Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 137
Chapter 10 - The Venice Project

      "Of course the masters of the moneybags fought hard to prevent this independence," I said to the audience. "But they couldn't do it. The wealth creating freedom of real economics is too powerful for people to give it up again. The bag masters fought the principle of economics for 130 years. They waged two wars against it in vain. They eventually succeeded by subversion when in 1913 a thoroughly corrupted Congress surrendered the nation's credit system, and with it its freedom, and submitted the USA to the moneybags again to become a monetarist nation. America became thereby a self-defeated nation. It never recovered from this self-defeat. This doesn't mean that the principle of economics cannot be resurrected in the future when society decides to build itself the needed infrastructures for surviving the coming Ice Age. All the physical resources that are necessary for this to happen exist in abundance. At the moment that society decides to implement the principle of economics once more, the needed Ice Age Renaissance can be easily created.

      "Let me illustrate how this works," I continued. "We scrap monetarism and implement  the credit system again, like the Massachusetts Bay Colony had done. On this basis we would employ three million people to create a modern nuclear powered industrial infrastructure. A part of the resulting industry would be devoted to high-temperature processes of utilizing basalt, which we have available in such vast quantities that we can cover all the land areas of the planet with it thirty feet deep. And this vastly abundant material is the most ideal building material that you can think of. It is ten times stronger than steel, is non-corrosive, and when extruded into micro-fibers is a three-time better insulator than asbestos. And best of all, the basalt sits process-ready on the ground. It doesn't need to be pre-processed, and in its molten state, it lends itself perfectly to the automated manufacturing of almost anything that needs to be built, including the automated manufacturing of houses, floating bridge modules, floating agriculture modules, and so on.

      "The basalt-based processing has the potential to create a secondary industrial explosion akin to a modern-day gold rush," I said to the audience. "For example, the automated production of houses, to be given away for free, would enable the building of completely new cities from the ground up, surrounded by secondary industries. A single automated plant powered by a one gigawatt nuclear reactor would be able to produce fully completed housing modules for 15 million houses a year, and it wouldn't take more than a few thousand people to operate the plant. The floating bridges that span the oceans would be built on the same basis, and likewise the floating agriculture that would be serviced by the bridges. The production and operation of agriculture would become largely automated on this basis, with such a high efficiency in production that hunger would forever cease on our planet. On this basis the wealth of society is determined by what is produced, through which money gains its value. The monetarist platform would simply be scrapped. Monetarism is a platform of profit-stealing that creates poverty, impotence, and leads to evermore massive forms of genocide, destruction, and war, as is clearly illustrated in history.

       "The very year after the bag-masters of empire defeated America by getting traitors to surrender the nation's credit system with the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, at which point the entire world became a monetarist world, the world was plunged into a sequence of wars that never stopped. In 1914 World War I was started, that was immediately followed by World War II, and after that the Cold War that was used to unleash a long string of terror operations all over the world for increased looting and domination, many of which became wars in turn. The big jump into this hell was unleashed by the bag-masters in 1971, while the USA was bleeding in the Vietnam War. In 1971 the bag-masters wrecked the global fixed-exchange-rate system of the Roosevelt legacy. The wrecking turned all the world's currencies into gambling chips, that the bag-masters of empire were able to manipulate, then control, and then loot the nations with into total debt dependency on the empire. The wrecking process was of course started in typical empire fashion with the proceeds of the bag-masters' global dope operations. The empire's opium wars that had wrecked China in the 1800s became applied globally in the postwar 1900s to wreck the world, starting with the wrecking of the fixed-exchange-rate system in 1971. At the same time that this wrecking process was begun, the bag-masters created themselves a new powerhouse for global looting, which became the infamous group of six core imperial banks, the Inter-Alpha Group, which now controls more than half of all financial operations in the world. The bag-masters literally own the world, with the world drowning in debt in what became a global system of debt slavery.

      "On this platform of globalized looting the economies of the world are rapidly collapsing," I continued. "Nothing can be built under a looting regiment, while what has already been built is collapsing. It is self-evident that there exists no way possible to create the needed Ice Age Renaissance on this globally collapsing monetarist platform that the bag-masters have created. Nevertheless the creating of an Ice Age Renaissance is absolutely essential for mankind to be able to survive in the coming cold climate of the next glaciation cycle that stands now on the near horizon. This means that mankind needs to ask itself once again, as it did in the 1600s, who needs to go begging to the money bags. Once this question is asked, society will discover, as it did then, that it has the power to give itself the freedom to step away from the bags' slavery. On this platform the brightest renaissance can indeed be created.

      "Technologically, the creating of such a renaissance doesn't pose a big challenge," I continued. "The thorium-powered nuclear fission reactor technology has already been developed and thoroughly tested in the 1950s, for which near infinitely available fuel resources exist on our planet. The technology has been stopped and put on the shelf in the 1950s for the same reason that the Bay Colony's scrip money was killed by the king, and the Federal Reserve Act was foisted on America by the bag-masters and their stooges, who later, in 1971 wrecked the global fixed-exchange-rate system, and who in later years wrecked the Glass Seagall legislation in the USA that had prevented the banking system from becoming a gambling casino with unlimited liabilities. All of this can vanish overnight when society says to itself, who needs this crap. Once this is done, the now shelved thorium nuclear power technology will be implemented. Likewise will the utilization of the electricity that surrounds the Earth in space, which powers the Sun, become implemented as a readily available infinite energy resource. So you see, my friends, what Steve from Germany has proposed in terms of creating an Ice Age Renaissance, is totally feasible, and can in fact be easily implemented once society finds it desirable to survive. In real terms, society has no other option, since the entire moneybag empire is inherently bankrupt by its own system. It is collapsing while we speak. Any system that is built on stealing rather than producing is self-doomed. The bag-masters may claim an empire, but they don't have a future. The bag-empire is a systemic catastrophe. The only question that remains to be considered by society, is whether it want's to give away its future and tie itself to this catastrophe. The logical answer this question, of course, is glaringly obvious, isn't it?"

      I stepped away from the microphone. As I had expected, nobody applauded, but neither did anyone protest.

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