Winning Without Victory
a political and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 3 of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - The Venice Project

      "That's how it works," the masked man affirmed. "Of course if the US and the Soviet Union were to end up destroying one-another on their own, in moments of madness or rage, the fondi would like that even more. That's what this cruise missile deployment was most likely all about," he said, "except it wasn't likely for the purpose that you think it was. It was probably for something much worse, something that the Russians don't even know about. The launch you saw wasn't for what it appeared to be. This should give you a hint. The grapevine tells me that the people who launched the missile were killed to cover the hidden tracks. In real terms they should have been congratulated, because their actions have evidently caused you to give up the SDI, which will make it easier for the fondi to persuade the Russians to start the planned nuclear war scenario. What you are intending to do may prove to be absolutely tragic for much of mankind. If everything goes according to your plan as it stands now, and the SDI is eliminated, the fondi may push their global depopulation-scheme forward by a notch or two, towards their coveted grand revival of feudalism on a universal scale, their feudal world-empire."

      Ushi protested. "This is sick, sick, sick!"

      "Yes," he said, "and so are the Masonic cults that unite the fondi."

      Ushi just shook her head.

      "No, instead of protesting, try to see how vital the SDI is to containing the planned disaster?" the masked man added.

      Before any of us had a chance to answer, or ask another question the man had quickly turned aside and slipped away from us. He disappeared inside a group of people that were passing by. We remained standing where we were, bedazzled.

      "Was this for real?" I asked Sylvia.

      "That's bloody monstrous," said Steve, "but, yes, that was for real."

      "Haven't you heard of the Club of Rome?" asked Ross. "Haven't you heard of the Council for Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Club of the Isles, not to mention the countless Masonic organizations? Obviously, this whole mess is a part of the fondi, all deeply linked with the UN, the IMF, and the World Bank acting as their tools or their employees so to speak. Nobody will ever know how the thing is really organized if it is set up as cleverly as the masked man has implied it is. You can bet, however, it is run by a financier oligarchy as it had been in the olden days."

      "Those are the people that funded Hitler into power," I added. "We know very well who the small servants are that run the show in the public view, but we don't know who stands behind them in the shadows and operates in secret. The Spanish painter Francisco Goya understood this larger picture already in 1808. That's what his famous painting, The Two Majas, was all about. The lady of the night was the front line servant in the political world even then, like our politicians are today, our appointed leaders that have hijacked our most noble institutions. Behind each of the Majas, Goya had placed in the shadows a masked man in dark clothing that blends in with the background. That's how the game is played. Goya understood this. He saw it happening during his days as the court painter serving many a King in Spain. Obviously the game hasn't changed. The evidence is before us. The servant of the fondi knew of our mission, but not because Karl told the fondi. The fondi knew, because the fondi have their ears in the White House. In fact, they probably run the White House and own the President as well. The order that came to Fred probably came from them. But the masked man didn't know about our real plans, did he? He had no inkling that we are about to blow the entire imperial scene to hell with our Ice Age Renaissance proposal that no empire can survive. If the fondi had known any of that there would have been an explosion of hysteria ripping through the whole fondi apparatus with enormous repercussion. We certainly wouldn't be dealing with one of their household servants. Of course, we don't know who the real masters are."

      "Most likely the real masters are standing hidden in the shadows," said Ross. "They play the role of respectable people that never carry a knife or a pencil, but have the ability to cause the death of millions with a mere word."

      "I can't believe this," said Sylvia, shaking her head.

      "Believe it," said Ross. "That's how the games are being played. We will surely see some evidence of that after our announcement tomorrow."

      Is seemed that we all had trouble believing what we had heard. We spent hours that night, until two in the morning, discussing the issue and pondering over the masked man's desperate attempt to stop us from killing the SDI project. Did he know something that we hadn't discovered yet?

      I felt tense. I wondered if our lives were in danger. It seemed that we were doomed if we did go ahead with our mission, if the masked man was right, and that we were equally doomed if we didn't give something to the Soviets to ease the pressure that might prevent another cruise missile attack. The man from the fondi had practically assured us of that something was planned by the fondi once America's SDI potential was eliminated and could no longer spoil their game. Was the man warning us out of his own deep personal interest and concern for mankind? Or was he under orders to do so to confuse us? Was the man genuinely warning us of the danger we would create for our nation and for the world if we did what we had been ordered to do? Or was he just trying to stall the issue for something that would serve the fondi even better. If he had intended any of that, he was succeeding.

      At one point Heather suggested that we shouldn't change our plans because of what the man had said. She suggested that his pleading might have been a trick to manipulate us."

      I pointed out that we really didn't have the authority anyway not to carry out our assignment and thereby change our mission. "We can't just ignore the President's orders. We only have the freedom to find the most efficient way to carry them out. Fred gave us that little bit of freedom. Also without scrapping the SDI we wouldn't have the moral momentum behind us tomorrow to replace it with our Ice Age SDI proposal that is infinitely bigger than America's nuclear missile Strategic Defense Initiative would ever be."

      "We might be possible to persuade the President to change his mind if that became wise," said Ross. "We could convey the new evidence to Fred."

      Steve suggested that if our masked friend was correct, then our scrapping of the SDI may be comparable to a woman opening her front door to a rapist.

      Steve suggested a moment later that there was only one way in which a woman could do such a thing and suffer no harm. "She would have to be willing to take all her clothes off with the full understanding that her real identity is inviolable by the worst rape that could possibly be imposed upon her," said Steve. "If she were to do this, then, no rape would in fact be possible. Nobody can take by force what is freely offered. This is the position the USA would have to take if the Soviets continued to go ahead with their own SDI project and we were to scrap ours. In this case there would be no war and the fondi's plan for the mutual destruction of the USA and USSR would be spoiled. But I think we can preempt all of this by demonstrating that America and the whole world faces an infinitely larger threat, and a much more certain threat, than the threat of nuclear war. This threat is real. The coming resumption of the Ice Age will decimate the global food supply if we don't act soon. Since we can't trust anybody in high places with our plan to protect mankind from this threat, let's just carry out our plan to initiate the global Ice Age SDI. Let's create a shockwave that will rip through every game of conspiracy of every empire on the planet that would otherwise prevent this needed response from even being considered."

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