Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The Venice Project

      Steve reminded us that mankind grew up in a major ice age period. "We are the children of the Ice Age," he said. "Out of the 2.5 million years of the existence of human beings on this planet, 2 million years occurred during the Pleistocene Ice Age Epoch. The Pleistocene Epoch is interrupted periodically with short bursts of warm climates. We are in one of these bursts, called the Holocene Epoch. As we all know the Holocene began over 10,000 years ago and is just about over. Some say it might last a bit longer. I hope they are right."

      Steve said that it is interesting to note that after 2.5 million years of development mankind emerged from the last Ice Age deep-freeze with only a 5 million population. "Evidently, the long-extended cold climate had severely curtailed the development of agriculture," said Steve. "The lack of food had kept the population small. The cold periods typically lasted for 90,000 years. He pointed out that once the Holocene warm period started, agriculture suddenly became possible on a large scale. Today, after having lived for 10,000 years in the current warm period the human population finds itself in an epoch of civilization in which the population increased a thousand-fold to the 5-billion mark. In another 100 years we may have a ten-billion-strong world-population. Now the question arises what will happen when the Ice Age resumes. Will the human population revert back to the 5-million level that appears to be typical for an ice age environment? That's the highest population level that mankind had managed to maintain in an ice age environment after 2.5 million years of its development. The question is, can we improve on this record? If previous trends resume, it might well happen that only one tenth of one percent of the world-population that enters the next Ice Age will find sufficient food in the natural world to survive. That's not what I want to see happening to my children or their children. Nevertheless, that would most likely be the general destiny of mankind unless we can activate our humanity right now in the few years that we have left in the interglacial warm period and create the technological resources that are required for mankind's continued existence on this planet. The most obvious solution would be to shift our present worldwide agriculture into indoor facilities. That's simple to do in principle, isn't it? Should we decide to do this, then everybody of the total world population would survive, instead of only one tens of one percent, or possibly no one at all considering the possibilities of wars or horrendous diseases during the breakdown phase."

      "What you suggest will never happen," someone shouted.

      "Of course it will happen," Steve replied. "It will happen, because mankind has no choice, but to protect itself from the coming Ice Age. This may require the most gargantuan strategic defense initiative ever imagined, with the whole of mankind in full cooperation on every aspect, but it will be done. We will not run away from this project and allow ourselves to experience the same fate as that of Homo Erectus that became extinct 400,000 years ago after 1.5 million years running. Nor are we contend to follow the path of all the other human species that few people have ever heard of, like the Australopithecus Habilus, or the Rudolfensis, or the Homo Erguster that all become extinct around 1.5 million years before our time, or the later ones, the Homo Neanderthalensis, or the Homo Heidelburgensis that became extinct quite recently, around 100,000 years ago, or the Homo Antecessor that lived for a quarter million years and became extinct 600,000 years ago. I don't think that anybody is too keen to follow their path. That's why we will start the needed major defense initiative to protect our food supply.

      "Obviously the needed project has to be of immense proportions to feed ten billion people," Steve continued. "No other people in human history have ever faced that kind of a challenge, but it can be done now. All we have to do is to leave our petty division and isolation behind, and develop our common humanity throughout the planet on the platform of the Principle of Universal Love. Nothing less would empower us to create the huge resources that are needed. Global cooperation for such a project is absolutely essential. The greatest Renaissance will be required, for building the greatest economic potential in history. We will have to have space-based power operational in the not-so-distant future to make the full project possible. We'll also have to explore and develop new physical principles, in order to gain access to the metals that we will need, which are infinitely abundant but bound up in orthosilicates in the mantle of the Earth. We need to create the processes that enable us to extract these metals from their molecular bonds. The process of molecular separation with ionization is widely used in nature where the chlorophyll molecule splits the CO2 molecules from the air into oxygen and carbon. If nature can do it, so can we. But for all of this to happen, we'll have to advance universal education and research far beyond anything we have seen so far. In fact, we have to create mass produced high-quality housing that is more efficient, and give it away for free, and create new cities with them, and new cultural facilities. We would see this as an investment of society into itself, building a infrastructure to make people more productive and creative than they are today, and create efficient universal health care as well, in order to protect society's most valuable asset, which is itself. And the entire process for creating an Ice Age renaissance has to begin now, because time is running short."

      Here I intervened again. "Naturally, in order for any of that to be even remotely possible, we'll have to shut down all processes of imperial looting, imperial slavery, and their derivatives in the form of poverty, unemployment, homelessness, squalor, starvation, and so forth. In addition private, speculative, imperial financing, as we know it today would have to be made completely obsolete. These structures would have to be trashed and become forgotten. It is not possible to build anything on the current monetarist platform that is designed for looting society. Profits that are claimed from non-productive processes that don't create a corresponding increase in the wealth of society, are proceeds from theft and will be dealt with in an honest society in appropriate manner, such as by imposing a 120% tax on proceeds from theft. Monetarist thievery is not an economic process. If you want to build something that enriches society you have to implement an economic process.

      "Let me illustrate with a historic example how an economic process works," I continued. "The process was pioneered in the 1600s in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in North America. The society needed an iron works to produce farming equipment and so on. Everything that was needed for the project was locally available, except the money to implement it. In order to get the money they had to go to the king's moneybags and borrow what was needed. But the bags wouldn't give it, as the new iron works would make the colony independent. As a consequence the people said to themselves, who needs the kings bags? WE make our own money in the form of a credit scrip to build what we need. What we thereby create gives our credit scrip its value. Its value is backed by the iron products that we produce, which makes our farming more productive. And so it was done. The plant was built. The scrip money that built it was later used by society to purchase its products and everything else as well. Its value was established by what it produced. Since every empire fears such independence, the king shut the scrip system down. However, the king couldn't shut down the spirit of freedom that the credit system had created. Consequently the North American colonies banded together and declared their independence from the king. The USA was formed on this basis and soon became the envy of the world as it built itself into the richest nation on the planet.

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