Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 138
Chapter 10 - The Venice Project

      Steve came back to the microphone after my long-winded speech was concluded. He suggested to the assembled scientists that there is so much work that needs to be done by the scientific community for implementing the needed Ice Age Renaissance that the entire scientific community would have to work overtime just to address the most urgent requirements to get the process started.

      "That's why we need ten billion people in the world," said Steve. "We need this many people, because all of the giant infrastructures that need to be created, will have to be created in addition to people's normal requirements. Mankind must never become a servant to the development process. Instead the development process must serve mankind. This means that only ten percent of society's economic power should be devoted to the Ice Age preparations, such as research for 100% optimized indoor agriculture. This means the nine tenth of the Ice Age Renaissance must be focused on enriching society's everyday living, such as with free universal housing, boundless automated floating agriculture, and so on. On this basis the building of the Ice Age Renaissance will produce for society a completely new world with such brilliance for its daily living that the likes of it has never even been dreamed of before," said Steve.

      "If we commit ourselves to this," Steve continued, "nuclear war will be a non-issue for all times to come. It will never be thought of then. It will become impossible to even contemplate, so that this entire ugly thing will simply vanish. This is what, freedom, means.

      "Now, I hope, you can appreciate why the SDI had to be given away," said Steve, "because the time has come to stop playing such childish games, since infinitely greater demands now lie before us, such as to create a world in which we can truly live, rather than merely survive. Of course, should we fail, that is if we would fail in this commitment to living a human life on a global scale, than no one will likely survive at all."

      Steve stepped forward to the edge of the stage with the microphone in hand and continued in a somewhat quieter tone. "The greatest threat that mankind is facing is not nuclear war," he said. "We know perfectly well where we've got our 65,000 nukes hidden. We can go there and disable them all in a week. That's possible once we decide to do it. With that the nuclear-war problem would be solved. The nuclear terror-threat would then exist no more. Unfortunately, the Ice Age threat cannot be that easily overcome. The Ice Age cycles that are determined by astrophysical forces on a galactic scale will continue in spite of all the political hoopla that presently got everybody tied into knots. That much we can count on. Likewise it will take a hundred years of consecrated effort to overcome the Ice Age consequences in order to make the return of the Ice Age a non-event. This too, we can count on. It won't likely be done in less than 100 years, because the present worldwide agriculture is massive in scale. To put all of that into indoor facilities pales any effort that mankind has ever undertaken. But it too can be done. The only open question is will we do it, and when we say yes, it becomes a question of timing. Nobody can foretell in which year or century the Ice Age transition will begin, or how severe it will be. It could be long delayed and then start slowly. But can anyone be justified to gamble with the very existence of mankind by assuming that the Ice Age will be long delayed or will be so mild as to have no impact? When we deal with such vast consequences that threaten the very existence of mankind, not the slightest amount of gambling is justified. The strategic defense initiative for the defense of mankind therefore should be started tomorrow."

      "Steve, you are overreacting," somebody shouted.

      Steve shook his head. "The consequences, if we fail, are so huge," said Steve, "that not the slightest overreaction is possible. In comparison with the Ice Age consequences, the consequences of a nuclear war would be trivial. In a full-blown nuclear war 10% of mankind would likely survive. If we were to enter the Ice Age unprepared possibly only 0.1% of mankind might survive, similar to the 5-million world population that emerged from the last deep freeze cycle after 2.5 million years of human existence. We cannot ignore that our food resources are totally dependent on the Holocene warm climate that is coming to an end. When food becomes scarce, starvation sets in. Starvation in turn weakens the human body. A weakened humanity will immediately become hyper-susceptible to diseases, especially new diseases. It will become a boiling caldron for the creating of new diseases. We have seen a bit of that happening after World War I, when in the weakened population, caused by the destruction of the war, a new flu virus emerged that spread within months across the entire Northern Hemisphere and killed upwards to 50 million people. The real numbers are hard to come by or to prove, but the fact remains that the 1918 flu epidemic was huge and was caused by the war, and that it killed several times as many people than the entire war itself had killed. If this breakdown happens on the global scale, no one might survive. That is why mankind won't allow itself to take this chance."

      "The 1918 flu epidemic was a quirk," someone shouted.

      "No it was the result of a biological shockwave with a boom that reverberated around the world," someone else shouted.

      "What happed in Europe in those days on a small scale could easily happen on the global scale once the Ice Age transition decimates our food resources," said Steve. "You should think about that when you play the nuclear war games or other games that are designed to prevent our preparations for the coming Ice Age. You should keep in mind what could potentially happen a hundred years from now. If the Ice Age hits and our food resources are not protected, people will likely resort to eating anything they can lay their hands on from rats to dogs to birds, with potentials for new diseases that are yet unimaginable. Against this background not even five million people might survive. Possibly no one at all might survive. We have no historic data for a simultaneous biological collapse of ten billion people. The closest we've seen was the extinction of the dinosaurs 65-million years ago, which was universal and complete after 180 million years of the dinosaur's existence from start to finish. That 100% complete extinction might have been caused by a rapid proliferation of diseases in the shadow of climate changes. The termination of the Age of Man wouldn't actually be anything extraordinary in this context, except that in our case it would the result of our own folly. The dinosaurs didn't have the capacity to avoid their fate, but we do. As human beings with a profound culture of creativity and an exceptional civilization, we do have the potential at hand, and within us, to start a new phase in the song of life as we utilize our creative resources and technological potential to render the coming Ice Age a non-event. We, in the form of humanity, have this capacity for life to beat the Ice Age for the first time in the entire 3.5-billion-year history of the song of life on this planet. We are the first species ever that has the capacity to put itself outside of the sphere of climate conditions and stop the historic train of mass-extinction on this planet. That is what we must now dedicate our efforts to, making the defense of mankind against the Ice Age the highest priority pursued with an intensity that enables us to succeed. Under these terms the old SDI was a waste of effort. Our efforts need to be refocused onto principles for living as human beings, because the Age of Life, which we shall begin here, demands an end to the Age of War and an end to the Age of Imperialism that causes war."

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