Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

Page 131
Chapter 10 - The Venice Project

      "Lies, lies, those are all lies," someone shouted.

      Before Steve could respond someone else responded. A man in a black suite stood up and said that the world was indeed drowning in lies. He kept his hand raised and came to the microphone. "And where do we find the biggest liars of the bunch?" he said when he was on the stage, standing at the lectern. "We find the world's biggest liars right here in the scientific community. Yes, we are the biggest liars. We sell our soul for a penny, or for research grants, or tenure, or fame, or whatever. But the truth? Who cares about the truth? The truth no longer matters. That is why nobody can tell anymore what the truth is. If we hadn't been such accomplished liars everybody in this room would know that our friend Steve from Germany has been telling the truth."

      As the man stepped away from the lectern another heckler started up. "How dare you call us liars? The politicians are the world's biggest liars," he said and laughed.

      "Compared to us, they are saints," said the man in black as he stepped back to the microphone. "Not even the worst fascists beat around the bush. They come right out and say what they are going to do and put it into print. Just look at Adolf Hitler, he wrote a book and laid it all out, and then he got elected and did precisely what he said. We can say the same thing about America. The recently released National Security Study Memorandum 200 laid everything out in total honesty. And all of that horrid program too, has since been carried out. The NSSM200 defined the major developing Third World nations a security risk for the USA. The document argued that the normal economic development in the Third World nations, if it were allowed, would cause them to use up their regions' natural resources for their own development, which the USA might require in future times. Therefore population growth has to be stopped and the populations be reduced. They came right out and put it down in writing, that they wanted targeted genocide, and then they carried out the program. They were brutal, but they were honest about it. And what did we scientists do? We helped them carry out their treachery by lying through our teeth."

      The man in black was booed and called a traitor by the hecklers.

      He simply smiled. "If you weren't lying to yourself right now you would know that we are responsible for the murdering of millions every single year with the DDT ban alone, and soon also with the CFC ban. The politicians wanted targeted genocide, and we gave them the means to stage this genocide. We did it by lying through our teeth. Not all of us did, but many of us. The DDT ban is based on a lie. Countless honest scientists did research the subject and submitted papers that prove DDT to be completely harmless on all counts for which it was banned as a danger, even benign in some cases. Even the American Environmental Protection Agency's own people admitted that there exists no prove that DDT is harmful to the environment, to humans, or to animals. But it has been banned nevertheless based on convoluted lies in a political decision, because the banning allows food crops to be more readily spoiled and allows malaria to come back that was nearly eradicated. Now malaria kills a child every 45 seconds in Africa alone. What murderers we have become, based on a lye that most of us knew to be a lye. But we got well paid for our lying, didn't we? We still keep on benefiting in this manner.

      "And the CFC ban is all about the same thing," said the man in black. "Everybody in this room knows, or ought to know, that CFC ban is based on a lye. The CFC gas is the world's safest, most efficient, and least expensive refrigerant. It makes refrigeration possible in the poor and warm countries. By taking this capability away from society we are committing millions of people in the poor Third World nations to death every year by imposing needless starvation. Officially the CFC is banned to save the ozone layer in the high stratosphere. Everybody in this room knows that this is total nonsense, since the CFC gas is six times heavier than air. You can fill a bucket with it and keep the stuff in the bucket without a lid on it, and the CFC will stay in the bucket for years. It doesn't evaporate. If you kick the bucket over by mistake, what spills out settles into the ground where it gets broken up. We all know this stuff of course. We are not stupid, right? We all know that the outer stratosphere would be the last place on earth where such a heavy gas would be concentrated. Nevertheless, we lye through our teeth and say to the whole world that this extremely heavy gas somehow makes its way into the highest region of the outer stratosphere where its single chlorine atom gets pried away from it, which then destroys the ozone layer. That's quite a lye, I would say. Ah, but that's not enough. We also have the audacity to insist that this manmade CFC that we have in our refrigerators, concentrated in our cities, the stuff that is heavy as hell, doesn't merely pollute the outer stratosphere, but pollutes it predominately in the polar regions. We parade pictures all over the world of ozone holes over the polar regions which are about as far away from the world's population centers as one can get on this planet. Of course, we don's stop the lying there either. We add a few fat lies by omission. We omit, for example, the simple fact that the world's natural sources of chlorine, such as the oceans and volcanoes inject tens of thousands of times as much chorine into the atmosphere than we say the CFC refrigerant would contribute if the total world production would end up in the stratosphere. We also carefully omit to mention that the fabled ozone holes that we blame the CFC for, are actually natural phenomena that have been observed a long time before the CFC refrigerant has been invented. Nevertheless we are committed to kill millions of human beings for these lies, each year, by disabling refrigeration in poor countries. Naturally we fail to mention that is genocide accords with the demands outlined in the NSSM200 program."

      Only one single person, a woman in a light green dress, applauded when the man in black stopped speaking.

      Since nobody else applauded, the woman came forward to justify her support of what the man in black had said. "We are doing the same thing again with the global warming myth," she said. "The doctrine involves a convoluted pile of lies that we all support. The lies were so obvious when we started this game that a lot of people from our own ranks couldn't go along with the lying. They protested. That's when the University of Heidelberg launched its appeal campaign, one might call it an appeal to reason, that brought together over 4000 signatures from scientists of almost 70 countries, including Nobel Price laureates. Since the official lying continued unabated, some of us from Leipzig launched the famous Leipzig Declaration that brought together over a hundred signatures from the world's leading climate specialists, all standing in opposition to the global warming lies. America did the same thing. On the West Coast of America an even larger project was started, the world famous Oregon Petition Project. This project, to tell the truth, brought together 17,000 signatures from scientists from around the world. They all stood in opposition to the lies that the general scientific community supported and spouted forth.

      The woman paused and adjusted the microphone. "Most people in this room will likely see me as a traitor for suggesting that the scientific community at large is lying to the world. The sad fact is, however, that we've become so efficient in lying about the truth that we now lye to ourselves and to one another." She turned to the man in black. "Our friend is wrong only on one count, where he suggests that governments haven't joined the club of the liars. At least some governments have."

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