Winning Without Victory
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Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The Venice Project

       "Yes, there are exceptions," said the man in black. "Our American government is among the biggest of the exceptions, being thereby one of the biggest liars. Just look at what America calls nuclear disarmament. America fought for the test-ban treaty and is officially fighting for a strategic arms reduction agreement. But this only means, that we in America, want the world to disarm and to stop building new nukes, while we intend to bypass the restrictions. That's how it works in reality. America expects Russia to dismantle its nukes, while America reserves itself the right to retain major parts of it on the shelf. We can thereby take entire missile system out of active deployment and put them on the shelf in some form of disassembly. That's called disarmament. The devices are then no longer counted in the statistics, as if they didn't exist, though they do exist. That's how we intent to bypass disarmament, while much of the rest of the world actually does disarm. We also intent to bypass the test ban treaties the same way. We say that nobody is allowed to test nuclear bombs anymore, either in the air or underground. And the world complies. But even while we speak these words we have a crash program in progress to develop the technology of subcritical testing. The subcritical tests are so small that a chain reaction doesn't actually occur. This enables us to make close observations in the small, in order to study the ignition process and fine-tune its effectiveness. The subcritical testing is extremely complex, but it gives us the ability to develop completely new weapons systems and certify them as 100% reliable, without ever testing one. The intent of the Test Ban Treaty that we force the rest of the world to comply with, has thereby been bypassed. Our evident goal is to end up being the only power left in the world with nuclear weapons, by which we become the absolute dictator of humanity under the awesome threat of our nuclear terror devices. Of course, there will be the occasional testing done in the future, in an unofficial manner. This full-scale testing, of course, won't be done under ground anymore as in the past, or in secure locations, since this kind of testing has been banned. The testing will be carried out in the future under the cover of live terrorist operations. It's easy to stuff one of the new mini-nukes down a sewer pipe and set it off. Terrorism is designed to become the new wave of the future and the subcritical testing that gives us the really small mini-nukes will play increasingly a major part in this new wave. That's the way the future has been designed, and us noble scientists are making this future possible."

      "You traitor! You are revealing our country's most classified secrets," someone shouted.

      The woman just smiled. "To keep a secret is to withhold the truth," she said. "That's lying too, isn't it. Secret diplomacy is a liars game."

      "I didn't really reveal anything, did I?" said the man in black. "I was merely speculating based on the established trends. Subcritical testing isn't something that one can really hide since we've talked about it for years already as a readily available option for anyone that is willing to commit the resources for the process. My point is that in a world in which the truth no longer means anything, all the deceptive practices have become dragged up from the bottom of the sewer, by which society becomes grossly deceived. I'm just saying this to prove that we, in the scientific community are not the only liars in the world. The liar's game of global warming that we support is not the only liars' game in the world."

      "We are not lying about global warming, global warming is real," shouted a heckler.

      "Sure it is real," said the man in black, taking the microphone again. "The Earth has been in a warming trend since the late-1600s when the last Little Ice Age ended. But we lie like heck about the cause of this warming trend. We blame it on manmade carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels. We have developed computer models to prove it, but they are all built on carefully concealed intentionally false fundamental assumptions. Of course we say not a word about the truth that the current global warming trend began long before the age of automobiles, trains, airplanes, and coal and oil-powered industrialization. Suddenly we cry about greenhouse gases and label mankind as a villain while ignoring that the warming trend began when the only use for oil that mankind had, was to fry potatoes in, and the major manmade greenhouse gases came from the stomachs of domesticated cows and wood fires for heating the few houses that existed then. We lie through our teeth indeed, because we know from empirical evidence that the last Little Ice Age, and the warming afterwards, resulted from solar activity fluctuations. The little Ice Age, as we all know, coincided exactly with the Mauder minimum in solar flaring. Now that the sun is back to normal we call the resulting warming effect a manmade catastrophe. We use these baseless scare stories to demand that mankind shut down its energy use that powers its industries, the very industries that supply what is necessary for mankind's physical existence in the kind of high-level civilization that we now have. We even prove our sinister intent. We prove that the primary concern of the Global Warming Doctrine is to shut down mankind as a whole by banning its energy resources, rather than to advance mankind by promoting a richer energy resource. The scientists among us that demand the banning of fossil fuel energy use also rant in hysterical opposition against nuclear power development that should have replaced fossil fuel energy a long time ago. Instead we promote toy-windmills Don Quixote style instead of a meaningful alternative that would give mankind a vastly richer and pollution-free energy resource. But our masters don't want to see any kind of advanced human development that nuclear power would assure. They are scared of every form of humanist development. They want to shut it down. To do this they hire us scientists to vilify everything that supports civilization. And we've been playing this game for them for a long time already. We have created a huge deficit in human progress that way. We've stepped from wood-power to coal, then to oil, and now we've stopped. The world shouldn't be powered by oil at all, but by nuclear fission power with space-based power coming on line in the near future. Instead we are driving the world backward on all of these fronts. Where is our love for one-another as human beings? In fact, we are vilifying mankind itself as a cancer on the Earth. Yes, us people from the scientific community, stand firmly behind all of these lies that are destroying our humanity. Don't you see what a bunch of despicable liars we have become in the service of the imperials' program? How is it possible that we lend our hands to carry out those targeted programs for genocidal depopulation? The Global Warming Doctrine, the CFC ban, the DDT ban, the deindustrialization policies, and most of the other similar genocidal objectives were all concocted within a few years of the NSSM200 policy for the depopulation of the developing nations. Thus, with our lying, we have become mass-murderers by intent. Instead of booing at what our college, Steve from Germany, has laid before us who has read a few words of truth from the Jaworowski paper about the Ice Age challenge before us, we should listen to him and begin to take a look at the truth that we don't want to acknowledge anymore."

      While the man in black still spoke, a younger man came forward dressed in shorts. He wore a simple yellow shirt. "I read the Jaworowski paper," he said. "We should all read it. Jaworowski reminds us in his paper what we already know. He reminds us for example that 440 million years ago, during the Ordovician Period, the atmospheric CO2 was very much greater than it is today, and not just by the few percent that our global-warming hoopla is based on. Jaworowski reminds us that the CO2 content in the atmosphere had been eighteen times greater in this period than it is today, and the Earth hadn't been a roasting oven because of it. We all describe to the premise as scientists that we must honor the truth. That is what science is built on. Therefore we must respect the fact that the large CO2 concentration in pre-historic times didn't prevent the massive Ice Age cooling events that occurred in that period. We all know for example that the great Ordovician extinction occurred that wiped out large portions of all life on the planet, especially in the oceans, and that it occurred some 438 million years ago by a period of extensive glaciation. We also know that the same happened again during the Devonian Period when the atmospheric CO2 content was still twelve times greater than it is today. Nevertheless, instead of the Earth being unbearably hot in this period, as it should have been according to our Global Warming Doctrine, another Ice Age occurred that caused the Devonian mass extinction. Nor did it this repeated glaciation end there. A little while later, around 250 million years ago when there was still a lot of CO2 left, we were hit one more time with an Ice Age. This one was a double whammer, extending from both the North and the South simultaneously. The resulting Ice Age caused the huge Permian extinction in which over 90% of all living things on this planet became extinct. Every one of these major ice age cooling events occurred regardless of the massive amounts of CO2 in the air at the time. Why then are we crowing today about those trivial amounts of CO2 that we have still left in the present epoch and make a big hooply over a small increase in the order of a few percent while we totally ignore that eighteen-times greater levels had no appreciable effect in those early periods?"

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