Ice Age data must have really gotten somebody's attention," he said. "It seems that I got them so freaked out over it that they saw fit to bring in the troops for damage control. But I don't think they can treat the world's physicists in the same manner as they had treated their selected audience in Cairo. They can't treat us in this fascist fashion. I can almost guarantee you that as a consequence of their actions today countless copies of my notes, since some obviously survived the confiscation, will soon be in circulation around the world via the long arms of the scientists' private networks. So, my friend Peter, I think we have achieved something really big today. Indeed, nobody will be able to judge how big it may yet get."

      "Right Steve, these things have a tendency to take on a life of their own," I added in total agreement. "This means that we did fulfill our mission, didn't we?"

      Steve simply grinned and nodded. "It all depends on what our chosen mission was," he said moments later, quietly, while we were walking back to our hotel across Piazza San Marco. "We have declared mankind's independence on a grand scale," he said. "What we did was bigger than the American Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. On that day the representatives of the Thirteen Colonies in North America announced their separation from the British Empire and the subsequent making of the United States of America. That was a big and bold move. The result turned out to be far bigger than anyone might have dared to hope. It changed the world. The Empire reacted with outrage and war to stop that change, and it has been at war with America in some form ever since. What we started today will likely be bigger. We launched a formal declaration that called for the universal separation of the entirety of mankind from all aspects of empire anywhere on the planet as a minimal requirement for mankind's self-defense against the coming Ice Age. We launched a call for the greatest declaration of independence in the history of mankind, even for the very survival of mankind. It is not unreasonable to assume that today's Fondi Empire, whatever its real name may be, will react once again with outrage and war. If that was our chosen mission, Peter, I think we have succeeded. If, however, our chosen mission was to uplift mankind to create for itself that major new renaissance that is required for mankind to protect itself from the coming Ice Age, then I must say we have not succeeded. The pioneering spirit that drove the founding fathers to do their daring thing no longer exists today, and it won't be easy to get it back and raise it up around the world. It won't be easy to inspire the whole of mankind to prepare itself for a long winter a hundred years down the road while they bathe in the heat of the summer as we have it today."

      "But aren't we doing this already in a routine fashion?" I interjected. "In every home, and in every room of our homes, we have elaborate light fixtures installed, with light bulbs in each one, and maintain vast electricity infrastructures to supply those light bulbs with the needed power. We installed those lights, because we all know that when the night comes we need those lights to be able to carry on. It is inconceivable to live without them now. Isn't our call for an Ice Age Renaissance with indoor agriculture in the same context?"

      "The difference is that the night of the Ice Age is still a hundred years away, which we won't live long enough to see, while we have to struggle today and for the next hundred years to prepare for that night," said Steve. "It takes an extraordinary sense of love to reach that far into the future, especially while mankind is pummeled with those wonderful lies about global warming. By God, I wish those lies were true, that global warming could be so easily arranged. That would be the most wonderful solution to get us out of the Ice Age trap. Unfortunately, the real universe isn't that simple. We have no choice but to reach into the future for the first time in human history and prepare for its requirements, because the return of the Ice Age cannot be avoided."

      "But aren't we doing this reaching forward already in a small way?" I countered Steve and invited him for an Espresso at the far end of the grand Piazza San Marco. "In every house that we have built we have a furnace installed. We install those furnaces even if we build the house in the summer when the world is boiling hot. We spend thousands of dollars a piece on those furnaces."

      "Yes, and we all benefit from it in the winter," Steve countered. "That's why we do it. We do it, because we benefit from it. We don't like to freeze in the winter. It's different with the Ice Age Renaissance. We don't need indoor agriculture for another hundred years, but we have to work for it now."

      "That is where you are wrong," I countered Steve. "I agree that we don't need indoor agriculture for another hundred years, but we do need the fallout that we will find immediately along the road to reaching this goal. The goal that we must reach, no matter how enormous it is, must not consume more than five percent of our economic product, the rest must be devoted to upgrading our economy and our humanity, or else we will never reach the tall goal. If we start on this road we will see immediate benefits in education, housing, transportation, healthcare, culture, industrial production, employment standards, and other factors of a rich quality of life. If we don't see those benefits all along the way, we are not on the right road. I would say that creating the Ice Age Renaissance is the most immediately beneficial pursuit that mankind can devote itself to. Then, when the Ice Age arrives in a hundred years, or a thousand years, as the case may be, it won't be a big thing. This is only possible of course if we can manage to live without having that millstone of empire hanging around our neck that incurs a huge waste of resources that are consumed in fighting the empires' wars."

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