Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The Venice Project

      While Steve still spoke a number of ushers were distributing bundles of literature relating to Steve's proposal, including copies of Jaworowski's paper that he had quoted from.

      "You can count on us," shouted someone from the audience. "If it is a technological solution that is required, we can deliver anything. We can even make the Ice Age go away. Technology is omnipotent."

      "You dreamer," someone else interrupted. "Didn't you hear what the speaker said? Manmade global warming is an unrealizable dream."

      "Yes, I heard. But don't forget, we can make our own global warming," the man defended himself. "All we have to do is unfurl a few reflective panels in orbit around the Earth to direct additional sunlight onto the earth, as we had intended to redirect beam-energy with fighting mirrors. More sunlight equals more warmth!"

      "Now you are really dreaming," the first interrupter replied. "I am almost ashamed to hear you say what you just said. The Earth has a surface area of nearly 200 million square miles. The sun irradiates half of that. If we need a 30% uplift in energy input, we would require 30 million reflector arrays, each one a mile wide and a mile high, and each one being equipped with automated positioning thrusters. We can't possibly build thirty million of them and position them in space and maintain them there for 90,000 years. In any case, such a venture makes the building of indoor agriculture facilities to feed ten billion people, a small and easy venture in comparison."

      The interrupter remained quiet after that.

      Several more similar proposals were made. One was for creating space-based agriculture that would make use of the constant sunlight in space. The proposer conceded, however, that the transportation requirements for space-based agriculture would be so enormous as to make such a project unrealizable. Another proposal was to build cities in space, but the difficulties involved in living in the alien environment of space, made living on earth seem like living in paradise.

      In the end, every single suggestion by the 'experts' had made Steve's proposal for creating indoor agriculture a comparatively easy solution to the problem, regardless of the huge scale of the project that would be required.

      While the 'discussions' were still ongoing a man came forward from the audience, probably in his forties, though his hair had receded far back. He was dressed in a light gray jacket, unpretentious. He said that it was rather amazing to witness how little the real scientific elite of mankind was aware of the physical reality of our world. He called space-based agriculture and related ideas, fairy tale stuff that may be great for entertaining children at bedtime, while it belittles the serious nature of the defense of mankind from the coming Ice Age that needs to be responded to without hesitation as the greatest threat to mankind's existence, second to none.

      He suggested that the world might already be in the boundary zone to the next Ice Age. He reiterated that the World Glacier Monitoring Group in Switzerland reported that more than half of the over 600 glaciers that are monitored by this group are getting larger again. "This suggest to me that with increased cosmic background radiation, causing increased ionization in the atmosphere and increased cloud formation, one would expect to find corresponding cooling in the upper troposphere. Increased cloud formation reflects more of the sun's energy back into space that would otherwise be absorbed. Isn't that what we are already seeing in the growth of the mountain glaciers?" he said. "We may also soon see corroborating evidence of it thickening of the Greenland Ice Sheet, which is happening, and in the growing intensity of the hurricane season. We may soon have to face a larger number and more powerful hurricanes in the Atlantic and in the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricanes are powered by the temperature differential between sea level and the higher altitudes. If the higher altitude regions are getting colder, the differential increases, and with it grows the potential for more hurricanes with greater ferocity. These too, can become developments with huge consequences that should not be taken lightly and be joked about. Most people don't seem to realize that we truly are in the boundary zone already toward the next Ice Age. While the final transition may not happen for over a hundred years, we will likely see ever-larger swings in global temperatures happening as the complex meteorological interactions that determine our climate loose their cohesion and fall apart. In other words, the battle should have already begun. We already need to create more and larger large-scale infrastructures with which to protect our human world from the changing galactic influences on this world. If the deep-core ice samples from the Greenland Ice Sheet suggest that huge climatic swings are historic phenomena in the boundary zone before the cold Ice Age climates settles in, then it would be prudent that we prepare ourselves for it and for every step along the way and not waver. As our previous speaker indicated, we need to start a new Strategic Defense Initiative, a new SDI, to defend mankind from the coming Ice Age. And it has to start now. The universe has made its first moves already. If we take our responsibility on our end seriously, then the previous SDI against nuclear missiles is indeed obsolete. It falls by the wayside as we find that there is no room in the world for those games of empire and the perpetual war that empires live by, including their nuclear terrorist doctrine.

      The man stopped and looked up from his paper. "That's all I wanted to say," he said and waved Steve's handout in the air as he left the stage.

      When Steve and I stepped down from the stage a new round of applause erupted, a louder applause than before. This time there was no booing intermixed with the clapping of hands. Some people began to stand up. The intensity of the applause swelled the more it continued. Soon all the people were standing up, smiling in the thunder of their ovation that had grown to an intensity that had not been heard before in other scientific conferences of this type as Steve assured me later. It seemed to me that we had finally won a small victory, if indeed it was a victory.

      "What happened during the applause suggests to me that we might have won more than just a victory," I said to Steve. But then I stopped. As the audience was leaving I noticed to my shock that a large number of security officers had entered the auditorium collecting up Steve's handouts with selected literature and supporting data for his proposed new Ice Age Renaissance. It seemed to me that some of the security officers were using fascist type force when the attendants didn't want to comply and surrender Steve's material. I pointed it out to Steve and suggested that we should intervene.

      Steve just shook his head and smiled. "It looks like we got somebody's attention alright," he said and suggested to me that we should be quietly leaving through the back door. He didn't seem angry. In fact he laughed heartily once we were outside. "Don't worry Peter," he said, "they did the same thing at the Cairo depopulation conference. The Schiller Institute from Germany had been there and been handing out some pamphlets prior to the first meeting. The headline on one of the pamphlets, as I recall, had been critical of the depopulation objective that the conference had been convened to impose onto the nations. The security people acted swiftly once they saw the literature and grabbed all the pamphlets away from the delegates. They probably tore them up later or burned them."

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