Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The Venice Project

      Steve was rather pleased with his analysis. "Now let's look at the cruise missiles," he said. "What could their purpose be? Could the Russian cruise missiles be a defensive weapon that is capable of knocking out the American ICBM fields in Kansas and other places? Not likely. Before these cruise missiles can reach their target across those great distances, they would surely be detected, and most of them would be shot down. But this vulnerability doesn't exist if the target is close by. In other words, the Soviet's cruise missiles are aimed at the coastal cities of North America." Steve suggested that when such a surprise attack were unleashed, America's ICBMs would then be launched, the Soviets would retaliate, by which both nations would annihilate one-another. He suggested that this might happen even if it cannot be determined with certainty who launched the cruise missiles from the sea. He pointed out that quite a few nations, and probably also private organizations, now have this capacity. Steve suggested that this uncertainty factor indicates that almost anyone could launch a war now, including the fondi, which might wipe out the whole of mankind."

      Steve said that the man from the fondi told us that it wouldn't take much of a provocation to unleash a nuclear firestorm across the world. He urged us therefore to keep the SDI alive. But our goal must be greater than this," said Steve. "Our goal must be to protect not just the cities of North America, but also those of Russia, China, India, Japan, and in other places, which are all in danger in a nuclear firestorm that begins with an uncertainty that quickly escalates into an unfocused rage of insanity."

      I agreed with Steve. "Our goal must be to protect the whole of humanity. The fact is that we cannot have a lesser goal in this war than that which fosters such a strong universal unity between all nations that the nuclear weapons, which are designed for mass destruction, will be scrapped spontaneously. Anything less won't do. Our offer to Russia, which is designed to begin the process of building unity, must invariably include the recognition that America and Russia are both set up by the fondi for Mutually Assured Destruction. Therefore, both nations, the USA and the USSR share the same need, the need for security, the need to end to this insanity, to end an insanity that is not even their own game, but is controlled by somebody else who aims to benefit from the death of both nations."

      Steve took the microphone again and said that something else now made sense to him. He said that he had finally resolved the paradox of why a defensive system, like the SDI, was designed in such a manner that it would deepen the division between Russia and the West. "The answer," he said, "is that the SDI was not designed in this manner. It had been originally designed for a totally different objective."

      Steve said that he had been able to track down the original author of the SDI, a man named LaRouche. "The man confirmed that he was the original author of the SDI. Steve said that the man had been railroaded into jail on politically motivated charges of which the former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark had said in essence that the prosecution of this case involved a greater judicial misconduct and abuse of the power of the federal government than any other case known to him."

      Steve said that he contacted this man LaRouche in jail, by phone, who told him that the original idea of the SDI was not primarily to create a defense against the missiles themselves. The real goal was to do away with the supposed need for such defenses. Steve said that the man's goal had been to invite the Soviets to participate in a joint effort to develop the defense capability as an international project. Steve explained that the man had personally been in back-channel discussions with the Soviets where he proposed the cooperative concept to representatives of the Soviet Union. Steve said that Mr. LaRouche had told the Soviets that a joint effort would greatly enhance both nations' economies, and more importantly, it would bring the two nations closer together scientifically, culturally, and therefore also politically.

      "Had this been accepted," said Steve, "the division would have been resolved that nuclear weapons had been designed to deepen, and were created to keep alive."

      Steve told the audience that the cooperation plan was wrecked, because the Soviets were lobbied by the powerful western oligarchy to reject the joint venture and to develop the new defenses on their own. Steve said that the man had warned the Soviets that such an enormous commitment of resources, as would be needed for them to do this alone, would wreck their economy rather than develop it. Steve also said that he agreed with another of the man's assessment, that the size of that kind of project as the SDI had been envisioned to be, is so huge that no single nation could ever hope to carry it out on its own. Steve said that documents show that the Soviets were scared of that prospect and had therefore mobilized their own networks of traitors in the USA to have Mr. LaRouche killed or railroaded into jail.

      Steve laughed and added that the ongoing collapse of the Soviet Union under the weight of this burden might have been the reason why the man from the fondi had tried to convince us the night before to keep the SDI alive, which would assure the Soviet's collapse. "The man tried to dissuade us," said Steve, "for possibly also another reason. The fondi know that the SDI had been conceived as a means for bringing the two nations closer together. The may have feared that we were dangerously close to achieving this unity once again, and that this realization would ultimately lead us to figuring out the reason for which the Cold War had been invented in the first place," said Steve. "The oligarchy doesn't like it to be known that the Cold War was intended to terrorize the world into accepting a global imperial world-government dictatorship under the rule of a single private empire. This is the reason why Mr. LaRouche is now in jail as America's most renowned political prisoner," said Steve. "The reason is that his ideas are a great danger to the oligarchy's plans for the Mutually Assured Destruction of America, the USSR, and possibly China and India as well, and everyone else that stands in the way of the fondi's coveted World Empire."

      Steve paused and then continued. "The SDI must go," he said, "because as it stands now it is not intended to fulfill its original purpose. It is being misused to fulfill the opposite of its original purpose. It is splitting the nations apart. We must deprive the world of its illusion that the perversion of a grand idea can create security. We must take the SDI and scrap it. We must scrap it, because a horrific perversion has reshaped it. Then we must convince humanity to reconsider what the SDI was originally intended to be. We certainly can't live with a bastardized version of that grand idea."


      As Steve stepped away from the podium, I shook hands with him and assured the audience, speaking off the record, that I fully agreed with what Steve had said. "We are shutting the SDI down, not because it won't work. Technically it is the only platform that is feasible. Many people have testified that it is totally feasible and is almost ready for implementation. We are shutting it down because it has divided the world and boxed the Soviet Union in. We are shutting it down as a gift to the Soviet people with the hope that this gesture leads to the recognition that they are not our enemy," I said to the audience. "As my wife has put it, we are giving the SDI away as a gift, gift-wrapped with the silver strands of respect and honor, and tied up with the golden ribbons of hugs and kisses, presented to them with love in the hope that we will all learn to envelop one-another in love instead of in hate, and extend to one-another the inevitable universal kiss instead of universal death."

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