Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The Venice Project

      We drew a mixed response from the audience. Some people cheered, others booed. "Now the stage is set," I said to Steve. "Let's turn this defeat of the SDI around into a winning streak for mankind."

      Steve raised his hand to calm the audience. "Hold your aculeate," he said and smiled. "I am not proposing that we leave the world defenseless. In fact, I haven't even started to tell you what I propose must replace the SDI, by which its original objective will be achieved for the security and the benefit of all mankind. I would like to propose to the scientific community that it engage itself in supporting the greatest technological strategic defense initiative ever imagined, which is also absolutely essential for the survival of mankind. What I will propose to you now is so large in scope that it is bound to make America's military SDI look like a child's toy in comparison. I am proposing the grandest strategic defense initiative that can possibly be imagined, which is required in its entirety to defend mankind from the coming Ice Age."

      A burst of laughter broke out.

      "Go home Steve," someone shouted, "and study up on global warming. I come from Steward, Alaska. Believe me, the arctic is getting warmer. It's the warmest it has been in fifty years. It's getting downright balmy. We had the mildest winter last year that I can think of. So, don't talk to me about an approaching Ice Age, that's laughable."

      "What you just said is actually proof that the Earth is getting colder," said Steve calmly.

      The man just laughed.

      "I'm not joking," said Steve. "As you know the Earth is spinning on its axis. This means that by centrifugal force the cold air-masses are thrown off from the arctic regions and forced southward towards the equator, especially in areas over the large landmasses that are more susceptible to cooling, like Canada. The arctic is getting warmer as a result of Canada getting colder. The colder that air gets, the heavier it gets, and the stronger therefore becomes the centrifugal throw-off effect. The increased cooling across the large landmass of Canada causes a strong flow of cold air across the Midwest between the Rockies and the Appalachians into the Gulf of Mexico. In the warmer regions the in-flow of cold air pushes the warm air up, which then flows north to fill the void that the out-flowing air would create, thereby completing a massive cyclone-type circulation that creates its own climate pattern with its own built in storms and instabilities. The return air from this giant cyclone typically flows north across the Atlantic touching Greenland and Norway. At the same time another flow of cool air flows out from Eastern Siberia into the North Pacific where it stimulates the warm-air uplift there, typically along the Rockies in North America and causes the warm-air return flow that causes Alaska's increasingly warmer climate."

      "The phenomenon is called the Mobile Polar Anticyclone, the MPA-effect," shouted someone from the first row of the audience. "The centrifugal cold air movement is called the Mobil Polar Anticyclone, because its directional flow is opposite to that of a cyclone," he repeated. "Of course, the flow accelerates when the cold area becomes colder."

      "That's perfectly correct," said Steve. "Norway warms up in proportions as Canada cools down. Likewise Alaska gets warmer in proportion as Eastern Siberia cools down. The increased warming in the North is always the result of a corresponding increased cooling somewhere within the giant cyclone pattern. That's why we will see massive warming in Greenland with increasing storms. In fact we will see ice-free fiords in Greenland in the winter while at the same time farther in the South the North American Great Lakes keep freezing over more intensively. The increased warming in the North and increased cooling in the South becomes especially emphasized during winter months when the much colder air drives the cyclonic process more powerfully than it normally does during the rest of the year. That's why you have those increasingly mild winters in the Far North. Of course the global warming promoters will cite the warming in the Far North as evidence that global warming is really happening, while in reality the warming in the Far North is the logical result of increased cooling taking place over the large continents further south. Of course the global warming adherents will deny that, which they must, because speaking the truth would ruin their precious doctrine. Nevertheless, we will see increased storm activity as the result of the recycling getting stronger, affecting both the Golf of Mexico and the Atlantic region along the southern USA. We'll see more hurricanes happening there, because of the increased cooling that originates across Canada and powers the cold-air cyclonic conveyor more intensively. The present cooling trend will likely accelerate, because the 11-year solar activity cycle is getting weaker. That's a long-term trend of course, but it is measurable, and the trend is towards a major low occurring in the 2020s based on the current evidence. Thus we will likely see snow in Arkansas, even Texas, and possibly long before this timeframe. We will see snow where we haven't seen snow for ages. Of course when the real Ice Age transition begins the entire North American continent will likely loose its agricultural potential relatively quickly as the cyclone effect becomes very powerful. In fact, Florida is already loosing, little by little, its sensitive tropical flora."

      "This doesn't disprove global warming," shouted the man from Alaska. "It's just a theory."

      "No it's more than a theory. It's happening. It's a measurable fact with empirical evidence," said Steve. "Of course it doesn't disprove global warming. It only proves that the arguments in support of global warming are faulty. If the current evidence proves anything, it proves that the Earth is getting colder. It also proves that there is no such thing as a unified global climate. It proves the existence of a number of climatic subsystems that run by their own dynamics. It's getting warmer in one area and colder in another. That sort of thing can be proven, because it is real. But manmade global warming can neither be proven or be disproved, because it simply doesn't exist. It exists only in the form of sheer fantasy. One can't disprove a fantasy that is based on evidence that is actually evidence of something else? One can only study what is actually happening, and manmade global warming simply isn't happening in the real world. It's bumff! Sure, the Earth has been in a warming trend since the mid-1600 when the last Little Ice Age ended and the Earth began to warm again. But that wasn't the result of our doing. I have studied this Global Warming Doctrine more than you can imagine, and I can illustrate to you if, you allow me, that this doctrine that you got yourself all wrapped up in is nothing more than a pile of politically motivated nonsense. It's a bunch of bumff alright. The evidence that we see all over the world is of a new cooling trend."

      "Says who?" the man from Alaska interrupted again. "Name me one scientist that supports this crap of yours, especially your Ice Age fantasy."

      "Talk to climatologist Professor Marcel Leroux of the Jean Moulin University if France," said Steve. "He will tell you more about the cyclonic convayer." Steve then laughed and showed his bundles of notes to the man. "I have also a paper here by Professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, chairman of the Scientific Council of the Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection in Warsaw, a Dr. of Science, a PhD, and the only world-renowned atmospheric scientist that I know of that in his fifty year career has been personally involved in digging Ice Core samples out of seventeen glaciers on six continents.  I think a man like that knows what he is talking about. He doesn't dispute that the general climate of the Earth is determined by the greenhouse effect that the global warming scare stories are built on. Nor does he dispute that we are presently in a very long-term warming cycle that began in the 1600s, in which the greenhouse effect plays a major role. In fact he points out that without the greenhouse effect the average surface temperature on Earth would be minus eighteen degrees Celsius, instead of the plus fifteen degrees that we presently have. Professor Jaworowski however points out that ninety-seven percent of the greenhouse effect comes from water vapor and only three percent from CO2, and of that minuscule three-percent portion, the manmade contribution amounts to no more than three percent again. In other words, the manmade greenhouse-global-warming hoopla has no leg to stand on. It certainly won't prevent the next Ice Age from coming or even slow it down. If we were to burn every stick of wood in the world, every ounce of coal, and every drop of oil, it still wouldn't make the slightest difference in terms of holding back the coming Ice Age."

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